DemoMarxist Mantra Cheat To Win

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win. Before all the liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxist drones begin wailing and whining, the Colorado statute 1-13-707 amongst many (Inducing a Defective Ballot) states: “Any person who causes any deceit to be practiced with the intent to fraudulently induce a voter to deposit a defective ballot commits a misdemeanor (maximum $1,000 fine, or maximum of 1 year in jail, or both).” … see full list right here

What with the already-discovered voter fraud in the rogue fraud “president’s” back yard in C(r)ook County, Illinois, it is very timely that James O’Keefe has once again punched the metaphorical hole into the balloon of corruption, deception, and downright criminality which has been extant in the DemoMarxist Party for at least the 60 years since LBJ got mad at the church pastors who were flaying he and his party from the pulpit, and he introduced (and got passed) the Johnson Amendment, which we know today as “501(c)3” … And certainly we need no reminders of the DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win with what one Lois Lerner and a bunch of the IRS “untouchables” did to conservative “501(c)3” organizations to hand the rogue fraud “president” a corrupted and criminal second term. Colorado was the target of O’Keefe’s undercover report this time, which also coincides with the release of the documentary “Rocky Mountain Heist” produced by Citizens United, and narrated by Michelle Malkin (see video link from the Kelly File below).

One woman in the video Meredith Hicks, the Director for Work For Progress, says, “That’s not even like lying or stealing, if someone throws out a ballot, like you want to fill it out you should do it.” The nearly eight-minute video has case after case of O’Keefe talking to different Democratic operatives admitting to possible voter fraud. One woman who works for Greenpeace told O’Keefe where he can find recycled or discarded mail in ballots to fill out for Udall and give him the extra votes. Another woman, Nicole Hanlen, directed a Project Veritas agent to a location where out-of-state people from Oregon can cast their vote by just using bills and not a Colorado I.D. In other words, living proof of the DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win.

Take a look and listen…

The thing about liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxists is that they don’t have values, they consider it OK to lie and cheat, which is why my header reads “DemoMarxist Mantra Cheat To Win”. As they learn often and loud from their Uncle Saul Alinsky “the ends justify the means” and thank God for the James O’Keefe’s of the world for continuing to illuminate and expose liberal corruption, criminality, and fraud. These leftists are very dangerous people, especially the head danger-man who looked O’Reilly squarely in the eyes on Super Bowl Sunday and muttered “not a smidgen of corruption” lying through his teeth as he said it, of course. Once again an example of the DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win.

And since we’re on the topic of voter-fraud (and why is it that we never seem to have the same problem with the “other political party” on this subject?) Megyn Kelly had Michelle Malkin and David Bossie on board Tuesday night to talk about “Rocky Mountain Heist”. Take a look and listen…

So, in conclusion, over the course of a decade, a once-red state has become glaringly more DemoMarxist – not through the decades-long morphing from one ideology to another as population trends change, but by deliberate, contrived, fraudulent, and in some cases, blatant criminal acts, through the actions of a cabal of four liberal versions of the Dingie ‘Arry-Reid-targeted Koch brothers. Yet another perfect example of the DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win. “What happened here in Colorado can happen in the rest of the country,” Malkin warns, explaining that the “Gang of Four” coordinated and used “shady nonprofits” to plot to take over the state Legislature. Which is exactly what has been attempted here in Texas and in other strong conservative states.

In the closing words from the interview – “The hypocrisy reeks, it smokes, it burns”. En Garde Patriots – En Garde against the DemoMarxist Mantra cheat to win!


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