NYC once-great succumbs to evil…..

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NYC once-great succumbs to evil … Bill Clinton of all people (well, perhaps not ‘all’) suggested years back on the rapid demise of Detroit, that America should import mass numbers of Syrians to rebuild the city after so many people had abandoned it, added to which his erstwhile wife and her bought-and-paid-for state department created the visa that allowed any foreigner with $500,000 or more to come to America. Thusly, the UN-globalist NWO is being built right in front of our very eyes.

The problem is that any city or town abandoned by ‘normal’ Americans rapidly finds itself overtaken by illegals and / or undercover Muslim communities happy to spread mayhem in their new target host. And once an area is ‘Shari’ah-lawed’ it’s curtains down with VERY LITTLE hope of the lowly infidels recovering it (ie Dearborn MI eg). Take a look at my native Britain’s overwhelmed ‘No-Go’ Muslim areas in cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, etal, and then go somewhere quietly and ‘cry yourself a river’ … Europe and all.

NYC once-great succumbs to evil…

One perhaps shouldn’t care about the once-great NYC mass exit, except that like the hoax virus perpetrated upon We the (63 million) People, they will spread their progressive sickness wherever they go. Never forget they helped put AOC, Cuomo, deBlasio and the four horsewomen of the apocalypse in office, so therefore it stands to reason that they will take their demented political ideas with them wherever they finally put down roots. God forbid!

Unfortunately they take those same ‘ideals’ and voting habits wherever they go … witness Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and sadly, parts of my beloved Texas, some just too close for comfort …. Washington State has morphed from a moderate, quasi-conservative place (like NYC, a destination that I very often in times past would visit on business), to the nightmare we see in Seattle. Locally, the process has been dubbed “Californication”

New York, New Jersey and California are the poster states for liberalism, which as we know is a MENTAL disorder. High taxes, high crime.. ‘nough said. Semper Fi!

Eric Utter, American Thinker: ‘Nightmare In New York’ …

Escape from New York. Now. If you can. That seems to be the thinking of hundreds of thousands of Big Apple denizens as the city, recently one of the safest in the world, devolves into a dystopian hell at the hands of demented progressives.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his former police commissioners such as Bernard Kerik, who headed up the NYPD force from 2000-2001 and directed the police response to 9/11, can only watch and weep as the city they had so successfully cleaned up rapidly descends into chaos and carnage. This Nightmare in New York is brought to you courtesy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and a cast of thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters, anarchists and street thugs.

The once vibrant city is turning into a virtual no-go zone of looted shops, shuttered store windows and skyrocketing murder rates. The number of shooting victims is up 51% this year so far, and that tragic trend is accelerating. In June of this year there were 250 shootings, as opposed to 97 in June of 2019.

New York was already reeling from the highest coronavirus death toll in the (formerly) United States, due in large part to Gov. Cuomo approving the transfer of thousands of recovering COVID-19 patients to nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. Then the rioting began, and Mayor de Blasio’s response was to shame cops and propose cutting his city’s police department budget by more than one billion dollars. (That’s one thousand million for those of you who were educated in the city’s public schools.)

The Dimwitted Duo have caused a mass exodus, with 500,000 mostly middle-class New Yorkers fleeing the city thus far and many more likely to follow. Half a million New Yorkers heading for the proverbial hills. That’s more than the entire population of Minneapolis, where all the madness started. Of course, with the Minneapolis City Council repeatedly voting to disband its police force, the entire population of the “Mini apple” may head for the hills, as well.

The Big Apple is rotting and shrinking. Needlessly. Minneapolis is too. As are many other large American cities. The rioters and the elites are together making these cities uninhabitable for everyone else, including the police. [end]

NYC once-great succumbs to evil … Dallas not spared either.

The Democrat Party has long been described as the EVIL PARTY – made up of Godless people – who think they should rule the world and think “they” are capable of re-creating the garden of Eden as a Godless Paradise. Good luck on that!

As they literally gut and destroy once-great cities across the land, the question one must ask – WHAT NOW?

When the people have fled, their businesses ruined, money gone, ashes of a burning war zone remaining, and the only people around are the Godless rulers, governors, mayors, and the criminals they protect, the EVIL PARTY is all that’s left standing; the party of the INSANE, who will discover that Satan has LIED to them yet again. Imagine that – History has a habit of repeating itself over and over and over again; especially to those who cannot, or won’t, listen to, or learn from, their past mistakes.

Sad thing about witnessing the demise of a once-great city, is that in this case, half of NY State vote Republican. Four boroughs of NYC dictate the outcome for the entire state. A fourth-generation conservative New Yorker on the thread says: “as a family, we don’t want to leave, however the city of NY has been hijacked by leftist wackos who are making it an easy decision for many “Conservatives.” I am seriously considering a move to SC. I will certainly be bringing my conservative values with me.”

Remember, our president is a Native New Yorker, yet even he had to escape the evil to settle at Mar-a-Lago…

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Eric Utter, American Thinker: Nightmare in New York

Frank Sinatra video: New York, New York

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