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In preparation for his Congressional hearing, Robert Mueller is currently packing his staff with Hillary donors and lawyers, reason enough for him to be removed as Special Counsel as he cannot do an honest job.

Additionally, according to Breitbart, “A more controversial pick of Mueller’s was former prosecutor and WilmerHale partner Jeannie Rhee. In 2015, according to Politico, she performed work for the Clinton Foundation, defending it from FOIA requests related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server.”

Hardly anyone in the country except for FrontPageMagazine readers know about the purging of FBI counterterrorism manuals that was demanded by Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. Guess who was head of the FBI at the time? (Hint, his initials are RM).

Right now it’s all about the “Get Trump Kabuki Theater” dog and pony show, of which the deep state should be ashamed. On the positive side it only brings on more and more admiration for Trump, with his fending off one attack after another. When has a President in recent memory (or still further back) been subjected to such ludicrousness? Yet Trump stands tall and proud and keeps to the congressional business at hand. Resilient doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Cut to the chase and edge right into Bruce Thornton and his piece in FrontPageMagazine:

America’s longest running soap opera is not General Hospital. It’s the Congressional Hearing, usually a venue for pontificating, show-boating, histrionics, preening for the cameras, insulting political enemies, and accomplishing little of value. Meanwhile the real work of the Republic either gets neglected or proceeds in silence at a glacial pace.

James Comey was the star of last week’s latest episode of the eternal DC soap. The one-time FBI director stayed true to his character, preening morally, striking Boy Scout poses, indulging faux-folksy interjections like “Lordy,” pretending to be sober and judicious, but all the while revealing the instincts of a bureaucratic cartel sicaria. He was obviously thirsting for revenge against the hated DC outsider and “liar” who unceremoniously fired him, so much so that he admitted to cowardice on multiple occasions, from failing to immediately confront Trump over his supposed sinister “direction” (Comey’s translation of Trump’s “hope”) that Mike Flynn get let off the hook; to his groveling obedience to AG Loretta Lynch’s politicized, justice-obstructing order to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter.” He displayed a brazen arrogance in admitting to leaking a memo, written in his professional capacity, to the New York Times through a cut-out, perhaps one of numerous other leaks emanating from this self-proclaimed pillar of professional rectitude even before he was fired.

So we got a few more details about a man we already knew was a publicity hound and power-hungry operator. But that portrait was painted back in July of last year, when Comey publicly laid out the predicates for an indictment of Hillary Clinton, then usurped the authority of the AG to let Hillary (and Loretta “Tarmac” Lynch) off the hook based on a legally irrelevant consideration of “intent.” The only thing interesting last week was watching how far Comey would debase himself to square the many duplicitous circles he had spun over the last few years.

The ONLY congressional commodity that is lacking in this circus of circuses is the complete lack of interest in the role played by the Obama administration. FACT: 1) who was President when the Russian hacking began? .. 2) who was AG when the Russian hacking began? .. 3) who was the FBI Director when the Russian hacking began? .. The answer to each of these questions centers on the Obama administration. For the record, President Trump was NOT the President at the time.

Obama attempting to twist Putin’s arm was always a negative foregone conclusion… Now the truth is out.

If I’m not mistaken, the heads of the various congressional Intel agencies each stated that to their knowledge there was no “there there”. Democrats who have a bloodlust for the head of President Trump have stated there is no “there there”. Even members of the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin etal) have stated that there is no “there there”. The Democrats are on a congressional witch hunt. Since the results of November 8, 2016 gave the Presidency to Donald Trump, the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone ballistic.

The melodrama, outrage, hatred, and assorted dysfunctional backlash is convincing evidence that Trump has so thoroughly upset the political apple cart that Washington may never be the same again. It must be the DC establishment’s worst nightmare. No wonder they’ve gone over the edge. Will they manage to recover? Paging Dr. Phil…

More Bruce Thornton…

But the only rule-book that matters is the Constitution. And it says a president can fire any executive employee, including the head of the FBI, any way he wants and for any reason he sees fit. The FBI is a federal agency, not a separate arm of the government, answerable to the Chief Executive, who, unlike Comey or Lynch, is directly answerable to the sovereign people. If they’re unhappy with the president’s tweets or brashness or actions, they’ll let him and his party know at the ballot box.

And that’s what’s objectionable about these opera-buffa “hearings.” The media and politicians are obsessing over superficial issues of presidential style, progressive fake news, and he-said-he-said squabbles, while the real work that needs to get done is being neglected. And Obama left behind some huge messes that Trump promised to clean up. We don’t need “hearings” about Russian interference in the election.

That’s a dog-bites-man story. Just shoot the dog by increasing cyber-security, and stop talking about it. We don’t need hearings about alleged “Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign. Just shut up, investigate, and if necessary charge, prosecute, and convict the guilty. Ditto with the federal agencies leaking like a colander, the only substantive story in the Trump-and-Comey puppet show.

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