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Sports networks gone way off topic … When the English Premier League Football (soccer) resumed play recently (sans spectators) all the players’ names had been removed from the back of their jerseys, replaced by (of all things) – ‘Black Lives Matter’. Just what the heck that had to do with an English multi-trillion-pound football entertainment league, no one has come forth with even half an answer to. Thankfully the slogan was long gone when the second games showed up.

That’s just how far away on the fringe, corporations and organizations with an agenda can direct their tentacles. Especially the various and sundry sports networks of the world with literally trillions of dollars, pounds, shekels and whatever else at stake.

It’s in this state of ‘follow the mob’ that the ‘transformation’ can occur worldwide with little if any resistance. Mob rule has effectively been demonstrated across America – heck, seemingly now across the entire globe! – since the election and Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Seems to yours truly that the tug and pull of the very essence of America is the target, albeit with little side intrusions from the likes of well, the English Premier League Football, for instance. ‘Fracture and Divide’ leads to ‘Chaos and Mayhem’. BLM has absolutely nothing to do with Black lives matter; it’s simply an organization about power and control.

Sports networks gone way off topic… Ger’up off yer’knees ya babies!!!

Control the power of words leveled at others to jump-start their ’emotional dynamics’ by first instilling heap after heap of guilt; which then of its own veracity leads directly to the generation of ‘feelings’ that will first make the ‘not-black’ individual feel shamefully-small. Once in a state of shame, the poor, supposedly ‘black-hater’ is looking for an escape path that allows the transformation into a state of grace.

Grace it is then, from mouthing the politically-correct words to begin the process, to finding redemption and salvation for those (gulp!) past sins that have absolutely nothing to do with the individual. Once the individual is in such a state of compliance however, then the hard work of the local BLM thug has been completed.

But English Premier Football League players – Really?

Thought so, on to Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘NFL, NBA, BLM’…

“NFL to play Black national anthem ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing’ before ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at Week 1 games,” headlined a July 2 story from CBS Sports. That drew pushback from Sen. Ted Cruz, who wondered, “How many national anthems do we have? Is there an Hispanic national anthem? An Asian-American national anthem? This is asinine. We are ONE America. E Pluribus Unum.” The Texas Republican was on to the implication.

Since “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” is not the national anthem of the United States of America, there must be a black nation that needs an anthem of its own. This was the view of the group that founded the hate-America left.

The Communist Party USA, an overwhelmingly white party controlled by an all-white Soviet dictatorship, held that blacks were not real Americans. As Paul D’Amato noted in the International Socialist Review, “In 1928, the Comintern declared that Blacks in the U.S. constituted a nation, and they called for ‘self-determination in the Black Belt.’ The Black Belt was a swath of territory cutting through the South known for its rich, dark soil, in which rural Blacks at that time were concentrated in large numbers.” [-]

[+] … For Christian Davenport, professor of political science at the University of Michigan, it’s simple and sensible. “Actually, I think that it is fairly easily for African-Americans to form a Black nation within the United States,” professor Davenport told David Love of the Atlanta Black Star.  “There are large sections of the United States that have nothing but Black people in them already,” and “organizations like the Nation of Islam occupy decent size areas in American cities.” [-]

[+] … Black Lives Matter made news on July 4 when an 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed near the Atlanta Wendy’s where BLM set up roadblocks. Two shooters fired into a car, killing the child. Her father, Secoriya Turner told reporters, “They killed my baby because she crossed a barrier and made a U-turn? You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody. Black Lives Matter? You killing your own. You killed an 8-year-old child. . .” [-]

[+] … As Roger Kimball explains, those positions include destruction of the family. “It is a sad irony indeed that Black Lives Matter is explicitly dedicated to the destruction of the nuclear family—it’s part of their mission statement—since the ruination of the black family, actively abetted by the Democrats’ welfare policies, is largely responsible for the continuing plight of black Americans.” [end]

Full link below…

Sports networks gone way off topic … Empty stadiums becoming the increasing norm…

What a crying shame, eh? My heart just bleeds for all those multi-millionaire and billionaire (pick your sport) rock stars, so oppressed by American capitalism and racism. Why shouldn’t their virtue signalling be as flashy as their trophy cars? Spurious moral superiority, after all, has become the new luxury good. All the billionaires own some.

They’re bereft of ideas in how to handle their money. Just as most white high school graduates (and college grads) are easy prey for bankers and stock brokers; financially ignorant voters who sign off on insane economic policies. Next to concussions, you’d think financial education would be their big cause.

Here’s an idea or two that’s been in my mind for a while … If they had any sense, the players would be pushing for better schools in black neighborhoods; enabling charter schools; advocating for financial education at the high school level. Is it just me, or does anybody else realize just how many millionaire (pick your sport) players go broke within five years of their careers ending. Whatever it is, it’s an absurdly high number.

Who would ever have guessed that the year 2020 would ring in the death knell for the 3 biggest professional sports leagues in the USA? If any of these leagues survive, they may very well be going back to the 1940s / 50s when TV ad revenues were very small, and the ad revenues from radio were not much better. It might actually be the best thing to happen to the current crop of pro sports, with their having to drop the huge salaries from the stratosphere back down to earth again, may be just what pro sports has needed to have happen for a very long time.

Finally – We human beings didn’t evolve in an environment of ease. Most of us evolved in an environment of hardship, testing, and mettle. Maybe we’re just not well suited to our present state of ease. We constantly re-create the hardship environment in our sports and entertainment. But, now that the basic survival functions are provided for us, we make entertainment our prime goal and entertainers our idols; not a good, nor a wise thing to contemplate at all.

Nevertheless, on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump, doing his darnedest to lift up every single American to MAGA! KAG!


Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: NFL, NBA, BLM

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