Memorial Day the heat of the beat…

En Garde in the bunker…

Appropriately enough here within the greater confines northwest of Dallas, Texas, there is a steady downfall of rain seemingly from here to Timbuktu, emoting tears of remembrance on this particular Memorial Day, which in all honesty has nothing whatsoever to do with the specious doofus aka one “enjoy the long weekend” Kamala Harris, otherwise known as the fake VP to dementia JoeBama. That one.

Yours truly is historian enough to remember Ben Franklin and his warning of “a republic if you can keep it”. Well we were warned. Seeing as neo-feudalist, Marxists, globalists, island fascists and the CCP have all seemingly taken full control of Washington D.C. and both coasts, perhaps it’s time to make a New Republic. One that is explicitly exclusive and discriminatory, not on the basis of race but on belief.

Memorial Day the heat of the beat … A republic if you can keep it…

A belief with a plan not to be too concerned about the purple states or the conservatives in blue states, simply because they would be willing 100% to migrate to a republic that guarantees their freedom of thought, of faith, freedom from crime, while also insuring their right to be left alone by the government. Where being black doesn’t automatically make you a victim, or being white doesn’t automatically make you Satan. Where children’s lives are sacred and protected, and where rioting or looting is actually a crime that is enforced by those who are in charge of such incredulity. Where also, were you caught sneaking across the border (ie from a blue state), you don’t get sent back, you get life in prison instead!

The theft of the election was so clumsy and obvious that few people would be fooled by it. Lacking an effective Department of Justice makes fixing the system extremely hazardous. One side gets to sack major cities with impunity while the other side is locked-up, the Attorney General demonstrating “shock and awe.” That’s “Bagpipes Bill Barr” forya!

Not to sound repetitive, but the election fraud was so obvious it reveals the contempt the bureaucrats and oligarchs have for regular Americans the likes of We the (80 million+) People, like yeah we stole it, what are you going to do about it? The Department of Justice is now an oxymoron, the Decepticons are revealed as one wing of the Uniparty, the judges have proven worthless. Yes, it stinks.

Just what country anywhere else on the planet allows the people that lead it to pursue the values of its enemies at its own expense? Only a country whose leadership has been stolen and replaced by counterfeits and shills created by using fraudulent hacked voting machines allowing election laws to be snatched from legislatures where they legally belong, and by judges where they were Constitutionally never supposed to reside. That country!

James Poplar, American Thinker: ‘Memorial Day 2021 – A Time to Revisit the American’s Creed’ …

Often, we forget that Memorial Day  is a day not for merchandise sales and or the unofficial start of Summer. But rather it is a day set aside to honor those brave men and women who have fallen in the performance of their military duties while serving in the United States armed forces.

On this solemn day there will be cemeteries all across the nation where loved ones will pay their humble respects and quiet tribute to a father, mother, sister, or brother. The loss may be fresh, or it may only be a distant but still painful memory. When I visit Arlington National Cemetery, I often see the tokens (flowers, stones, and photos) of remembrance left behind by those still grieving their loss.

Many Americans since the Revolutionary War have selflessly laid down their lives so that others may live — a testament that freedom truly is not free and often comes indeed at a heavy price and sacrifice.

My families’ service goes back to Bunker Hill where we lost two fathers in combat — we hope they will be the last. Over the years, many of our young men and women were sent unprepared and ill equipped into combat by armchair politicians who have never served nor seen, smelled, or tasted the horror of war.

While on active duty I would frequently visit Walter Reed Hospital and see the human toll of war — men and women crippled and without limbs or mentally scarred for life, struggling to cope and make it to the next day.

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Memorial Day the heat of the beat…

Were We the (80 million+) People replete with effective, legitimate DOJ, FBI, and other alphabet soup departments more determined to preserve the Constitutional Republic of the United States as opposed to its dismemberment, this content and discussion would never need to exist. The extent to which We the (80 million+) People have been infiltrated is mind boggling, but it isn’t the voting masses that we need to be wary about. It’s the relatively few that count the votes and control and operate the levers of power that are of concern. This comes right out of the CCP playbook.

Our systems have been defeated and have let us down woefully. It was always the Separation of Powers that secured liberty. Now all the Powers are on the same page, and all are against us. Too much evidence of a right-wing, white supremacist with proof of an election conspiracy could be injurious. As such any patriots sharing the same attitude, will be made an example of for spreading lunacy that contributes to civil unrest.

Fascism does, immediately, what Due Process, could never achieve even when the evidence is ubiquitous. Remember another reason the poling data was erroneous is because most people didn’t tell pollsters how they really felt lest they be ‘cancelled’. They don’t trust our government. And the election proves they were right not to trust it.

On a brighter note on this particular Memorial Day, like millions more I do believe Arizona and the others will bear fruit. What happens after that will be as slow walked as our DOJ was under our fearless President Trump. Now it is even in a more compromised state. Fraud has no statute of limitations but it also has no limitations on how far it will go.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!