USA high noon demands attention

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“Do not forsake me O my darlin’, on this our weddin’ day …” the words to the great blockbuster western movie High Noon of 1952 with Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, and a host of others (74 to be exact) as supporting cast. USA high noon demands attention. Those were the days!

Fast-forward to today and you might well be drawn into the conversation that the United States of America ended on January 6th 2021 when the US Congress voted to accept a fraudulent electoral outcome and installed an illegitimate criminal junta in Washington DC. Both major political parties orchestrated this terrible crime.

The Constitution is a dead letter. The Bill of Rights is no longer in force. The Rule of Law is over. The only way forward for those who value their freedom and liberty is state by state nullification, non-compliance and secession from the illegitimate tyrannical junta that has usurped this country. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “This country cannot exist half slave and half free.”

USA high noon demands attention … children of the light and children of the dark.

There are those of course, who still pray for a takeover of the House and Senate by conservative firebrands. That may not solve all our problems, but it could at least help with nullification, non-compliance and secession. The great separation appears to be continuing at a rapid pace, with the Children of the Light and the Children of the Dark continuing to part while each shares nothing, nada, zilch, with peace between them seemingly not possible at all. Ever, even!

Taken on its merit, there are some very interesting observations on why the demoMarxocrat left has been so successful in arming itself with “splitzville”. The Left wins, apparently due to the fact they’re highly organized and have waves of drone workers, relentless in taking over school boards, filing lawsuits and other ways of zeroing in on power centers.

Too much of the Right, by contrast, consists of hotheaded morons who bray about “the Kraken, QAnon, Hollywood pedos” and a certain Washington, D.C. pizzeria that supposedly doubles as a sex-trafficking front. They are all loud moral exhibitionists, conspiracy theorists, and in it for the filthy lucre’.

Most conservative voters relate to tangible things they can see, not wild-eyed conspiracies they have to chase down, and that’s costing our side dearly. Conservative folk are individualistic and difficult to organize while Leftists are already marching in lockstep to the Party beat. Republicans want power to get money. Leftists want money to get power.

Bruce Thornton, FrontPageMag: ‘High Noon in the USA’ …

Our country is [fully] headed for a showdown.

Since the Sixties the Left has been expanding its influence throughout our nation and its institutions. But decades earlier communism had already established a foothold in the U.S. starting in the early 20th century. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 only briefly checked this process. But history’s repudiation of a totalitarian political order––one fundamentally opposed to the Constitution’s protection of individual freedom and unalienable rights––could not uproot decades of leftist transformation of America.

Indeed, the last 20 years saw the Left reinvigorated by the rise of “woke” ideology and its anti-Constitutional agenda. The Biden administration and its hubristic policies and glaring failures increasingly look likely to ignite a backlash. The showdown between the “woke” Democrats and freedom-loving Americans, whatever their party, is coming in November, and will decide whether the Left has succeeded in “fundamentally transforming America.”

The principles, however, for “woke” leftism were laid down a century ago in the rise of progressivism. Like communism, progressivism favors centralized, concentrated power administered by government bureaucracies and agencies staffed by “experts” who know better than the sovereign people how best to run their lives. [-]

[+] … “Colonialism” and “imperialism,” then, are oversimplifications of complex history, and ideologically loaded terms for the universal human propensity to invade and occupy the territory of others. The Left’s abuse of these terms, moreover, bespeaks an insufferable hypocrisy. When have leftists ever criticized the tyrannical Soviet Empire’s colonies? After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks didn’t liberate the Central Asian Khanates that Russia had earlier absorbed into its empire. After World War II, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states became de facto colonies as well. All those nations didn’t become independent until the collapse of the Soviet Union, and their liberators were the evil “imperialists” the United States and the British Commonwealth.

But over the last several months the signs of resistance to this degradation of our country have been multiplying, most recently by Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter and his stout defense of genuine free speech that respects the only diversity that really counts: that of ideas and opinions whose expression is sanctioned by the First Amendment.

It looks like this year’s midterm elections will be the showdown between the “woke” tyrants and the defenders of freedom. [end]

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USA high noon demands attention

This is an excellent historical review and analysis of leftism’s staggering hypocrisy and failures. Some would aver however, that its analytical flaw is in assuming Elon Musk is the champion of free speech in defense of the nation state. He is after all an unapologetic globalist, technocrat, a master who understands the flawed strategy of leftist censorship.

Elon Musk is a pragmatist and champion of free speech with a transhumanist agenda. He will use his satellites and Twitter to make it all familiar, because familiarity breeds acceptance. Under Elon Musk’s leadership Twitter will become the “free speech” platform that makes everything normative. Elon Musk is a vaunted globalist technocrat, not a champion of a sovereign United States. That belongs to President Donald John Trump.

Trump has had more impact on the progressive left than Musk ever will. And it looks like Orange Man is far from finished with the demoMarxocrat Party and the progressive left. USA high noon demands attention.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America under the auspices of a Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!