The travesty of ‘can we survive?’

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Way, way back in the heady days of “times long gone by”, George Washington asked for only “a few good men” and the rest is history. Compared to the minor iniquities of British colonial rule this current enslavement and threat to the lives of many is “Armageddon redux”, but “good men” are nowhere to be found.

As in: “Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission.” ~ George Washington.

And a favorite of yours truly’s boyhood hero: “If you will not fight for right when you can win easily without bloodshed you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

The travesty of ‘can we survive?’ Peacemaker Trump vs Dem wrecks… In Sir Winston Churchill’s chair…

The America that millions of us made a way towards as tried and true immigrants is still (last time I checked) very much on the radar screen and emboldened with millions of capable citizens; of which yours truly is one. There’s no way on God’s green earth of America that fascist forces can prevent or punish We the (90 million+) People going forth to preserve the Republic, or taking more isolated actions against treacherous enemies of the Republic. None!

All that is needed is to select a familiar traitor or installation, plan so as to be ready, and spring into action when “let’s roll” echoes in streets, valleys and plains. Why wait for Spring? There’s no need to go after FJB, Fauci, TrueCastro or traitors all; they’ll be powerless against a massive purge of their minions.

What we’re up against is actually much more insidious in nature since we live in the era of a refined and fully implemented psychological warfare that has essentially reached the level of a science. Still, the aforementioned We the (90 million+) People must seek a way out, lest it’s back to individual sovereignty – first mentally and spiritually / psychologically – and then fully physically. There has to be a way, and even if there isn’t, what better hill to die on than freeing the human race? You got something better to do with your time?

Perspicacity rules the roost after all, when yours truly the other day witnessed true Christian faith in action demonstrated by Maison des Champs, a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, who goes around climbing ultra-tall skyscrapers totally without ropes, nor any other form of safety harness! Maison des Champs is a boy, really, but he uttered the most profound truth about Christianity: “Christians ought not be fearful – ever. We must be bold and know that when we put our faith in action, all will be well”. Someone tell me THAT is the truth of TRUTHS!

Vincent McCaffrey, American Greatness: ‘Can We Survive?’ …

Yes, at least as long as they need us. As slaves. But we must work toward liberation.

The context of our survival is now a political game on the part of some Republicans to denigrate Donald Trump to advantage Ron DeSantis. To do this the critic must disparage Trump’s Administration—the most successful in recent history—or the man himself. Thus, the ad hominem remains the coin of the day.

Meanwhile, Democrats, who have the weakest and most incompetent administration in American history, can sit back and feed the grist of misinformation into the mill. Their agenda is still on target.

Given the nature of our current government, the primary battle line is the vote. There are many forms of vote tampering, from changing the laws for counting the votes after the fact, or ranked-choice chicanery where a vote for one person is counted for another, and the unmonitored dropbox where ballots can be collected willy-nilly and helter-skelter. But the most flagrant form of tampering is the mail-in ballot. It’s clear to anyone who cares to know that Trump did not lose the election of 2020. This has been confirmed by the facts—with key-state vote fixing from Georgia to Arizona being the most important.

This particular fraud was predicted following the Hillary Clinton 2016 debacle when her handlers did not take Trump seriously early enough in the campaign. And the efforts to make sure Trump would lose the next time were extensively covered by good reporters such as Michelle Malkin, Sheryl Attkisson, Diana West, and Sara Carter (just to name a few of the ladies first) well in advance of the 2020 election, and these facts have since been confirmed.

It was important to make much of these facts, given the consequent loss of faith in free elections. But the anti-Trump faction in the Republican Party has stood in the way of formal investigations and has thrown mud and cold water on any attempt to make this deceit clear to a public pre-soaked in anti-Trump media propaganda and, again, misinformation. [-]

[+] … For a moment, imagine Garrison’s mind when he was dragged by a rope through the streets of Boston in 1835 after being burned in effigy for advocating human freedom! Garrison was a pacifist for much of his life, facing the mob without a gun. He had many ideas which were wrong-headed and deserving of condemnation, but the sum of his life was in the service of what was right. He accomplished one major goal, the end of chattel slavery, in his lifetime. Women’s suffrage came 40 years later.

The rhyme to be heard here in this repeat of history is that there is no easy way. Slavery, as a habit and institution, was accepted for all of human history until just the last 200 years. Such habits are not broken so easily. Relabeling forced labor does not make it better. If we are ruled without our consent, we are slaves. There is still work to be done. If we are to survive in these times when human life has been cheapened yet again, we must persist. What pleasure we now have must be found in the work. [end]

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The travesty of ‘can we survive’? Tucker Carlson and Maison des Champs echoing Churchill.

While most on the Right talk, the Left acts, which is why our nation is in the catastrophic condition it is today. We on the Right talk, chatter and write articles (guilty yer’ ‘onor!) while the Left riots, ravages, burns, assaults, kills and uses the mechanisms of government to destroy we on the Right and our nation. Until the Right recognizes this and acts accordingly we’ve no chance at all of correcting this national disaster.

Up until the last two years or so, many of us thought voting for the right person who said the right things, was enough. We conservatives after all, are forever busy with more important stuff, like life, to obsess over how our country is governed. The first words of our Constitution are, “We the people “, yet for most of the population, those days are over, and musings on websites and their comment sections become the latest “go-to’s”;  great, yet worthless in the end without action.

The developing war to re-do America will be less bloody, we pray, than the founding fathers had to withstand, but it will be metaphorically bloody and hard, with three steps forward, two back. Yet echoing the above-mentioned Tucker Carlson and Maison des Champs echoing Sir Winston Churchill – we shall never, ever surrender! The travesty of ‘can we survive’?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!