Yet another stolen election unfolds

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As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, and as “task and his buddy vwjack” explain it on the thread: “The absentee ballots make a huge difference. Outside of Florida, especially in blue states, we can assure everyone that hundreds of thousands of those votes are not real. Stuff like this has been the mainstay of fraud for decades which means that between the absentee ballots and the machines, elections cannot be trusted. Republicans work on getting the voters out; demoMarxocrats work on getting ballots out. They’re not the same.”

In trying to stay true to the American tradition of a peaceful transfer of power, a number of high profile individuals on the right sold the faithful on the notion that a massive turn-out could overcome any level of election fraud the left could muster up; we think they were wrong. Many were warned that if the 2020 mess wasn’t dealt with it would happen again, and based upon what we’re seeing in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York, election fraud once again, is alive and well.

Yet another stolen election unfolds. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

It’s still early and perhaps things will change, but what’s happening in Arizona is a travesty and a stalemate. Should these results stand it’s clear that elections are of no value and the divide in this country will have to be dealt with another way. Again it’s early so maybe things will change but right now it doesn’t look too good.

Welcome comrades, ladies and gentlemen, to the Communist States of Amerikka, which is exactly what we get when the Rinos of the Uniparty refused enmasse to investigate the 2020 farce. Now it’s baked in. If you thought the pot was simmering before, it will soon be boiling again. Democrats are bragging that “democracy” has won, but it really means the Republic is lost with a “Good luck to all”.

We already knew all the methods used to cheat. What was confirmed (yet again, just as 2 years before!) in this “election” is the main method is still the machines. It was supposed to take Pennsylvania days to count, yet they managed to swiftly upend all the “votes” for Fetterman – the brain-damaged hulk in a hoodie – while adding in the results elsewhere, yet we’re to believe that a majority of people in this country love high inflation, open borders, criminals ruling the streets, expensive energy costs, being told what kind of cars we can drive, and all while controlling what we can or cannot, do. OUTRAGE!

Edward Ring, American Greatness: ‘The Partisan Rigging of the 2022 Election’…

Election reform candidates are not the threat.  The threat to democracy is to leave things the way they are.

In a society that retains trust in its institutions, the most authoritative source for news and information would probably be the publicly funded media property that is supposed to adhere to the highest standards of journalistic objectivity. Here in America, that would have been PBS. Except it isn’t. The American media, by and large, along with Silicon Valley’s social media communications oligopolies, are doing everything they can to deny American voters the opportunity to politically realign their nation.

It’s always useful for conservatives to watch the legacy networks, starting with PBS, to fully appreciate the level of bias that pervades their “news” organizations. While watching them all the time might quickly become intolerable, return periodically to be reminded: The political content on these networks serve the interests of the Democratic Party.

These days, and for at least the past year, PBS anchor Judy Woodruff, along with every PBS reporter, repeats the term “election denier” dozens of times during every daily news broadcast. They repeat it without irony, without hesitation or qualification. It doesn’t matter what level of skepticism someone may have about the 2020 election. Skepticism in and of itself makes one a “denier.” One can have well founded, incrementalist concerns about election integrity, or one can believe every allegation ever made about systemic election fraud, but there’s no room for such a continuum. According to PBS, all these folks are “election deniers.” [-]

[+] … Partisan election functionaries such as Logan, concentrated in corrupt urban strongholds where Democratic Party machines exercise absolute political power, are never the ones under the media microscope. Yet they always seem to select the right combination of ballot irregularities and technicalities to decide close races in favor of Democrats, taking full advantage of the extended period allowed for vote certification and the gaping loopholes in election security enacted by partisan legislatures.

Reserved instead for microscopic scrutiny and withering stigmatization are those “election deniers” whose candidacies for the influential secretary of state offices in states across the nation are a mortal “threat to democracy.” But these reform candidates are not the threat. The threat to democracy is to leave things the way they are. Rigged. [end]

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Yet another stolen election unfolds. People lie; people die; people sigh…

Yours truly doesn’t believe that tried and true Americans chose this direction. We’re now no different than any other Communist country with show elections, show trials, and no freedom. In Minnesota, for example, the demoMarxocrats had a trifecta and now have the legislature plus a governor. Timmy the Tyrant Walz brags that they are “One Minnesota.” Many Minnesotans are brain dead, but not enough to hand it all to the lockdown party. I’m sure for instance, that votes were “counted,” but likely not the way they were marked.

How demoralizing to see how rigged the system is by and for demoMarxocrats. This is banana republic stuff with almost all media and a critical mass of the judiciary in on it while “educrats” churn out ignoramuses who a) remain oblivious to the cheating and b) keep voting for destructive Dem policies. How much ruin can America sustain? How can it possibly be reversed?

Welcome to the Communist States of Amerikka, comrades. This is what we get when the Rinos of the Uniparty refused to investigate the 2020 farce. Now it’s baked in. If you thought the pot was simmering before, it will soon be boiling, since demoMarxocrats are already bragging that “democracy” has won, but it really means the Republic is lost.

Yet another stolen election unfolds. How can it possibly be reversed? Unfortunately, in order to avoid any unpleasant visitors, I can’t tell you how it can be reversed, but I can tell how it won’t be reversed–by voting. That horse has left the barn. Good luck to all.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!