Deep State Media ‘Trumps’ itself!

Go ahead, make my…

Here’s something that’s short, sweet, educational, entertaining, and truthfully informative. More than anything else it skewers the Big Deep State Fake News lying cheats and reveals their true nature and agenda.

Opposite to Obama is definitely a road map to success. The black racist, DemoMarxist Islamophile was trying to reduce the country he despises to just another socialist backwater.

Who would’ve guessed that low unemployment hinges on simply doing everything the exact opposite way that Obama did things? [sarc]

As Thomas Lifson puts it in his American Thinker commentary:

Cable news Trump-haters, besotted with outrage, don’t sweat the details when it comes to venting their spleen on President Trump. Finding something – anything – on which to express outrage is their daily challenge.

Last Friday, when President Trump tweeted that he was looking forward to the jobs report, about to be released, they went into high dudgeon.

Amusing though that sort of indignation can be, it gets hilarious when they make up an imaginary contrast with their fantasies about the wonderfulness of ex-President Obama. Add in a dare to find an example of Obama doing the horrible, terrible, probably illegal and impeachable thing that President Trump did, and they set themselves up for serious embarrassment and humiliation,

Watch the one-minute video from the GOP below and be rewarded with a dose of exquisite schadenfreude.

How to make a damn fool of yourself in 64 seconds … Nothing like Big Deep State Fake News Media scratching around the bottom of a pig sty which has already been power-washed squeaky-clean! Desperation definitely leads to desperate measures – Like lying through your teeth. What a great reminder of where we were and how far we have come in just 16 months.

President Donald J. Trump triumphs yet again – Driving the Left absolutely nuts!

Share, share, share this and drive them all even crazier – MAGA!


H/T Thomas Lifson and American Thinker

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