Victor Davis Hanson ‘outs’ Obama

En Garde in the bunker…

There’s a passage in Victor Davis Hanson’s piece coming up which he did for National Review a couple of days ago, where he compares the styles of the former, versus the current, president, which goes:

“The Fast and Furious scandal was, among other things, about deliberate government gun-running of weapons to Mexico, perhaps in a warped effort to discredit current U.S. firearms laws. The Benghazi debacle involved a cover-up of a pre-planned terrorist hit on our consulate, an attack that was possible only because it was well known that the consulate’s security was lax.”

“The Benghazi cover-up involved U.N. ambassador Susan Rice lying five times on national television in a single day, when she claimed that the terrorist operation was the result of a spontaneous riot over a video. And to justify that reelection-cycle concoction, the video maker, a foreign resident on U.S. soil, was summarily jailed on a trumped-up probation charge.”

Obama and Farrakhan … hidden from We the People for 13 years .. Tells you something about ‘scandal-free’, ‘character’… Or lack of…

“Despite Obama’s recent projection that his eight-year tenure was “scandal-free,” along with the reality that the media’s biased compliance sought to make such a startling fantasy true, the Obama administration was in many respects lawless. It will eventually rank as the most scandal-ridden administration since Warren G. Harding’s.” [end – emphasis mine]

Victor Davis Hanson doesn’t finish there, going ahead to mention numerous other scandals committed throughout the entire Obama presidency.

When all is said and done of course, those who seek power for the purpose of enriching themselves rather than helping as many people as possible are, by nature, frauds. Possessing no moral fiber, they tend to embrace style over substance, thereby enriching themselves with the power they hold because of who they are, not for what they do.

Let me bring you in to Victor Davis Hanson’s opener and you’ll see what I mean…

Obama defies the Constitution but sounds ‘presidential.’ Trump follows it but sounds like a loudmouth from Queens.

Donald Trump blusters nonstop. He offers contrasting messages about whether, on any given day, he might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. His tweets are certainly not presidential, at least as the adjective is usually understood.

At perpetual campaign rallies, Trump mocks his critics, caricaturing their voices and slamming them with adolescent epithets like “Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer.” He accuses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of being an enabler of M-13 gang members after she chastised him for calling such psychopaths “animals.” Trump has defined his own uncouthness, which so incenses his opponents, as “the new presidential.”

Yet so far, after over a year of intense investigation, Special Counsel Mueller has found no evidence that Donald Trump — or even his low-level subordinates — had ever colluded with Russian government interests to hijack the 2016 election and defeat Hillary Clinton. Indeed, Mueller has shown himself desperate to indict almost anyone connected with the Trump campaign with almost any charge he can think of — other than colluding with the Russians to warp an election, his original mandate.

Call the Trump paradox “crass lawfulness.” What drives Trump’s critics nearly crazy is not any evidence that Trump has broken federal laws per se. Instead, their rub is that there are somehow no criminal statutes against a president boorishly acting “unpresidential” in his loud quest to supercharge the economy, while undoing the entire agenda of his predecessor, who was so dearly beloved by the media, universities, Hollywood, and identity-politics groups.

Certainly, President Obama’s teleprompted speeches were mellifluous. As some sort of postmodern preacher, Obama often sermonized to Americans about the predetermined “arc of history” that purportedly bent all of us inescapably toward his own just moral version of the universe.

In calm, ministerial tones, the progressive Obama sometimes slapped a puerile America’s wrists, with frequent admonitions to behave and to not act so illiberally. Or he frequently reminded us, with a frown, “that is not who we are.”

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As Victor Davis Hanson implies, ‘The Swamp’ arguably reached this point more than ten years ago, perhaps twenty.

Anybody who hasn’t been sleep-walking for the past fifteen years will be very much aware of Obama’s constant habitual stoking of racial and other social justice fires, together with the extent and depth to which he manipulated the power of the Executive and the Administrative Branch to impose his will upon We the People.

The Establishment Elites decided to fleece the nation for the few at the expense of the many, and called it globalism. Obama decided to take it one step further, to tear down the nation itself, to divide it, and give the spoils to his favored social justice groups.

The Socialist, Liberal-Leftist DemoMarxists so easily forget that President Donald J. Trump became We the People’s choice because of one thing – His undying love of country, and his brilliant concept of getting down and dirty to empty the filthy and unstinting depth of the Washington D.C. Sewage Swamp.

As Victor Davis Hanson points out, President Trump was the inevitable antidote, the ‘Mr. Everyman’, the visible expression of the will of We the People against these developments of fleecing the nation, dividing it, setting it against itself, and ultimately declaring one side the winner with the arc of history paving the way.

Obama and his minions were bad for the country – Period. Over. Out. All We the People are awaiting now, is for justice to be served.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA – Semper Fi Mr. President – Semper Fi!