Vox Populi The Voice Of The People

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Vox Populi the voice of the people. This mid-term election is a real conundrum for me, since it is an eerie reminder of the 2012 fiasco when all the polls, pollsters, pundits, and hangers-on, were all predicting if not a landslide, then a comfortable margin of conservative victory. Of course, it didn’t happen, and it was only AFTER the event, that massive voter-fraud began to be revealed. With what consequence, a re-vote? A re-count? A reversal of victory? Nope. Nothing. Nada. ZERO! I’m all for voting but we are already witnessing fraud and cheating going on two weeks out from the election, the likes of which gave us the rogue fraud “president” monster in the White House.

We have video surveillance tape of a Latino male stuffing a ballot box with hundreds of bogus ballots in Arizona; 850 “registered voters” in NYC who are allegedly 164 years old (and wouldn’t you like to know what the secret of their longevity is?!); a Chicago Republican representative trying to vote for himself with the machine giving the vote to his Democrat opponent (“calibration error” – yeah, right); and James O’Keefe going under cover in Colorado and discovering how to massively stuff hundreds (if not thousands) of illegal ballots into the system, etc., etc., etc.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gets right in our face on MessNBC and declares (just as Screechy Pelosi did in 2012 regarding both John Roberts’ turnkey decision on the illegal Obamacare, and the results in the Senate) that they are going to hold onto the Senate. Is that because she knows how massive the voter fraud will be?  I have already cast my early vote as I mentioned the other day, but I made sure that all 17 pages of my ballot were exactly the way I wanted them – TWICE checked. If the election is stolen again, we’ll have to find another way to get rid of the piece of trash and his corrupt, criminal, apparatchiks currently hunkered down in We The People’s Mansion.

So get out and VOTE – Vox Populi the voice of the people.

When all is said and done of course (my above “mild rant” notwithstanding) the important thing is that we ALL get out and vote! Every opportunity we can, let our elected politicians know exactly how we feel about the policies and issues of the day. They have staff whose only job is to let them know what their constituents are thinking, so let them know! Vote for the people you know will do what they say they will do, then let them know! Vox Populi the voice of the people is all we have – so make full use of it!

So get out and VOTE – Vox Populi the voice of the people.