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As commentator ‘truebearing’ expressed it on one of the threads: The American Left isn’t like leftist psychopaths like Che Guevara who were drenched in the blood of innocent people they hated for political reasons. They incite violence but don’t do any of the dirty work. They are cowards who pretend to have moral principles.

Instead of facing consequences for leading a revolution, they are trying to job the violence out to the mentally unstable, blacks, or Muslims. Their problem is that eventually one of those people is going to rise to a level where he will recognize that his ruthlessness will be what determines who ends up with the power. Then the war will begin … but not until a few leftist eggs are broken in order to whip up that Utopian omelette.

Bernie, Warren, and their ilk won’t be the charismatic psychopath. They are just the clownish poseurs. As it turns out, James Hodgkinson became their first patsy.[end]

The Left is now in the untenable position of advocating violence but condemning guns. A real conundrum when they desperately want their leftist assassins to be successful. How can they be without guns? And, Hodgkinson wasn’t very effective even with a rifle, which suggests that the left may have overestimated its corps of willing idiots. Perhaps now they will finally understand that guns don’t aim and shoot by themselves.

As Daniel Greenfield expresses it in the body of his piece coming up: “The left has whipped up an angry mob and promised them that if they scream and shout enough, President Trump will be forced out of office. They manufactured a crisis and now it’s exploding on them. If they can’t deliver a coup, there will be more shootings like this one.”

The power hungry Democrat leaders are hoping for a coup, but will be happy to settle for a crippled Trump administration. But their insane cult followers seem to take it pretty seriously. The typical response to the assassination attempt by the trolls on conservative blogs is a variation of “you started it”. On the leftist blogs, the mood is celebratory.

Daniel Greenfield on his opener in FrontPageMagazine:

Daniel Greenfield…

The Democratic National Committee announced that Resistance Summer would begin in June. James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders volunteer, delivered by opening fire on Republicans playing baseball.

Hodgkinson had spent the weeks before the shooting staring at the site of his future attack and working on his laptop. What was he doing on his laptop? Ranting about Trump and Republicans.

The left-wing terrorist who opened fire on Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game, an event to which they had brought their children, didn’t come up with his own ideas. His Facebook pages were dumpsters rotting with reposted left-wing hate. There was Bill Moyers’ Resistance plan along with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow, Robert Reich and Noam Chomsky.

They helped shape Hodgkinson’s conviction that Republicans had to be destroyed. Or as the title of a Facebook group that he belonged to put it, “Terminate the Republican Party.”

James Hodgkinson did his best in a Virginia park. And he wasn’t a lone lunatic. Not by a long shot.

After the attack, the office of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) received an email reading “One down, 216 to go”. Congressman Tom Garrett (R-Va.) needed security after receiving threats reading, “This is how we’re going to kill your wife”. Other threats described graphic atrocities against his daughters and even his dog.

Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-AZ.) went to the FBI after phone messages warning, “Martha our sights are set on you, right between your **** eyes” and “Can’t wait to **** pull the trigger.”

And it didn’t stop at words.

David Kustoff (R-Tenn.) had his car nearly run off the road and was then threatened. Indivisible Team protests at Dana Rohrabacher’s office (R-CA.) ended with a 71-year-old female staffer being injured by the actions of the leftist protesters.

This campaign of harassment was eventually bound to escalate to assassination. James Hodgkinson just happened to be the first to pull the trigger. But it could have been any of a growing number of leftist activists who had become convinced that Trump was a fascist dictator and that violence was the answer.

The “Resistance” began by invoking an unprecedented crisis that required setting aside democracy and the niceties of political discourse. It escalated quickly to street violence and then to murder.

The Left has used the media to corrupt elections, only to lose a “sure thing”, and they have sown lies 24/7 about a fake conspiracy between Trump and Russia, only to be utterly defeated by Comey’s testimony. Their media lying machine is losing what little credibility it had, but now it has taken up inciting violence against political opponents. This smacks of desperation. Their tactics have backfired spectacularly before, and could again, only this time the Left will have the stain of blood on its hands.

James Hodgkinson, Virginia shooter…

If America finally wakes up, the Left will be in trouble. If the nation remains indifferent to leftist evil, the nation will be in trouble and civil war will be the result. The outcome of that war, however, is not necessarily going to be in the left’s favor, and many of them will die, whether they cower under their beds or fight. We will remember who incited the war forever.

As for what incited James Hodgkinson, go figure. As truebearing described him: “He was clearly a stupid man” – likely indeed he was, maybe even mentally ill. Personally I can’t understand how a 66-year old man can’t think for himself, and could be so easily misled by bogus political narratives to murderous violence.

But then Bernie Sanders is 75 years old. He’s never grown up either. Never having abandoned the juvenile bleary-eyed socialist talking points of politically-naive college students. Even with the collapse of the USSR where he honeymooned, the economic basket case that is Castro’s Cuba, and the current despoliation of oil-rich Venezuela. I guess the old adage of “Once a Commie, always a Commie” still holds true.

Not that it did James Hodgkinson any good.

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