OBO#44 imagined;fake; real;what?

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To state, imply, or simply accept it as “doublespeak“, OBO#44 -aka BHO- simply wasn’t eligible for the office, courtesy of which we trust Jerome Corsi’s book Obama Nation, published way back in 2008 and superbly full of outlines discussing it very, very, well. Having been plenty relevant for the past 15 years that Obama has a fake social security number, a fake wife who is a man (supposedly), born at a hospital that didn’t exist at the time of his birth, or anything else tucked in from Jerome Corsi, it all speaks to his dishonesty, which permeates him and all his activities. Remember also – If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor /s. Mmmmmmm… remember also “for a black man he’s clean and well-spoken” – said PedoJoe and only PedoJoe gets away with that one…THAT!

OBO#44 imagined;fake; real;what?

Accordingly, OBO#44’s birth certificate is fake for numerous reasons, but one glaring mistake of the forgers was to use the word, “black” for his race. Absolutely no hospital in the US in 1964 substituted the word black for Negro nor for anything else relevant. BO lives up to his initials, since everything about him stinks to high heaven. He and his partner are members of the alphabet people which is fine and dandy but why do they have to hide it, especially when they’re so approving of it. Everything about this “guy and gal” is fake. A fake SS card, a fake birth certificate, a fake professor and a fake writer. Only thing real about this pathetic excuse for a human being is the hatred for the country that made him a multi-millionaire for doing nothing… except perhaps, having perfectly-creased trousers…

Yet another case of a miscreant demoMarxocrat pol not being examined for corruption, the Obam-assiah was never truly scrutinized by those who would do anything about his various shortcomings. Instead, we got a “clean” and “well spoken” black man who was just another shyster. And now we’ve got him again, pulling the strings behind OldPedoJoe’s administration. Pedo Joe* showered with his daughter; Hunter is a crackhead; perverts are everywhere in the current “administration” – yet everyone is obsessed with President Trump’s “mean tweets.”

Appears to seem that laws and mores simply don’t apply to demoMarxocrats. Figures. THAT!

Susan Daniels, American Thinker: ‘Barack Obama and his Connecticut social security number’ ….

Barack Obama has used a stolen social security number most of his adult life.  The one he uses was issued on March 28, 1977 to someone living in Connecticut, born in 1890 and is now long deceased. Obama was fifteen years old that day, living in Hawaii and playing on the junior varsity basketball team at Punahou.  I uncovered the SSN information and include it in my memoir The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama.

Obama violated federal law by using a phony number. From the United States Code: “Identity theft laws under 18 U.S.C § 1028 makes it a crime to misuse someone’s identifying information, whether personal or financial.  Personal identifying information can include social security numbers, driver’s license number, credit card or bank account information, and PIN numbers obtained through the internet.”

Obama is a felon — plain and simple.  He should have a Hawaiian social security number like his half-sister, Maya, starting with the numbers 575 or 576. He claimed he worked at Baskin-Robbins when he was fifteen.  It would have required a social security number. Instead, Obama has a number starting with 042, used for the exclusive use of CT residents, and which appeared on his 2009 tax return while he was president. Someone forgot to remove the number.

From 1936 until June 2011 social security numbers were assigned by the address on the SS-5 form used to apply for one.  Under Obama, the law was changed to randomize where the applicant was living when he or she applied.  Imagine that.

When social security numbers were first issued in 1936, it was supposed to augment retirement plans. The Social Security Trust Fund was not a part of any other government program until President Jimmy Carter raided it in 1977 and combined it with the general fund. To date the government has borrowed $2.7 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for other government spending. That is 38% of the intro-government debt.

So — the government is stealing our retirement money (thanks to a peanut farmer and the second worse president we ever had) and in a couple of years the worst president we ever had, and a felon, will receive social security benefits using a contrived and illegal social security number.
What a great country we live in! [end]

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OBO#44 imagined;fake; real;what?

Everything about Barry Soetoro and his “wife” Michael LaVaugn Robinson screams for a REAL investigation. At this point confirmation of Soetoro’s homosexuality, his wife’s (ahem!) penis or his social security number won’t change a darned thing, yet history requires the truth about Soetoro once and for all. Maybe some historian will do so in about fifty years or so, after Barry has gone to his eternal resting place. Those who consider themselves ‘elite‘ are too vested in his fake life story to give it up now. Although yours truly has always described Obama as being an ‘empty’ suit, I have now changed my perspective to describing him as being a ‘fake’ suit instead. OBO#44 imagined;fake; real;what?

Even just making up your social security number is fraud. More than likely the number you make up either belonged or belongs to someone or other. He never intended on collecting social security, since he didn’t need the money, while there isn’t much about Obama which isn’t fake, phony or contrived. He’s a charlatan if ever there was one, most of whom – yours truly included – had him pegged as the America-hater and anti-semite he is the moment he crawled out from that rock in Chicago.’Nuff said. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!