Obama’s puppet appeases Iran…….

Obama’s puppet appeases Iran … In the grand scheme of things:help!

Lydia from comments thread: Biden is just Obama’s white face. They have imported millions of Muslims into America. The Arabs next to and inside Israel, and the Arabs inside the US are calling for the death of the Jewish people in both countries. It won’t stop there.

What this really is, is the implementation of the Final Solution. If they successfully eradicate Israel and the Jews, the next target will be the white race in America. Christians are already under sustained attack.

The endgame of this war isn’t just the destruction of of the two “Satans,” great and small, but a world-wide genocide of the Judeo-Christian West. All Western nations are under invasion and attack.

The enfeebled puppet and his regime of ignorant fraudsters are working overtime to bring about the collapse of Western civilization. They falsely believe they will be exempt from the destruction. Apparently they have never heard of taqiyya, the Islamic practice of lies and deception to shield their true goals. At some point, China, a country that hates Muslims, waits in the wings to enslave the enslavers. Time is not on our side. [end]


Obama’s puppet appeases Iran … OBO#44 withholding in plain sight … they can run but they can’t hide…

In 2012, then-president Barack Obama announced new U.S. sanctions against foreign banks that helped Iran sell its oil.  He said the sanctions would increase pressure on Iran for failing to meet its international nuclear obligations.  “If the Iranian government continues its defiance, there should be no doubt that the United States and our partners will continue to impose increasing consequences.”

Sanctions on Iran played well in the MSM.

In 2013 in Jerusalem, Obama spoke about Israel’s security.  He told Israelis, “Strong and principled diplomacy is the best way to ensure that the Iranian government forsakes nuclear weapons. … And I have made the position of the United States of America clear: Iran must not get a nuclear weapon. … America will do what we must to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.”  Obama had said in 2012 that the U.S. will “always have Israel’s back” and called Israel one of America’s “greatest allies,” saying the bond between the two nations was “unbreakable.”

However, Obama spewed empty words. Disregarding what he said about Israeli security and having its back, Obama “implemented” (he circumvented the U.S. Constitution to do so) in 2015 the Iran nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Under it, the U.S. suspended sanctions on the sale of oil and trade, and other financial sanctions, which had crippled Iran’s economy. In return, Iran agreed to scale back its nuclear program (it did not).

The JCPOA’s critics said it was flawed because it didn’t halt all Iranian nuclear activity. Iran also got relief from E.U. and U.N. sanctions and was granted access to frozen assets. The JCPOA infused Iran with cash. By lifting oil and financial sanctions on Iran, billions of dollars’ worth of Iranian assets, mostly revenues from oil sales, were unfrozen. Its central bank gained control over more than $120 billion in foreign exchange reserves. Besides, Iran never fully complied with the JCPOA and repeatedly reneged on nuclear nonproliferation obligations it agreed upon. The JCPOA was Obama’s primary foreign policy initiative.

In what has to be two of Obama’s most severe slaps in Israel’s face, he refused in December 2016 to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran. Perhaps he knew that the sanctions would become law anyway, but the symbolism of what he didn’t do was unforgivable.

Then, with his 2012 election behind him, with a month to go as president, no longer needing to fool Jews or Gentiles again, despite what he had said about always having Israel’s back, Obama slipped a knife into Israel’s back. He abstained (via his ambassador) from voting and thus allowed a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Israel over settlements to pass. He pretended the resolution was simply a restatement of longstanding U.S. opposition to Israeli settlements. These are only two of a string of insults Obama foisted on one of America’s closest allies.

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Obama’s puppet appeases Iran … Overpowering stench of nepotism … BiteMe KamalaKult the clear & present danger…

Colin Powis: The Jews are the canary in the coalmine warning of the insidious fifth column within represented by Muslims, but the entirely useless EU establishment would prefer the Jews just go away rather than admit to their catastrophic mistake of allowing Muslim mass migration and the failure of multi-culturalism in general; but it’s more than that, it’s a warning about the failure of the entire Globalist project too. These latter-day Chamberlain-like appeasers will sell out the security of Israel in the entirely bogus ”two state solution” as surely as Chamberlain gave away the Sudetenlands and doomed the state of Czechoslovakia

Israel has tried the so-called ”Two State Solution” and bogus peace process but it has turned into a failure over 30 years. So now it’s time to give war a chance! But the problem is that the Muslims are stronger than they were, say, twenty years ago, while Israel is not as good, so the gap has ominously narrowed; as such it wouldn’t surprise most of us if Israel’s much vaunted ”Iron Dome” is overwhelmed with mass missile strikes, thereby forcing Israel while under severe pressure, to start using tactical nukes to settle their hash.

No doubt we’re going to find out if they really do ”love death” as they claim. The Japanese said something similar in regards to their ”God-Emperor” in 1945 but they all had a sudden conversion to loving life after they were introduced to Atomic Bombs, something which tells us these Muslims will have a similar attitude adjustment as we humans are sinful creatures who need to ”fear the Law or fear the Lord”, and when we do it generally straightens out the crooked timbers of human nature – just saying!

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!