All’s fair in love & war except when

Go ahead, make my..

“All’s fair in love & war except when” … Bill Kristol of all people is exactly what has been wrong with conservatism since the heady days of President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Appeasing the communists/groomers/degenerates after all, is exactly what has brought us to the brink of losing the Republic we were gifted by, while time has come to re-feed the tree of liberty.

Which all began as widhalm19 expresses it on the thread: “It all started after WWII when the US established a World Imperium to replace the faltering British Empire. When Eisenhower left office, he warned America that a military-industrial “complex” had formed and it was a threat to our Constitutional Republic. Few Americans paid attention to his warning. Vietnam was the first MIC war. American involvement in the Vietnam War directly opposed the tenets of our Constitution and Liberalism”.

Which all led of course – whether right, wrong, or indifferent – to the first truly Neo-Con President aka the wimpy but war-loving George H.W. Bush. Unlike the term suggests, Neo-Cons have never been “Conservatives” at all, rather more of supporting a permanent Oligarchy of blue blood, East Coast Corpora-crats (mostly from the Ivy League) forever-and-a-day, guiding a legion of ever-obedient Washington DC technocrats the likes of the CDC / NIH during the COVID19 “Pandemic”.

All’s fair in love & war except when…

To this very day, continuing along their pathway-to-hell, Neo-Cons are attempting to build a Corporate State, the most important achievement of which is controlling the American MIC (aka Military Industrial Complex). The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were pure MIC projects, NO Iraqis involved in 9 / 11 and NO WMDs. It was all a BIG lie.

Neo-Cons generally don’t believe in Liberalism, Republicanism nor Liberty via Natural Rights. In essence, they’re America’s version of Fascism (meaning Corporatism), and no, they’re not National Socialists like 1930s Germany but they are in the same pattern of Mussolini’s 1920s Italy. In other words – NASTY!

task” is another great comments-thread “go-to-guy” as in: “Billy Blooper Kristol (BBK), the ultimate faux Constitutional Conservative, and the rest of the brigade of phony Conservatives, never fooled Constitutionalists because he camouflaged himself as an anti-Democrat. He was anti-Democratic in name only and like Liz Cheney he supports the worst kind of Democrat that once existed a decade ago only by hiding. Today they’re all fascists and so is BBK”.

At least We the (90 million+) People don’t engage with the likes of the junior George Bush, who hangs with OBO#44 and the Clintons, with absolutely no compunction for who they campaign for. Bush, a RINO, despite his popularity, never understood the border issue as well as Cesar Chavez, a Democrat, who was well aware of the importance of a sovereign country, with borders and immigration laws, to protect itself and its citizenry.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘News of the GOP’s Demise was Greatly Exaggerated’ …

Just one more way the #NeverTrump conglomerate has shown itself to be #AlwaysWrong. Barring an 11th-hour catastrophe or widespread cheating, Republicans are expected to stomp Democrats across the board in Tuesday’s election.

Polls show Republicans with a big edge on issues that matter most: By double digits, voters trust Republicans to handle inflation, the economy in general, and crime. Democrats only hold a slight edge on education, a longtime Democratic advantage that’s been slipping away in the post-lockdown era.

GOP candidates are competitive in races previously considered safe for Democrats, including Senate seats in New Hampshire and Washington. Republicans are not just poised to take control of the House and the Senate but possibly a handful of governorships and state legislatures, which will have a huge impact on how the 2024 presidential election is handled.

Even more alarming news for Democrats is eroding support among reliable constituencies. Latinos, blacks, and suburban white women—voters who often represent the winning margin for Democratic candidates—are moving in the direction of the GOP this year while working class whites, once the crown jewel of the Democratic Party, continue their exodus from the party that now caters to the rich and overly credentialed.

Which raises an important question: What does Bill Kristol say now? [-]

[+] … Kristol endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and pushed for the full-scale annihilation of the Republican Party, including governors who were “killing Americans” by reopening their states’ businesses after the pandemic and “banning masks.”

Faced with the prospect that numerous Trump-backed candidates will win this week and populate the party at every level, Kristol again is whining about the Republican Party being beyond rescue and says voters should instead elect more Democrats.

“[I]f we don’t have two reasonably healthy parties, the unhealthy party has to be defeated,” he told the Washington Post in September. Kristol thinks Republicans will only narrowly win the House but Democrats will hold the Senate and several governorships. In a desperate and disgraceful move, a Kristol-led outfit produced an ad featuring the mother of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick in an attempt to blame his untimely death of natural causes on Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona governor. [-]

[+] … The GOP can’t grow with Trump, perpetual crank Jonah Goldberg wrote in August, reflecting on the work of the January 6 select committee. Disgruntled former Republican congressman Joe Walsh claimed Trump was losing support among Republican voters over the committee’s findings. “Republicans privately are praying that this committee and these hearings will do what they haven’t had the courage to do for the last four or five or six years and that’s remove Donald Trump from the public scene,” Walsh said in July.

But Trump is on the public scene more now than ever—and a Republican Party reconfigured under his leadership is energized and playing to win. The NeverTrump duncery undoubtedly will downplay any GOP victory solely as a result of Joe Biden’s economic failures and the Democratic Party’s overreach on cultural issues. Part of that will be true. But even the most groveling NeverTrumper will have to admit the Republican Party is on the upswing and their nonstop portrayals of Trump as the GOP’s Grim Reaper were flat wrong. To the contrary, it is the Democratic Party under Biden at risk of sustained electoral defeat—the exact opposite of what NeverTrump promised. As usual. [end]

Full link below…

All’s fair in love & war except when…

In conclusion, both #NeverTrumpers and the entire demoMarxocrat Party leadership failed miserably in “Tea Leaf” reading to my everlasting delight, while demoMarxocrat Party leadership spent millions on promoting America First Republicans under the misguided notion they would be so easy to defeat in the Mid-Terms. Today we find almost every candidate they tried that strategy on, are now in statistical ties with their demoMarxocrat opponents. Karma!

All’s fair in love & war except when, and adding my insult to their injury, fearless President Donald John Trump inspired candidates to be poised to flip three governorship’s in the deep Blue states of Oregon, Washington, and New York. As far as the Senate race goes, there may even be upsets in New Hampshire and Washington State – within which my tea leaves foreshadow a 56-seat Republican Senate. Imagine that!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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