The updated Manchurian candidate

As on the tragic morning of 9/11/2001, America on the morning of 6/14/2017 found itself once again the victim of a mindless, demonic, and serial attack not just on its over-arching freedom-loving lifestyle values, but upon the very core of its political and ideological foundation. To be attacked by a hated enemy is one thing, but to wake up to brother-on-brother hatred is quite something else.

The American left isn’t like leftist psychopaths like Che Guevara who were drenched in the blood of innocent people they hated for political reasons. They incite violence but don’t do any of the dirty work. They are cowards who pretend to have moral principles. Instead of facing consequences for leading a revolution, they are trying to job the violence out to the mentally unstable, blacks, or Muslims. Their problem is that eventually one of those people is going to rise to a level where he will recognize that his ruthlessness will be what determines who ends up with the power. Then the war will begin…but not until a few leftist eggs are broken in order to whip up that utopian omelette. Bernie, Warren, and their ilk won’t be the charismatic psychopath. They are just clownish poseurs.

The left is now in the untenable position of advocating violence but condemning guns. A real conundrum when they desperately want their leftist assassins to be successful. How can they be without guns? And, Hodgkinson wasn’t very effective even with a rifle, which suggests that the left may have overestimated its corps of willing idiots. Perhaps now they will finally understand that guns don’t aim and shoot by themselves.

Looking at pictures of the shooter, that’s quite the rum nose he was sporting. Apparently he had a history of drinking and battery. He punched a woman and hit her husband with a shotgun, among other incidents. He was clearly a stupid man, so between the thuggishness and stupidity, made a perfect drone for the Left.

More demonically-evil, no less.


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