Ben Stein : That Was The Year That Was..

Ben Stein

Ben Stein reflections – That was the year that was..

That thought was weighing me down and suddenly it occurred to me what to give everyone. It doesn’t cost anything and if the people you give the gift to don’t appreciate it now, they will some day. Just go through your head and think of everyone who has bothered you, offended you, hurt you either purposely or negligently, and say to yourself, “I forgive them and I pray for them to have a great year.” Then, just send a card to each of the people on your forgiveness list and say, “It’s been a hard year money wise and I’ve been really snowed under, but I want you to know I love you and care about you and pray for you. And you have enough sweaters and aprons, but you can never have enough love or enough prayers, so you can count on me loving you and praying for you every day in 2014.” Continues…