Covid dirty crimes pains humanity..

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During his several decades in Washington D.C., “doctor Fauci” was presented with a couple of potentially dangerous healthcare emergencies – AIDS & COVID – both of which, it would appear, he right royally screwed up. The fact that he is still working and has never (and will never) be held to account speaks to the couple-or-so things that he IS good at and that is charming the press and stabbing in the back anyone who gets in his way. Right. Wrong. And in-between.

Unfortunately “the land of the free and the home of the brave” can be as lawless as any of the bad actors are allowed to make it. Its rules and regulations don’t particularly apply to those on the political left. Powerful elites do as they downright please with absolutely no ramifications. Illegally occupy the White House, plan coups, destroy evidence, fix elections, lie before Congress, use intelligence agencies against US citizens, impose illegal lock downs and phony mask mandates, lie about virus pandemics, accept bribes from Big Tech and China. All in efforts of endless pursuit of “nothingness!”

Covid dirty crimes pains humanity … Neverending masking?

The leftist demoMarxocrat side of the political spectrum currently in view is downright evil, full of deranged fanatics who consider white, working class, Trump supporters racist, white-trash fascists. Consider then, in what sense are we fellow Americans? In what sense does America still exist as a country? Would the men and women who fought for America in our wars have done so if they knew that in the future our public schools would teach white children to hate themselves for being white, teach all children to hate white people and then top off the insanity by teaching all children to question their gender identity? Are We the (80 million+) People really so far gone?

Actually no – it’s the “other side” that has gone completely and totally insane. A demoMarxocrat party of which, “doctor Fauci” has become the leader of!

Is there any area in this society for instance, where we have any trust at all left for each other? Vastly worse than Covid is the “Woke” virus which has pulverized the social fabric of our society and destroyed all trust which is an essential ingredient for a functional society. The long term consequences of this loss of trust will be far deadlier than even the dreadful Spanish flu was.

And NO – the devastation was not caused by Covid. The devastation was caused by the lockdowns. Devastating lockdowns imposed on us against a virus with a 99+% chance of recovery. That one! Covid dirty crimes pains humanity…

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘No One Will Pay for COVID Crimes Against Humanity’…

Big Tech censors and the credentialed public health class, not anti-maskers, are the real Neanderthals, the 21st century’s version of the Flat Earth Society.

It appears that Anthony Fauci’s 15 months of fame are just about up.

The ubiquitous infectious disease “expert” who became a household name and the most powerful man in the country—or is it the world?—last spring, finally wore out his welcome, even by the friendliest of hosts. For the first time in recent memory, the doctor did not make his morning rounds on the Sunday talk shows. Last week’s weekly press briefing by Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, featuring Fauci, only earned 19,021 views, a 50 percent drop in viewership since April.

The American public, for the most part, is suffering from Fauci Fatigue; his favorability rating has dropped from 68 percent one year ago to 54 percent now. Forty percent of U.S. voters say they’ve lost confidence in Fauci over the past year. His latest tap dance about the origins of the virus while defending the trustworthiness of Chinese researchers does little to restore confidence in his integrity or self-proclaimed expertise. [-]

Never again can we allow the likes of power-hungry, mendacious megalomaniacs like Anthony Fauci or Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer tell us what to do. They should be cited as cautionary tales, not success stories.

[+] … He’ll never apologize to the bankrupted business owners or the families of helpless nursing home residents who died of “failure to thrive” after lockdowns kept them away from loved ones for months on end. He’ll never say he’s sorry to someone like Dr. Scott Atlas, whom Fauci repeatedly maligned even though Atlas was right about everything from the uselessness of face masks to the benefits of herd immunity. (Atlas, unlike Fauci, gets choked up talking about the human toll of lockdowns.) [-]

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Covid dirty crimes pains humanity … Virtue heroism outlasts face of evil…

I believe the medical term for treating “doctor Fauci” as a hero is “cognitive dissonance”, a description of cult followers who grow more steadfast in trusting the liar rather than telling him / her to go take a hike! Simple as that and there is no cure that I’m aware of. The real guilty parties are the social media companies without whose totalitarian censorship the likes of “doctor Fauci” wouldn’t exist. If you want to put someone away for a long time, begin with them.

We the (80 million+) People care less about “doctor Fauxi” than we do the media. They created him as that monster, they created that panic, they have induced so many people to continue running around with their underpants on their faces even now. It is less a pound of his flesh we need and more to mount their figurative heads on spikes. They must pay a terrible price for the damage they’ve done over the last five years.

Boycott, resist, stay away from places that take away your freedom. Also, it’s well to remember that George Washington suffered numerous defeats before his victory at Trenton, and our final victory at Yorktown. We have lost a lot early on also, but victories may be coming. The Arizona audit may be the event when we figuratively cross the Delaware into Trenton, and turn the tide against this new tyranny!

Covid dirty crimes pains humanity…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – In the ring with his gloves on President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!