Obo#44/Fjb laptop suppression op

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Watching and witnessing the purposeful destruction of America the past two years – or even more going back to OBO#44 / dementia-riven-idiot times – yours truly realized the demonic demoMarxocrats were nowhere near in fear of what was to be the coming “red wave”, especially as it eventually turned out to be that of 2022; wonder why? Communists don’t ever let power slip through their fingers once they’ve seized it. They already knew where they would win, going along with not even hiding their tactics anymore. Meaning as such that they have the whole kit, cabal, and ca-boodle behind them. Solid!

Too bad, too late so many don’t care about any of this until it touches them personally. Those who do care are left only with options that get a lot of people permanently removed from the board. My advice learned long, long ago, was to prepare for what’s coming like your life and those you love depended on it. Why?

Obo#44/Fjb laptop suppression op…. they can run but they can’t hide…

Unfortunately for most lingers-on, those doing all the damage don’t care if anyone knows that they’re cheats and seized power like the communists they are. Katie Hobbs certainly didn’t hide what the plan was to beat Kari Lake, and this is only the beginning. Count on something happening before 2024 that real powers behind the puppets will step forward and claim America. Don’t at all be surprised with the UN, WEF, WHO and the rest of the cabals being given control over we American citizens.

Right now in case you’ve missed it, they’re purging the military while bringing in millions of fighting-age men from third world countries, thereby allowing criminals to walk free. They’re also taking over the food production; buying up housing; overwhelming the economy; encouraging drug use. In other words the cabal is being poised for the final steal. And us?

Bottom line is we’ve embraced a fake demoMarxocrat process, with all of the power in the hands of the same deep state actors, no matter who occupies the White House. Dementia-riven Biden has wallowed unconditionally as the perfect empty vessel for these actors, who can control and misrule the country for their own benefit without leaving any fingerprints behind. Our sham elections have increasingly become simply a “red vs. blue” scrimmage within which our fascist bosses let us play to maintain the fiction that we are still a free country. But for how long?

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Obama/Biden Ran Hunter Laptop Suppression Operation’ …

Protecting Biden and his family from any negative news coverage prior to Election Day meant once again leveraging powerful federal agencies and Democratic lawmakers
to play along.

They got the band back together—to the extent the original members ever broke up in the first place.

Recent disclosures by independent journalist Matt Taibbi confirmed what other reporters have been covering for the better part of two years: According to files obtained by Elon Musk, the new owner and CEO of Twitter, the social media platform protected Joe Biden and his family from a major and potentially election-altering scandal as millions of Americans were voting early for president in October 2020. Years of denials and dismissals related to Hunter Biden’s lucrative shakedown of hostile nations, including Russia and China, were set to explode just a few weeks before Election Day.

Big Tech—and the government—was ready. Immediately after the New York Post published damning material retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop contradicting Joe Biden’s longtime protestations that he had nothing to do with his son’s profiteering gigs, Twitter claimed the reporting was based on “hacked material” and in violation of the company’s terms of service.

“Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be ‘unsafe,’” Taibbi wrote in a lengthy tweet thread on Friday.

The Post’s Twitter account was frozen for two weeks; Twitter users were forbidden from sharing articles on the site. Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump’s press secretary at the time, was locked out of her account for sharing the Post’s story. Amid internal confusion as to the company’s shaky explanation for censoring the coverage of Biden’s laptop, Twitter’s general counsel defended the move. James Baker told employees that “caution was warranted” and claimed “some facts . . . indicate that the materials may have been hacked.”

If Baker’s name sounds familiar—and not in a good way—it should. Baker served as former FBI Director James Comey’s top lawyer during Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s attempt to sabotage Trump’s campaign and presidency with claims he had been in cahoots with the Kremlin to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. [-]

[+] … Further, evidence now proves that the FBI colluded with Big Tech companies before the 2020 election to run interference for the Bidens. Elvis Chan, also a figure in Russiagate as I explained here, admitted to conducting weekly meetings with Big Tech corporations including Twitter before Election Day. Agents sent social media companies lists of sites and accounts to remove under the ruse of election “misinformation” with follow-up contact to make sure orders were followed.

Who gave those marching orders? James Baker, who undoubtedly holds tremendous sway in the bureau he once helped lead? Nancy Pelosi, who represents most of Silicon Valley in Congress? Joe Biden himself? After all, he was the expected winner of the election. Everyone in Big Tech and Washington was ready and eager to please.

It is folly to think simply because Biden, his campaign advisors, and former Obama White House staffers didn’t wear official government titles in 2020 that they somehow couldn’t run the government side of the operation to censor the laptop material. Power in Washington is for the lifers like Biden, not elected outliers like Trump—anyone who argues otherwise is either desperately naïve or intentionally dishonest. [end]

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Obo#44/Fjb laptop suppression op. Cellar dweller’s creed

Plain fact of the matter is that in 2020 the US courts failed to allow eye witnesses and subpoenaed witnesses to give testimony under oath to reveal how election laws were avoided, ignored and deliberately circumvented. What happened in 2020 was again allowed to happen in 2022. Prior to 2020 demoMarxocrats always cheated and were sometimes caught. In 2020, and now again in 2022, they were allowed to cheat in plain sight and no legislative body or American court is doing anything substantial about it. Absolutely nothing! Obo#44/Fjb laptop suppression op.

In GA we have video of the “woman in braids” sending observers and media home and keeping a skeleton crew to run boxes of ballots through (multiple times). In PA, they blocked the windows. In WI, some districts outvoted their populations. And let’s not forget AZ where they’ve been pulling this late-breaking swing stuff even before 2020. One expects Kirsten Sinema was installed in this way. Clearly, Mark Kelly (twice) and now Katie Hobbs who had a few fortuitous “oops” on election day for an election, she herself is tasked with certifying. Burp!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!