Walker election today fair or foul?

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Something, dear friends, must be done about the lawlessness extant within / without American lawless “gubmint”. It wasn’t the media, after all which was truly lawless, but a specious government wildly displaying lawlessness by engineering election fraud, covering it up and then, when exposed, doing absolutely nothing about it. Zippo. Nada. Nuthin’.

We the (90 million+) People are supposed to believe that proven liars wouldn’t use fraud and cheating to manipulate ballots, and counting techniques, as well? Can anyone feel confident that the JoeBiteMe with a rotten egg-administration has been legally voted in by the majority of Americans who voted? A tuppence-comeuppence for Mike Pence may think he did the Constitutional thing by certifying what both legislators and American citizens believe is not factual, but in doing so he has forever made himself electable only by fraud – a tuppence-comeuppence grand fraud!

Walker election today fair or foul? Tough times call for tough measures…

But wait! There are people around who fully understand that what was previously conjecture and supposition about media suppression and censorship has now, because of proof, determined to be real. How many times has the progressive left told people to say nothing unless they had proof? What is now conspiracy theory is that the media is not biased and that they, and the federal government, did not suppress speech. The proof is real and abundant. Say what?!

Fact is after 17 State AGs found evidence, several arrests and fines for fraud, and various Deep Staters admitted to it, the Right side of the equation finally believes there was fraud because a billionaire Tech Lord says so? These people are pathetic. The GOP Establishment has known all about the ongoing fraud and they’ve been up to their necks complicit in it. The existence of the Uniparty is the real issue here.

The Mitch McConnell-wing of the demoMarxocrat Party exists for a reason. The Turtle and his gang of quasi-Democrat Republican traitors aren’t there to represent the voters who put them in the Senate, but to act as controlled opposition and prevent the Right from gaining power. They’re the clowns on the back bench pretending to offer contrary opinion in the interest of ‘balanced’ government. In other words, overpriced, disingenuous and worthless, gussied up gasbags and all on our dime; paying for it and funding it.

At one time don’t forget, the USA was the shining light and beacon for all freedom-seeking countries around the world. Now the NWO can’t take control until the USA is gone, so we’re now the USSA and the country is close to crashing. We might have an election in 2024 but it likely will be rigged, with the possibility of the people left alive (those who refuse the kill shot) beginning the shooting war against the evil, evil empire. Not a pretty comeuppance by any means!

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘Yes, the 2020 Election Was Stolen’ …

The Right must never concede the Big Lie that this nation’s oppressors rule legitimately, nor should we draw conclusions about how to move forward from this false premise.

For two years, the constant shouting of childish epithets at anyone who would dare question Joe Biden’s legitimacy has suppressed a necessary reckoning with an election that was, in every sense, a complete aberration. It’s true Donald Trump and many of his supporters did themselves no favors by embracing some of the more outlandish theories about what happened. But the story we have been told again and again—that the 2020 election was not only fair, but some miracle of democracy—is propaganda, pure and simple.

Despite the media’s heavy-handed narrative, we do not and never will really know what happened in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020, and those chaotic days that preceded Biden’s media coronation. It is disingenuous to dismiss the role of fraud in such an unprecedented scenario: an election with historic turnout that, thanks to the widespread adoption of an unconventional voting method prone to cheating, was not decided until an unusually dilated, shadowy tabulating process had run its course in a handful of heavily partisan jurisdictions.

If an election so strange had gone the other way, we can be sure the Left would not be mocking voter fraud theories but treating them like orthodoxy. In the end, Trump lost the Electoral College by about 50,000 votes in a few swing states. It has never been proven that the election was stolen at the ballot box. But to anybody not blinded by partisanship, it has never been an implausible question. [-]

[+] Anyone who expects them to care now that they have been caught is a fool. Still, the Right must not simply forget it and move on. Why? Because the Left’s Big Lie about the 2020 election legitimizes a lawless, counterfeit system. The myth that Biden triumphed against fascists who nearly overthrew our system of government (a classical communist theme, as it happens) has enabled Biden to rule like a tyrant in the name of Our Democracy™. Speaking in the people’s name, he has likened Trump and his supporters to a fifth column and weaponized the state against them.

If the system is not unrigged, if the 2020 election’s legitimacy is not repudiated, then we can kiss any chance of free and fair elections goodbye. Every election going forward will be just like 2020 and 2022: Election Night will be formally replaced with Election Month and lectures from Democrats that “this is how things are supposed to be.”

There are some on the Right who would rather bury their heads in the sand than confront harsh realities, but this is not the answer. The Right must never concede the Big Lie that this nation’s oppressors rule legitimately, nor should we draw conclusions about how to move forward from this false premise. This is no mere matter of personal grievance with a corrupt, child-sniffing tyrant, or the repulsive, smug hypocrites and liars who surround him and cover for him in the press, as disgusting as they may be. It is about the future of our country and its political system. [end]

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Walker election today fair or foul?

In many people’s minds, 2000 Mules proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the 2020 election was stolen at the ballot box. The water main break in Atlanta that forced the tabulation process in 2020 to “stop” was a leaking faucet three blocks away, which allowed them to continue counting after the poll watchers left. The infamous reach under the table for a box of illegal ballots that was run through the tabulator thousands of times occurred in the Atlanta area. They also stole the Senate race in GA during the 2020 steal, with Kemp likely in on the entire fiasco.

Walker election today fair or foul?

The evidence of fraud is all over the place, with the statistical anomalies numerous. Anyone with half a brain could tell the fraud was on when six battleground states ALL jumped Biden’s vote totals in one move almost simultaneously to get the target they needed for filling out bogus ballots off bogus registration data spit out by the linked Dominion and similar voting systems. Of course the election was stolen. It is more than likely the sun fails to rise tomorrow than BasementBiden continues to tout himself as a legitimate President. Journeyman robber-thief at very best!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!