Election day consequences up front

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Annie45” checking in on the thread: “When I went to vote Tuesday, I went to four voting booths with my ballot before I found one with a pen. And it was a regular ballpoint pen lying loose – not the attached felt-tipped pen they’re supposed to provide. It gave me a real creepy feeling. Almost as if the Board of Elections was saying “we’re not bothering to provide the proper materials for voting. The fix is already in”.

An important election too, for governor, with the Republican shellacking seen across the country from the elections under a Biden administration of exorbitant prices, illegal invasion, out of control crime, while all seemingly validating that ‘fix’. Gulp!

If yours truly didn’t know any better, chances are we won’t ever have free and fair elections again until Americans put down their electronic toys, turn off the endless sportscasts, turn off the fake news and tune in to their neighbors and family. Truthfully, people need to pay more attention to what is forever happening around them impacting their life and stop wasting time on all the other baubles dangled to keep the masses distracted.

Election day consequences up front

Paying attention for example, to who is your county election commissioner, who is on the local school board and who is in the DA’s office. The local DA for example, has more than enough influence over your quality of life than the DOJ.

It is no secret that most high tech companies worry so much about their proprietary technologies getting accessed and stolen via cloud providers, that they either have their own on-premise system / own cloud server, or they go with the least likely offenders like AWS (most worry about the Google cloud, given their history of indulging in personal user information). NOTHING is 100% safe and secure on the cloud, and there is ZERO transparency with what the providers do (or “outsource” to other bad actors to do, including foreign entities and governments).

How about a national figure to rally all honest Americans to fight for fair, honest elections. No more ballot harvesting, no more early or mail-in voting except for the certified disabled or very elderly. No more candidate being Secretary of State responsible for elections as in Arizona where machines went out right from the outset. We the (90 million+) People need to get serious about this rather than wringing our hands. Surely there must be an honest someone willing to start this movement. There really isn’t much hope for the nation until the cheating is stopped. And permanently!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Bring Back ‘Election Day’, Save America’ …

We won’t have free and fair elections until we bring back Election Day.

“We should make Election Day a national holiday,” Bernie Sanders demanded. The same message was amplified throughout the echo chambers of the media and social media. How about we just bring back Election Day? We don’t have Election Day anymore. We have Election Week and Election Month.

Over 42 million early votes were cast this election. That’s not as bad as the catastrophic 2020 election of over 100 million votes where the deciding electorate seemed to be ballot harvesters, but it takes us back to 2018. And that was bad enough because it’s becoming the new normal. In 2014, there were 21 million early votes. We’re at double that.

In presidential elections, they want to make 69% of the country voting by mail or early voting, the way it happened in 2020, into the floor. And then go up from there. And that means we don’t have elections anymore.

What happens when you have Election Month? The dead vote and the dead get elected.

Rep.Tony DeLuca died in October at the age of 85. The longest serving representative was reelected anyway. “We are proud to see the voters continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously,” Pennsylvania House Democrats said.

How the hell does something like that happen?

Early voting begins 4-6 weeks in Pennsylvania. That was enough time for Tony to die even as he was cruising his way to a re-election. [-]

[+] … Instead of the people choosing elected officials, the officials choose the voters. Election Month and ballot harvesting complete the process that began with gerrymandering. They make votes into just another commodity that can be harvested regardless of public sentiment.

Elections like these don’t turn on polls or what the public wants, but whether the resources of the leftist political machine can outweigh the voters with their voter harvesting campaigns. There’s nothing particularly fair or even free about such a system.

Election Day belongs to those who care, who choose to participate in the process and to make their voices heard. Tens of millions of those people showed up. They battled long lines, mysterious polling place breakdowns and the usual poll worker shenanigans. And some of them prevailed. Others were drowned out by garbage votes for a dead man and the walking dead.

We won’t have free and fair elections worth respecting until we bring back Election Day. And if that ever happens, maybe Election Day will be a day worth celebrating as the return of the voting franchise to the people and away from the billionaires and leftists who stole it from us. [end]

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Election day consequences up front

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Trust ‘Honest Abe” to come forth with a solution. You need to ask what makes stealing an election not only possible but acceptable to a majority of Americans in the first place? By “acceptable” yours truly doesn’t mean that 51% of the citizens have to be aware of the theft and cheering it on, it rather means that 51% or more of the citizens are thoroughly indifferent to actually voting, to freedom, to liberty, to fighting for, or maintaining, the American way of life which is Capitalism. Or more particularly as Benjamin Franklin expressed it “A Republic, if you can keep it“. It’s the “if you can keep it” part that’s most important!

Bring back Election Day? You first have to bring back a citizenry that is actually educated and dedicated in freedom, liberty, and the Rights of Man. One or more that actually knows, actually understands, and intensely cares about their freedom, their liberty, and their God-given rights. Election day consequences up front. Other than that, everything else generally works out very well.

As in, on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump “if you can keep it” – MAGA! KAG!