Were they spying Trump all along?

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Yours truly is of the opinion that free and honest elections have been an illusion for quite some time since warrior-President Donald John Trump burst the ruling class bubble just a few years ago. And how!

Apparently they (ie liberal, leftist, lunatics) really don’t think the average FJBiden and others can discern what is corrupt and dishonest. Yesterday as a “for instance“, they gave an addled drug-addicted criminal – who extorted numerous countries for bribes – a slap on the hand while people who “wandered/escorted” into the Capitol just a few years ago, got 5 years-plus or even more.

If the same “mob-of-mobs” showed efficiency-enough to nail Trump to a cross and parade him up a hill they definitely would!

Were they spying Trump all along? Mitch Ditch McConnell for one!

Lydia, from comments thread: It’s obvious Trump has been under constant surveillance, before and after leaving office. This story of a leaked audio tape from Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club is chilling. “Wiretapping” is old school and no longer necessary. There is probably a mole in the Trump camp too. And how in hell did a grand jury get video surveillance from Mar-a-Lago? These are violations of the 4th Amendment.

It’s chilling because if a former president cannot protect his privacy from government spies, the rest of us have no hope of doing so–and being persecuted for wrong-speak or any other infraction. They don’t even need ankle bracelets to track you since we voluntarily carry our own tracking devices. How very easy it is for totalitarians today, especially when confronted they deny and lie. [-]

Anyone remembering actor Charles Bronson, would more than likely compare both he and Trump as one of a kind, aka the silent but deadly hero-type we need again to clean up the streets first, then the border, then the criminals infesting our Capital. It won’t be easy, but talking endlessly about it is just about over. Bronson’s character had only one of three choices in life – kill the bad guy, get killed or go to prison.

There isn’t any reason to assume the FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA ever stopped spying on Trump. Why would we assume that? They’re spying on Trump right now, and likely on most of us – except the Trolls of course. Why isn’t the DOJ indicting those clowns? Oh, never mind, we all know the answer. Good luck to Trump’s lawyers.

Frank Friday, American Thinker: ‘Were they spying on Trump all along?’ ….

Psychological projection is the stock in trade of our American ruling class.

You can see this in the way the D.C. Deep State always treated President Trump as a totally illegitimate bum; especially as regards their most precious possession, classified material. Recall the furor when Trump revealed some Israeli information to the Russian foreign minister, in a bid to get help from them in the Middle East.

Such top-secret horse trading goes on all the time, yet since Trump is a bum, he cannot be allowed the traditional power with respect to classified documents that all Presidents have, as in Navy v. Egan.

Secrets are only for the bureaucrats to leak as they please with no consequences, like the Flynn/Kislyak phone call, or to simply ignore when it involves their friends, such as Hillary’s email scandal.

Neither James Comey nor the guy, John Huber, finally appointed by Jeff Sessions to look into the Hillary emails, even bothered to convene a grand jury. The whole  fake Huber investigation is particularly galling. After Trump demanded action for years, all his DoJ did was appoint a guy who stayed in Utah and reviewed a few files.

But Donald Trump, no secrets for him. As soon as he left office, Joe Biden cancelled the usual classified briefings all former Presidents get. Then the hunt was on to nail him for having classified/declassified documents; something all former Presidents routinely possess. [-]

[+]…  Biden’s DoJ had no trouble getting a grand jury for Trump, barely a year after he left office, and it was in the wrong venue, risking a dismissal of the whole case right away. Even Andrew McCarthy figured out this was all wrong. If somebody was unhappy with Trump procrastinating the work of cleaning up his archives and wanted to go to court, the proper venue was Florida, not D.C.

Somebody high up in the Deep State must have conceived a plan and needed a craven Swamp Creature like Judge Beryl Howell of the D.C. District to approve the dirty work. And is the National Archives (NARA) really the instigating party here, or were they just the cat’s paw for that somebody in the Deep State? [-]

[+] ….  But Trump had Walt Nauta, his personal aide, move 64 boxes from the Mar-a-Lago storage room to Trump’s office around June 2. Then he moved only 30 of them back to the storage room, that being all the Trump attorneys searched. This is the bonehead move that has Trump in actual legal trouble.

In July 2022, the grand jury obtained video surveillance of Mar-a-Lago and issued the infamous search warrant of Mar-a-Lago for August 8th. Suspiciously, the redacted search affidavit doesn’t mention the video.  Nor does the indictment mention they searched Melania’s wardrobe and even brought in a safe cracker to open an office safe which turned out to be empty. Why would they have been tipped off to specific targets?

That’s also incredibly fast and effective work for the federal government. They were way ahead of Trump all along. If the FBI had been wiretapping Trump and Mar-a-Lago, it would explain their prescience.

And if they were, they may use an aggressive theory of investigative “attenuation” so they don’t have to reveal the extent of their spying to the defense counsel. If that’s the case, let’s hope Trump’s lawyers do aggressive discovery and there are a lot more FBI whistleblowers out there. [end]

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Were they spying Trump all along? A pence for the earworm Spy Pence … Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

We’re all so shocked and outraged you know,  by the criminal machinations of Washington as if it were some sort of new thing, yet this has always gone on, in every single society for years. Doesn’t matter if it’s the cathedral building societies or the albino children-killing, wife-burning societies – those at the top of the heap continue to visit horror on those beneath them.

To be human is to err – big time, with our problem as a shoulder-shrugging apathy along the lines of “I got mine, I’m good.” We’re not good, nor are the kids alright. Were they spying Trump all along?

Congress is in fear, and impotent. They know not which way to turn. There be monsters amongst us. So, what are we going to DO about it? Voting is done. More is necessary. The treatment foisted on our fearless president Trump proves we all need to stop being DemoMarxocrats or Republicans and start being Americans before we lose this Country and find ourselves standing in Donald John Trump’s shoes. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – the afore-mentioned President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!