Washington DC Fails At Everything

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Let’s be snarky for a second. Tune in to any Fox News “Watter’s World” segment typically featured however briefly, on random segments of O’Reilly; or to what I pointed out from John Adams (who stands shoulder-to-shoulder alongside Washington as being a true giant among the early American founders) in last Friday’s post: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

The point being that the majority of today’s voters have become the “other” which Adams warned against. There is little knowledge, and perhaps even less reverence, for the United States Constitution among most AINOs (American In Name Only) today, so how could anyone doubt this?

Take for instance, the recent SCOTUS decision which arbitrarily forced “gay marriage” (an oxymoron if ever there was) onto the entire United States populace was just another bonk upside our heads with a splintered two-by-four reminding us of their imperious manner. To call the 5-4 majority opinion in that detestable case a “tortured” application of the text contained within the Constitution, would be to overly-flatter things. It was an abominable piece of mental feces, a farce, an upthrust middle finger raised by faux fraud “president” Obama the Clown Prince of Fools’ judicial appointees; joined of course, by the usual aged dinosaurs of the Left still clinging on life support to any vestige of judicial sanity. Like the tortured, infamous Roe v. Wade case from the disco-1973 era, it made little pretense to being any sort of reasoned, analytical, or judicial opinion embracing common sense.

It didn’t need to be reasoned. The 5-4 majority culprits simply knew they could say whatever they wanted, and the decision would remain the Law of the land.

The vast majority of the American “sheople” are at the point where they accept whatever the SCOTUS does with at most a mutter-grumble and a shrug. While always, some slightly larger majority simply expresses whatever reaction the lamestream media outlets express concerning the decision, and all is well, with all manner of things being well as they (in the memorable words of Patrick Henry) “lay supinely on their backs.”

Black-Robed Executioners of 2015...

Black-Robed Executioners of 2015…

To turn this stumbling ship of state around We The People need to counter what the DemoMarxist Party has been doing to America for well over 50 years nonstop to even begin to replace the voting populace into a possibly cohesive bunch who would actually take the time and effort to read, study, and meditate upon the United States Constitution, and what it means not just today while rattling around loosely inside Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s skull, but what the established meaning was, a meaning which cannot be altered except via We The People supporting a Constitutional Amendment. Not to mention that you’d have to replace the bulk of today’s “educators” with actual teachers, bringing forth factual history free from biases and attached “isms” into every thought, word, and utterance ever produced by the men who created Federalism.

Shall I continue, or am I done venting rhetorically for the day?

Let’s just posit for a minute that if Ted Cruz the Constitutionalist manages to get (a) elected, and (b) turns out to be in every way imaginable the living embodiment of everything he purports himself to be, the odds of returning America into anything resembling a Constitutional Republic as opposed to a banana-republic (which does not grow bananas, but instead is peopled by a citizenry who have mostly lost theirs) is roughly um, right around zero.

Or as Carole King sadly thrummed in that aforementioned disco-1973 era, “‘Cos it’s too late baby, oh it’s too late, though we really did try to make it … something inside has died and I can’t hide it, I just can’t fake it, oh nooooo…” RIP America, 1792-1962 really. But I won’t echo my sentiments from the several other recent posts.

A broken record in an age of pirated digital downloads I am not …

Let’s go to Bruce Walker and his piece from American Thinker, “Washington Fails At Everything…”

284px-American_Thinker_logoDonald Trump gave a silly and meandering answer when asked about the role of the federal government, and he has drawn a lot of justifiable scorn from conservative pundits about his remarks.  But in a broader sense, no one running for the White House in either major party seems able (or, more likely, willing) to say what the role of the federal government should be in America.

The Constitution is pretty plain: all the powers the federal government has are articulated as legislative power in Article I, Section 8, and the role defined in Article I is very small.  Basically, this is what the federal government is supposed to do: conduct diplomacy, trade, and national defense; create systems for naturalization; insure that money is sound and sovereign debt is honored; protecting intellectual property; and regulate the postal service, with such infrastructure as that may require.

Nothing in the Constitution grants the federal government power to manage health care or fund education or regulate private land use or bail out banks and other businesses or do almost anything that almost every candidate today is insisting he will do if elected president.  This does not mean that “government” has no right to enter into these areas, but it means that state governments, which have all residual powers not granted directly to the federal government, have that power – to act or not to act.

The remedy in our system if the federal government lacks sufficient authority in the Constitution is to amend the Constitution, but only in three instances – the 14th Amendment requiring equal protection, the 16th Amendment allowing Congress to tax income, and the 18th Amendment mandating Prohibition – have federal powers been expanded.  (The 18th Amendment was repealed.)

What ought to trouble us and the candidates seeking our votes for president is that in those limited areas in which the federal government is supposed to act, it fails wretchedly.