Disgrace the Nation full bore ahead

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“The criminal attempts of private individuals to decide for their country the question of peace or war, by commencing active and unauthorized hostilities, should be promptly and efficaciously suppressed.” ~ Thomas Jefferson: 6th Annual Message, 1806

Some guy with twinkles in his eyes showed up on Disgrace the Nation over the weekend and apparently went wild on wild for more murder and destruction, thereby making the Masters of War ever more filthy stinking rich than they already are.

Which makes one wonder – ie yours truly – with all of the conflicts the CIA/State Dept has fostered over the years, how many millions of deaths have been caused by the weapon developers. Not for a “good cause” but so they can install puppet governments, send aid, and get their kickbacks through their family on the boards of corrupt foreign companies.

Disgrace the Nation full bore ahead.

Not to mention the kickbacks from the Military Industrial Complex through the same scheme. They’re apparently so corrupt, they’ll spend $100 of OUR tax money and cause needless death, just to get $1 in kickbacks; sobering indeed.

Fact of the matter is that manufacturers of whatever is deemed necessary for consumption in a civilized society shouldn’t be allowed to profit by war. Government operatives the likes of James Taiclet and his ilk should require that any contract written for munitions and war consumables be restricted to 0% profit (vs. typical 8% or more). Maybe that would at least dampen the glee expressed by companies like Lockheed.

Fast-forward to today and the demoMarxocrat Leftists are very confused – they love big government but hate the military. How to find an unholy compromise? How about buying the weapons then giving them away to other countries? Bingo!

Christopher Roach, American Greatness: ‘Forever War Revisited’ …

American support for Ukraine is chasing an elusive, vaguely defined victory similar to the fruitless 20-year American commitment in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was rightly called a forever war. At nearly 20 years, it more than doubled the time of America’s combat action in Vietnam and was five times longer than American fighting during World War II.

At least part of the problem in Afghanistan arose from the vague definition of victory. Dealing with insurgents and global terrorists rather than nation-states, it was unlikely that representatives of al-Qaeda and the Taliban would someday surrender on the deck of a battleship.

But even under those constraints, the terms of victory were unclear, with many ancillary political goals like promoting democracy and women’s rights distracting our focus from the more achievable goal of internal peace. Even though the initial intervention in 2001 was fully justified after the September 11 attacks, Afghanistan had many of the same dynamics as Iraq once the conflict became a simmering insurgency unifying various factions against America’s presence.

Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign argued that Iraq was a distraction from the “good war” in Afghanistan. When Obama announced a temporary surge in 2009, the goals were amorphous and relied upon metrics of success to be determined (and potentially mismeasured) by insiders. [-]


In this interview former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a man of highly corrupt character, is asked about current Attorney General Merrick Garland and the January 6, 2021, DC insurrection witch trials.

Holder gives the game away behind the J6 effort, a collaboration between a corrupt congress and a corrupt justice dept, when he states that Donald Trump should be indicted by Merrick Garland later this summer. “Given what we have learned, I think he has to be held accountable.”

The intention of the J6 committee is to create a legal path to interfere in the 2022 mid-term election and simultaneously target Donald Trump (and others) for prosecution, in order to keep him/them out of office. The J6 effort is lawfare in its purest form.

When they see 10,000+ people show up to every single MAGA rally and event, the political operatives in both wings of the UniParty in DC know they must take action. The system rulers are attempting to protect themselves from the people they claim to rule. [-]


Also from Sundance “Disgrace the Nation full bore ahead” with James Taiclet & Co…

This is one of those interviews that will likely not gain much attention; however, if you listen carefully to how Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet describes the need for expanded operations throughout their facilities you get a good perspective on the scale of anticipated foreign intervention by the crew behind Joe Biden.

Joe Biden recently traveled to Alabama to thank Taiclet and his company for increasing production of Javelin missiles.  In this interview the weapons manufacturing CEO states the timeline to increase production is a few years and he anticipates the Ukraine conflict will be ongoing throughout.

Additionally, due to the Biden foreign policy James Taiclet happily anticipates conflicts beyond Ukraine, in Tiawan, Iran and North Korea.  The CBS stenographer Margaret Brennan doesn’t even pause as she asks questions about how fast more of these wonderful bombs and missiles can be made available. Not a moment of reflection amid the gleeful war drums. Quite remarkable. [end]


All three available in full below…

Disgrace the Nation full bore ahead. When tyrants align to rule the roost…

As Bob Dole always opined (with reference to the James Taiclet response) the demoMarxocrats start and thrive on war. This soulless being Taiclet would once have been dubbed a “merchant of death”, albeit that these days the Leftists have transformed him into a secular saint.

The accusation that America has been traditionally militarist is leftist slander. History however, provides truth that colonists hated having to billet British troops in their homes – it was a huge driving force behind the Revolution. The Founding Fathers after all, envisioned a country with little or no standing army, defended instead by a militia. Hence, the Second Amendment.

Consider also that America had its traditional small and under-equipped standing army during the 1930s. Fortunately, Hitler moved slowly to enact his evil intentions, to which Eisenhower, who grew up in the old pacific America, warned about the emerging military/industrial complex.

Unfortunately for the Taiclets of the world, while they fight or launder the weapons in this “war”, they’re losing the economic war that is really being waged. The FJB mob after all are criminals feeding criminals within which the Ukraine black market is selling these weapons to anyone who pays, while the Russians are destroying most of the weapons, and who knows how to maintain them when they break, becoming woebegone throwaways.

How much does a gallon of gas cost in Russia? The information war will fail big time and bring down the MSM. About time too, since they’ve been leveraging the country’s future for their own gains. Not very productive. Not at all.

Disgrace the nation full bore ahead. Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!