Pelosi and China a political theater

En Garde in the bunker…

Armageddon looms for the current federal government, the very same which the New World Order happens to be attempting to drive off a cliff, with most of us wondering just when the RINO Party will arise and do anything at all to stop them. Were they going to, they would have somehow drained the swamp by now. Instead, they gave us the Mueller investigation and we all know just what happened to that!

The New World Order as presently constructed is far bigger than demoMarxocrat vs Republican. Just take a look at Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world. Russia. Ukraine, and scores of others with the aforementioned Armageddon looming on the horizon.

This current Republican Party, generally speaking, appears to have absolutely no interest in stopping them. While there are particular individuals that are interested, a straight party line vote doesn’t even toe the line, since it definitely appears as though absolutely no one has any intent at all to go round re-electing swamp creatures. In my particular purview of elections, etal, if they’re going to destroy the federal government shouldn’t we all get it over with as quickly as possible?

Pelosi and China a political theater. Consequences have consequences…

Not to appear “jumpy” or whatever, but It certainly seems that way at this point. One suspects that the DAVOS crowd (check ’em out in Europe if you haven’t heard of them) would be more than happy to return the world to a Medieval situation, picturing themselves as the Kings and Queens over we remaining serfs. Progress and advancement be damned.

Seriously enough as far as Pelosi and her ilk goes, sometime in the last 20 years, things started to seriously spin out of control. Upon reflection, a good guess is a difficult thing to hazard. But think about it, everything politically has been a response to something else. As in:

Joe Biden was a response to Donald Trump: Donald Trump was a response to OBO#44: #44 was in large part a response to George Bush (with a desire to assuage our collective guilt over racism and slavery): George Bush was a response to Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton was a response to GBW Bush; etc., etc. The problem being that each time the pendulum swung just a little bit further, the country was going to hell in a hand-basket. Criminally!

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist: ‘Pelosi Confronting China Political Theater’ …

The ebb and flow of the corporate news cycle almost always distorts and distracts rather than informs or enlightens. So it was this week with the coverage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which produced the intended effect of eliciting lazy puff pieces lauding her “three-decade career of challenging the Chinese government on human rights and other issues,” as the New York Times’ Carl Hulse dutifully put it.

But make no mistake: Pelosi did not go to Taiwan to stand up to China. She went for her own purposes, to shore up a narrative about her legacy as a tough American political leader who has always stood up to autocracies like communist China in defense of democracy. Remember that time she unfurled the banner in Tiananmen Square and the police yelled at her? Of course you do. Hulse and his colleagues have made sure of it.

In reality, the Taiwan trip was pure political propaganda, lapped up and regurgitated by a sycophantic press unwilling to admit the obvious fact that Pelosi, like every other establishment figure in Washington, has never been serious about standing up to China. [-]

[+] … Consider just some recent examples. During the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the fall of 2020, Pelosi blocked a bipartisan House bill that would have curtailed the influence of Chinese-government-funded Confucius Institutes at universities across the country. Around the same time, her House Democrats denounced a bill that would have called out Beijing for spreading the conspiracy theory that Covid originated in a U.S. military lab, absurdly calling the bill racist and xenophobic.

Earlier that year, Pelosi’s House Democrats dropped out of what was supposed to be a bipartisan “China Task Force” overseeing congressional strategy on China. When Democrats bailed on the task force without an explanation the day before it was set to launch, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy moved on without them. [-]

[+] … Even now, on the heels of Pelosi’s departure from Taipei, China’s navy has maneuvered into position for massive live-fire drills that will encircle the island.

So let’s dispense with the polite fiction that Pelosi, or Biden, or Schumer — or, for that matter, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been around just as long as they have — has any interest in confronting Beijing or defending Taipei.

President Biden can bluster about defending Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, as he did in May, and Pelosi can pose for photos with Taiwanese lawmakers while talking tough about the world facing “a choice between democracy and autocracy,” but by now we all know the truth: They won’t do anything to stop China’s rise — or its aggression. [end]

Pelosi and China a political theater. Fictional masks to the rescue .. help!

What could have been done differently? Collectively little.

Yet we as a society have allowed a collective guilt to dwell over things that weren’t our fault, situations that happened more than a hundred years before any of us were even born. Sure our ancestors were guilty of crimes. Perhaps they never owned slaves, but most of us certainly remember parents and friends perhaps using the dreaded “N” word (or worse!) and yet more within the purview of family conversation. Did that make any of us grand wizards in the KKK? Hardly. The “N” word was in popular use well into the 80’s, by millions of people.

Should any of us feel guilt for what happened in times past? Not in my opinion. There are those however, who feel anger for LBJ’s short sighted and foolish war on poverty, But in fairness, what else did he have to run on?

The RINO’s could have got on board with Ronald Reagan, or Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, or with the Tea Party movement in 2010, or with our fearless president Donald John Trump. Most people are done with them and their promises of “limited government.”

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!