One-man gatecrasher from Hades

Go ahead, make my..

Dinesh’s 2000 Mules last night provided complete and accurate confirmation of what We the (90 million+) People have suspected from day one. The evidence is far too compelling to deny and yet those in power who could do something about the cheating and fraud refuse to see the truth and do anything. There should be absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that if this is to be fixed, the American voter is going to have to get involved in large numbers and do it NOW!

For crying out loud they just codified into law cheating in Alaska with mail-in voting and the people responded with a collective yawn. DemoMarxocrats have forever cheated to win elections and in the 2020 presidential election the cheating was well planned, funded and flipped a Presidential election to a dementia-riven, cellar-dwelling mindless cheater forever clip-clopping his way to nowhere but towards the Ides of March!

Far more than likely, there’s tons of mutual race fixing going on, with the suspicion of GOPe acquiescence to the greatest political crime in American history being all about protecting an economic structure of graft from which they also benefit. As Sundance is wont to say: “Trillions are at stake” and Donald John Trump threatens that.

One-man gatecrasher from Hades. Or is that four of them? Xi Jinping and menagerie!

The feckless demoMarxocrats and their “voters” must be made to feel the full weight of their cheating and willful blindness, together with their pals the progressive RINOs, the suspicion of which, of course, that the RINOs and demoMarxocrats collude together, both to fraudulently cheat in selected elections while collectively passing along the envelopes stuffed with $100-dollar bills and more! George W. Bush and others – that bunch!.

The Tea Party threatened it years ago and found itself wiped out. Yours truly included. These days, limited, constitutional government threatens that. America first threatens that. And never forget that these days, most republicans are just neo-cons, ergo war-mongering, corporatist, tax-cutting liberals.

Flip the board over and on back it shows how far ahead DemoMarxocrats are in the real voter fraud poles. Remember, Biden was bragging about the fraud, it means more than you think. It means “we will jam through every Obama policy regardless of the people.” So, how you gonna feel when this one-man gatecrasher fraud hits like a title wave?

When blatantly they steal seats. They jabbed us, they jab our kids, they’re preparing to starve people, they infected and killed thousands maybe millions with the virus. Still waiting on that tally. It’s a war!

One-man gatecrasher from Hades. On to Eric Lendrum, American Greatness: ‘Biden Declares ‘MAGA Crowd’ as ‘Most Extreme Political Group in US History’ …

On Wednesday, Joe Biden labeled the entirety of his political opposition as “the most extreme political organization” in the history of the United States.

Axios reports that Biden made the remarks from the White House while he was taking questions about the recent leak of a draft of the Supreme Court’s apparent decision to overturn the pro-abortion ruling of Roe v. Wade. Speaking about the broader implications of the court throwing out legalized abortion nationwide and returning that decision to the states, Biden soon descended into hypothetical extremes.

“This is about a lot more than abortion,” Biden said, asking what “the next things that are going to be attacked” might be as a result of the court’s decision in the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“What happens if you have states change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children?” Biden asked. “Is that legit under the way the decision is written?”

Biden then blamed the upcoming decision on supporters of President Donald Trump, declaring that the “MAGA [Make America Great Again] crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”


CNN conducted another poll to evaluate voter trends [pdf data here].  The results show a significant drop in American opinion of the economy with 77% rating the current status as “poor,” and 23% saying it’s “good.”  Additionally, 66% of people polled disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy.

As CNN painfully noted: “Even within the Democratic Party, just 7 in 10 approve of Biden on the economy (71%) and helping the middle class (71%), considerably lower than the 86% of Democrats who approve of his performance overall. Fewer than half of Democrats say Biden has improved the nation’s economic standing (45%), down from 58% in December.” (article link)

In the video discussion, CNN Political Director David Chalian is just gobsmacked, stunned and amazed that 63% of these people are saying they are buying fewer groceries because stuff is just too expensive.

Whenever voters put democrats in charge of the economy, it just sucks. If we do not correct the 2020 election fraud, democrats will be forever in charge.

Their reign has already started. There is no corrective action for countering lawless people. Please no bravado from people that can’t even mount a good “sticker” campaign. [-]

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One-man gatecrasher from Hades. Maricopa County audit for the ages…

So what are the odds that there’ll be a mass casualty event at a Trump rally this coming summer, undertaken by far left activists?  And the media will say something along the lines of “they kinda deserved it for being white supremacists”. The irresponsibility of the left has almost passed beyond comprehension, having become almost ready to proceed with jailing and killing their political enemies.

On the other hand we could prove Biden right with an extreme America First red wave that annihilates Rinos and Dems, drains the swamp and returns to constitutional government. Rather we quickly better do it because these leftists have extreme plans for us and only a chump thinks our current GOP is up to the task. Freely exercising your God-given Constitutional rights shouldn’t be so dangerous.

My best advice is not to go to a Congressional baseball game, where whacked-out Bernie supporters are actively involved in shooting Conservatives. Not to forget the #TDS disease running rampant throughout the deranged donkeys. It’s a panDEMic alright – DEM surrounded by panic – caused by Trump. Lefties and their willing accomplices and co-conspirators in the hive-minded #FakeNews, #GetTrump media have been sniping at Conservatives since the beginning of the Tea Party. Time to pay them one last visit, wouldn’t you say?

One-man gatecrasher from Hades. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump still doing his darnedest to MAGA! KAG!