Hunter’s addled-up sweet plea deal

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Is it yours truly alone, or are there others out there tailing the stirred-up OBO#44 Barack Obama and all his henchmen embedded in DC currently attempting to provoke violence before the election so they can get out there and arrest scores of people, take away their guns and other weapons and much, much more. Since they have some control over the military and the DOJ, a partial civil war could result in millions getting maimed and killed with no sure chance of a victory. Mmmm.

Alternatively, we could develop a Night of the Long Knives, surgically taking out hundreds of people, many from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard living in the lap of luxury, slurping their darned wine in August, the hidden snipers taking out some Antifa-type goons helping to stop this sick abuse of decent, law-abiding Americans. THAT!

Hunter’s addled-up sweet plea deal …magical mystery tour…

Here’s the deal for what it’s worth, a civil war or a Night of the Long Knives wouldn’t guarantee a return to freedom, liberty, and Laissez-Faire Capitalism, which is the American way of life. If anything at this point in time a violent uprising would much more likely result in a strong man dictatorship. At best a pro-capitalism dictator like Chile’s Pinochet. But that’s not good enough to establish and sustain a truly free country, aka the America envisioned by the Founders. Today Chile is once again headed towards communism and totalitarianism, the same fate which more than likely, would also happen in America.

A Free Market Capitalism America requires a philosophy (ie Objectivism) that can rationally defend Capitalism being taught at the universities, high schools, elementary schools, and even the libraries. The day you see a “Free Market Capitalism Queen Story Hour” at your local library will be the day freedom, liberty, and the personal pursuit of happiness in America have become the new normal.

Had one of President Trump’s family left behind a laptop with a just a tenth of what was on Hunter’s, the press would’ve screamed “Jackpot“, the only crime offending the left being patriotism, considering that whenever the left finds someone  being patriotic, they judge them to be guilty-as-all getout, while proceeding to work backwards to fabricate proof of evidence, generally with the aid of a servile press. Remember the low-life Clintons sifted through over 900 FBI files to dig dirt/leverage on others.

Not only did Hunter FJBiden get a plea deal he didn’t merit, but Team FJBiden once again got the public distracted from even bigger issues that deserve attention: China, Ukraine proxy war, illegal immigration, etc, etc,. and smack in the midst of it all, the communists continue to admonish the horde to remember “no one is above the law!” God have mercy on us.

Robert Spencer, FrontPageMag: ‘Hunter’s Sweet Plea Deal’ …

Welcome to the Left’s surreal and twisted world of equal justice. The defenders of justice in America have finally gotten around to dealing with America’s first son, Hunter Biden, the crack-addled patron of hookers who became a highly-paid natural gas company executive and then an artist whose paintings sell for more money than Pablo Picasso’s, all because his last name is Biden and he can provide, for the right price, access to his foggy old man, who happens to bear the title of president of the United States.

Hunter is not, however, facing the music for his blatant influence-peddling, or for any of the other crimes that his notorious laptop reveals. Instead, he is getting a slap on the wrist for a few token infractions, so that Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and his henchmen can brush aside charges of a two-tier justice system: “Whaddeya mean, we go after patriots but not Leftists? Look: we prosecuted Hunter Biden!” Sure you did, Merrick. Maybe some rubes will fall for this.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that “President Biden’s son Hunter has reached a tentative agreement with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to two minor tax crimes and admit to the facts of a gun charge under terms that would likely keep him out of jail.” This is not exactly akin to getting Al Capone on tax evasion. This is simply a charade, an empty exercise in charging Hunter with something, anything, in order to take the wind out of the sails of those who claim that the Biden regime is relentlessly persecuting its principal opponent, Donald Trump, while turning a blind eye to actual crimes committed by Leftists such as Hillary Clinton, as well as Old Joe and Hunter himself. [-]

[+] … To be a struggling artist is a cultural cliché going back to Vincent Van Gogh shivering in a garret while producing world-historical masterpieces that the public wouldn’t come to appreciate until after his tragic death. Artist Hunter, however, has paid no such dues. Even though he took up painting late in life and you can find more compelling artworks on sale for a hundred bucks at the local frame store, Hunter’s paintings have commanded eye-watering prices up to $500,000, although the latest batch was positively bargain-basement stuff, going for only $85,000. Could it be that people are snatching up Hunter’s daubings in order to get a few minutes of face time with the alleged president? You bet your life. But no one cares, least of all Merrick Garland.

Donald Trump is looking at hundreds of years in prison, essentially for the crime of bucking the Leftist establishment. Hunter Biden, on the other hand, is a protected member of that establishment. And so there is one system of justice for Trump and quite another for Hunter. Blind justice? Not in America. Not anymore. [end]

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Hunter’s addled-up sweet plea deal. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup. Snake of evil intent slowly eats self … both of them..

Equal justice? Fundamental to all of the civilization-al collapse we are undergoing right now is the fact that equal justice is of no interest to these people. Reality is of no interest to them. They are also not concerned about their own hypocrisy, lying, contempt for free speech, or anything else that is fundamental to a moral people and state. They want what they want and will do anything to get it. Abstractions, to them, are garbage. Their only interests are personal power, control of others, and wealth. They have reverted to an infantile state of being.

Infantile narcissism is necessary in an infant because infants are helpless, but in an adult it cannot abide. An infant cannot look after itself. Adults with infantile narcissism believe that they are not capable of looking after themselves in an adult manner so they resort to deceit. Force is all they understand. These people will stop at nothing to maintain control, and that includes mass murder, torture, and anything else they can think of to destroy and subjugate. Hunter’s addled-up sweet plea deal. The nature of these people must be taken seriously. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!