A World Gone Mad With A President AWOL…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Billy Graham on War: “The Garden of Eden was somewhere in present-day Iraq. The turmoil and war we are witnessing in that part of the world is occurring in the land where God established the first perfect civilization.”

Bob Schieffer took to the airwaves on Face the Nation yesterday with the admonishment that “We are in the midst of a world gone mad.” On the counter to that, yours truly will remind Mr. Schieffer and others of the uniqueness of the Constitutional Republic of the United States – Else, why would so many millions of us have gone through the lengthy process of gaining citizenship in this great nation? Can “Bob” take the next step in his reasoning, by realizing that America, as a nation founded in the Judeo-Christian tradition, is indeed an exceptional place with an exceptional role in the world? Or does he believe, as the rogue faux “president” does, that America is “just another country?”

It is very inconvenient, disconcerting, and depressing, to realize that war is the norm and peace is merely an interruption in the affairs of man, but we need to come to grips with the fact that mankind has historically organized itself in oppressive societies ruled by kings, dictators or small elites. America is the one country that started as an exception to that rule and has been a model to the entire globe for some 240 years – that is, until the liberal-progressive Alinskyite Marxist-Democrats stole the thunder, bringing us rapidly to the dark side of humanity in a world gone mad. 

We’ve had it pretty easy for a long time, and we’ve forgotten that evil never goes away, it just morphs into a different form. As I am wont to quote often: “Tyranny is like a fungus, growing slowly but surely in the mire of a society who has let the plumbing go to ruin” and perhaps now is our time at hand to step up for the principles that many have already died for, before this duty be thrust upon us in violent fashion; stay tuned in a world gone mad.

Billy Graham on War: “If the human race would turn from its evil ways and return to God, putting behind its sins of disobedience, idolatry, pride, greed, and belligerence, and all the various aberrations that lead to war, the possibility of peace exists.”

Next up is the dingbat from San Francisco, a plague amongst us if ever there was one. “The president’s leadership has been strong.” Now there’s a promise for you from the same dingbat who uttered the incomprehensible “we have to pass it first before we can tell you what’s in it” as if she were talking about passing a peach pit, or a kidney stone or somesuch. Such are the idiotic utterances from insane people in a world gone mad.

The Botox queen endeared by all the San Fran Queers is the gift that keeps on giving. One of the wealthiest members in Congress, a lot of it from insider trading that she and her Tuna-processing husband have benefitted greatly from (remember the overnight $2 MILLION-dollar MasterCard IPO for one?) San Fran Nan keeps the income inequality debate alive and well, all while living in one of America’s most affluent and least racially diverse districts in the country. Without repeating myself, I will intentionally repeat myself: “The President’s leadership has been strong”. That one ranks right up there with “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. Outside of the Bay Area, would this woman be taken seriously anywhere? Well, maybe so in a world gone mad.

Billy Graham on War: War is only one facet of the larger problem of evil which has been with the human race since the beginning .. The same evil tried to destroy the greatest human being who ever lived, nailing him to a cross.” 

And yet another crazy dingbat, this time Eleanor Holmes Norton representing (Gulp!) the District of Columbia, feeding at the trough of “gubmint” since 1977 with more than a few scandals between then and now. Did you know “We The People” that she says “you don’t have a right to know everything that “gubmint” is doing? Don’t dare ask the question as to how dingbats like this and Pelosi, and Reid, and Schumer and Cummings and all the rest of ’em ever get elected and re-elected, but something in my mind tells me that the “dead voter’s society” has a lot to do with their getting elected time after time after time in a world gone mad…

It’s the toxic levels of “self-esteem combined with manifest incompetence” maxim. Throw in the IQ of a pleistocene-era wired brain with a healthy dose of Congoloid insolence, and  the mindset delivers Haiti, Detroit and Zimbabwe. Which is fine for them. But I don’t want to live around it or in it, or subsidize it. Its survival and existence is predicated on white wealth and dollars, and the constant demonizing of the same. Norton should be scrubbing toilets in Washington. Tops, that’s the most she is qualified for, and more’s the pity that there are hundreds more in Congress of the same low-information-voter mindset in a world gone mad. Period.

Billy Graham on War: “Scripture indicates that deception, false religions, and apostasy lead to war, and that war in turn leads to famine and pestilence.”

And finally, a couple of “pieces` de resistance” from American Thinker illustrating the complete disengagement of the rogue faux “president” from planetary influence. As much as he has personally thrown in the white flag to every tyrant on the globe, were he the chief executive of Walmart say, he would be brought before the judge and jury (ie the board of directors) informed of their decision to send him packing, pay him off, and bring in his replacement. Oh wait – Walmart just did exactly that, didn’t they? Well, so be it, and leaving “impeachment” on the table, let’s see to what depths this incompetent, inept, idiotic malcontent can descend to justify his not being brought before the board of directors to face charges of treason then. After all, as Mr. Schieffer so correctly opines, “We are in the midst of a world gone mad.”

Something needs to be done – and right quickly too.

Obama’s Parthian Tactics

Obama is now riding backward on his horse and firing arrows at his opposition.  His poll numbers plummet, and the word “impeachment” can be heard.  He likely will stay mounted in this fashion for the next two years. The Parthians were made famous for this tactic.  When fleeing a battle that they had lost, the riders were taught to ride backward and fire arrows as best they could at the pursuing enemy.  Thus, the term “Parthian shot” was created, used primarily as a reference to a derogatory or insulting gesture issued by a person upon departure. It seems that this is what we are getting from our unengaged president.  Arrows from his agenda quiver are strung and flung from the backward-mounted rider as time runs out on his final term. Blame Game On and on, to the same dropped-jawed crowd piled behind his dais, Obama explains how the GOP has stopped “him” from helping “them.”


World Leaders Lambast Obama’s Failures In The Middle East

World leaders are increasingly pointing to U.S. President Obama’s failures in the Middle East.  Some are direct and blunt.  For example, during his recent visit to Brazil, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked by journalists about U.S. sanctions against Russia due to the Ukrainian crisis.  While naturally condemning such moves, part of his response was to accuse the Obama administration of “encouraging war between neighboring states.”  In the same context, Putin added: American objectives have not been realized, nor have they accomplished anything, because everything has collapsed.   Afghanistan faces problems, and Iraq and Libya are falling apart.  Egypt also was going to collapse had President Sisi not taken matters in hand.  And all this demonstrates the failures of the Obama administration.


Billy Graham on War: “Philosophically, war is an extension of man’s struggle with sin and evil in the world.”