Cruz’n Along : Man Of The Year..

WAP20130924303_mdTed Cruz is nothing if not controversial. How’s about Cruz’n along as American Spectator’s “Man of the Year?”

It is a rare thing for a freshman United Senator to make the impact that Cruz has made in his very first year in the Senate. To take a stand, to stick with it impervious to the assaults and petty jealousies of the crowd. And most importantly to bring about change. What Cruz is about is precisely what Ronald Reagan was about. Recognizing that the world of liberal utopia — a world of income redistribution and massive government regulation, socialism — is antithetical to freedom. Not to mention that it is destined for failure.

To do this…to be effective….is, of course, precisely why Ted Cruz has attracted such intense attacks. Adding to the mix is that Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant, is also a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School — a star of the Ivy League. Generations ago it was said of Franklin Roosevelt’s opponents that they hated him because FDR — a patrician, upper-class Ivy Leaguer — was a “traitor to his class.” In today’s world Ivy Leaguers are expected to buy into the world of American liberalism. Not unlike another Ivy League Texan — George W. Bush — Cruz didn’t buy in, making him a magnet for the kind of intense feelings of class betrayal that Bush attracted routinely. Jeffrey Lord continues..