Creepy is as creepy does JoeStyle

En Garde in the bunker…

Right up front and center, “Not All There” Joe is liable to break out of obeying his handler’s direction and go off on his own, and it won’t be pretty. “Not All There” Joe’s suppressed attraction for little girls will come out loud and clear and his handler’s will have to cut off his microphone and hustle him back stage pronto. The press and the audience will be aghast and there will be serious talk of invoking the 25th amendment. There, I’ve said it!

I guess to be fair, most families have an “Uncle Joe” that everyone knows is not to get close to the kids. Because “Not All There Joe” is family, he’s at the events but closely watched. The family survives because it’s able to discern the danger and act upon it. One of the seldom mentioned problems with the modern move away from religious practice is the development of discernment for things that are right or wrong.

Creepy is as creepy does JoeStyle. Lethal enemy from days long gone…

This skill can be developed intellectually but it is stronger among believers. When a group is without Spiritual guidance, they generally have nearly zero discernment of evil. That’s the reason they see nothing wrong with “Not All There Uncle Joe” being around the kids.

Just where are the videos of “white violent extremists” torching public and private property months on end and in some cases killing in cold blood and before that level of chaos infiltrating political rallies and creating havoc, throwing eggs at supporters of candidates with America-centric policies?

Where’s the video of “white violent extremists” shutting down major highways keeping EMS vehicles and workers from reaching their destinations?

Additionally, “Not All There” is in public without a mask or social distancing. China flu hysteria must be over now that they have cured Trump derangement syndrome by stuffing the ballot box. “I just gotta make sure those two girls get ice cream and backstage passes and on the tour bus when we leave this town. What’s your name little girl? What’s your name?”

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Biden Does That Creepy Thing With Little Girls Again’ / Biden Reads DNC Election Narrative’ …

If you accept that everyone in the audience of the president is placed with forethought and intent, perhaps the people coordinating the political optics are intentionally baiting Biden with little girls nearby because their shift to Kamala requires the seeds they are planting.

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes it is impossible to watch the pantomime and not see them.  The leftist narrative for the 2022 election is based on racism and the false construct of white violent extremists. That’s the entire purpose of the January 6th commission effort. All of these manipulative soundbites are fuel for the MSM propaganda machine to churn out.

Today, exactly as expected, Biden reads the script typed into his teleprompter by the Obama network. The Potemkin political village that Biden represents has no clue what is going on around him… he doesn’t need to. The toxic Biden Inc family network is in it for money, self indulgence, elitist credibility and self-interest; they don’t care what words are needed, they will say/support any political narrative they are told to.

For Biden Inc this is a business decision; for Obama Inc this is an ideological effort.

Full links to both attached below…

Creepy is as creepy does JoeStyle. Dementia losing marbles …

Our own government with Leftists and feckless Republicrats at the levers of power are sowing divisiveness and disorder to maintain power, while overwhelming the system on multiple fronts, the Courts, the Economy, Immigration, Money Supply, Election policies, Education, Public Health, Media, and all in an effort to maintain their position and hide how they’ve been throwing the American people under the bus for decades.

They have become in fact, the most lethal threat to the Homeland.

Where are the relentless wrap-up smears on the part of “white extremists” putting forth rumors that the white extremist media uses to impeach Biden, Schumer, Pelosi? Where? Where?

They’re non-existent of course, all part and parcel of the perverted, lying, race hustler of malevolent intentions, and those around him. Way to go Joe! Now go have yourself arrested like a good deviant criminal. Creepy is as creepy does JoeStyle.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!