Democrats enemy of own demise….

Go ahead, make my…

Democrats enemy of own demise … For the cause of undeterred optimism, your ‘Onor, during the last four years, scores of demoMarxocrats have never accepted the will of We the (63 million) People. They’ve viewed  president Trump as an interloper, a fraud, and a tyro. The SSM (sane silent majority) begs to differ. They see results, they see a POTUS who loves his country first, they see someone who fights the evil and hatred that is the core of the demoMarxocrats obfuscation machine. ‘Bomb ’em first, ask questions later.’

2020 promises to be one for the history books, requiring every American to rise above the left, the deep state lamestream MSM, and their foul demoMarxocrat malcontents. The ‘Trump effect’ matters more now than at any other time during the past 5 years since the Trump Tower glide down the escalator. FOUR MORE YEARS…

Democrats enemy of own demise… creepy Joe.

Or so the chant would proliferate … The egregious demoMarxocrat left is following George Orwell’s 1984 ‘groupthink’ and ‘crimethink’ playbook to gain political totalitarian dominance – the GOP be damned!. They’ve (unwittingly to most) created a trap: if you don’t actively support their groupthink, then you must be guilty of a long list of crimethinks, which has become part of a fast-growing and aggressive nationwide social movement to make this kind of identity politics the norm.

To which most of us refer to as ‘tyranny’.

The conspiracy theorists among us would presume to offer the premise that more and more people are getting wise to the demoMarxocrat strategy of electing Biden with a radical Left running mate whose sole purpose would be to retire the doddering old man right away for ‘health reasons’ and have him replaced with someone who would have had NO chance of being elected on their own.

Well as they say, if you can think it, then live it… Question remains, how does SlowJoeBiteMe sustain his tepid level of enthusiasm until election day, to which the immediate answer is he can’t and won’t. The prime axiom of politics is ‘no enthusiasm, no victory’. The Anti-Trump is a loser’s role…

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Tucker Carlson rips Mask off Democrat Party’…

I was working on a post about how the Democrat party is cynically hiding their presidential candidate, Joe “Who’s My Wife” Biden, from public view, while using the Wuhan virus, mobs, and cancel culture to silence any opposition to Democrat politicians or their plans for America. Then, while I was looking for a specific link, I stumbled across Tucker Carlson’s monologue about Biden and the debates. I knew I had nothing to add.

Carlson is getting increasingly angry about what’s going on in this country. The thread of humor that used to underlie his opening monologues is gone. Instead, he’s gone full constitutional warrior, tackling the Democrats’ cynicism, and calling out the dual leftist practices of violence and censorship. Every day, Carlson is better than the day before, and that’s certainly true with [his current] monologue. [-]

[+] … After listening to Carlson, you should be inspired to get out of your house and vote on November 3. This election is so pivotal that there’s no excuse for not voting, including the fact that you live in a blue state, where your vote won’t matter, or in a red state, where you’re sure things will be fine without you. That’s not how it’s going to work this year.[-]

[+] … Meanwhile, in traditionally red states, expect election fraud such as you’ve never seen before. Generations of the dead will be signing an X with their skeletal hands so that they can vote for Biden. The only way to assure that fraud doesn’t swing red states to Biden is for Trump supporters to turn out in overwhelming numbers. Only with more living than dead votes can Biden be so soundly trounced that the claims that “Trump cheated” will die a swift, painful death.

Watch Carlson [linked below] and, if you haven’t already registered to vote in the upcoming election, do so immediately. And then vote in November. Also, if someone accuses you of being racist, spit in his eye. And if your employer tries to fire you over speech or race issues, use the internet to find a civil rights lawyer who will sue your employer into bankruptcy. We can fight back. We must fight back.[end]

See links below…

Democrats enemy of own demise… gropey joe.

It  never ceases to amaze that the Democrats leftist candidate is a feeble “old white man” with a severe bout of dementia – a demographic they rail against every waking (woke?) moment. Just WHO is playing the fool here?!

We the (63 million) People don’t think the average demoMarxocrat cares that Biden is non compos mentis – his problem being senile dementia – while the average demoMarxocrat is a paranoid psychotic ne’er do well. But one way or another, ALL current shades of leftists are non compos mentis. Somebody please tell me different from the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Feinstein, Jackson-Lee and the rest of the do-nothing malcontents!

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Abdrea Widburg, American  Thinker: Tucker Carlson rips mask off Democrat Party

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Senile old Man led by Bernie Sanders

Earick Ward, American Thinker: Dumb Don Lemon

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