Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away

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Seemingly, elections have now become the spoils of demoMarxocrats, having slid quietly into year 13 of OBO#44’s fake Fundamental Transformation as they deftly steal elections with ballot harvesting, going so far as to print replacement ballots in their election chicanery. The 2018, 2020 and now 2022 elections all were anomalous, in that none of them comported with polling expectations and record turnout in all three. These are the “Tells” for massive DNC voter and election fraud, to the end that in 2022 the GOP had 6,000,000 more votes cast without gaining one seat. Not ONE!

Yet, as the demoMarxocrats take retribution against us for their own madness of hatred personified, and the Nazis reborn, as they create their fascist Empire of sand and clay, they noticeably build nothing but anger and hate, as they attempt to reduce us to amoral citizens that dare to vote and act in accordance with our conscience. As their vanguard of 87,000 new, Statsi-agents spread their poison across the land and begin their Final Solution, we will no doubt, follow it all with the required “shock and awe” !.

Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away

Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away

The question arises of course, as to what a nation is expected to do when some 70 million+ people who are armed to the teeth realize their franchise is kaput, who are now nothing more than serfs to be herded, and dictated-to by legislation making us subject to cruelty and derision of the most childish DNC form, demoMarxocrats having so poisoned the well we can’t even get a Speaker elected, thereby presuming that civil disobedience and belligerence be not far behind. Mmmm?

Daily derision of Trump after all these years is simply tiring and reminds us of whom these people think they are to dictate to us whom we may CHOOSE to lead us – which is tyranny of the most rank form. America First must take a firm stand since McCarthy’s Ukraine flag pin after all says it all – business as usual. Yes, everyone is saying we will lose the speaker-ship blah, blah – So what if we do? MAGA is the future of the party and yes there’s a chance we’ll suffer losses in the short term but we needn’t cave to the establishment anymore.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose, having already lost election integrity, but we really, really need to select a Speaker that will fight to get it back – and it definitely isn’t McCarthy. I’d be shamed if it is ! Sorry ! Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away.

Olivia Murray, American Thinker: ‘Kevin McCarthy becomes a squatter and whines ‘I earned this’ …

You know what’s noticeably absent from this image of an American congressman at work in the American capitol? The American flag. But that’s Kevin McCarthy for ya.

Call me old fashioned, but anyone acting as a representative for the American people who dons a Ukrainian flag pin and pocket square, while forgoing any display of Americanism, is a traitor. But not only that — McCarthy was a “lucky” recipient of FTX funds. You might recall when McCarthy announced there would be no “blank check” for Ukraine… but there would be a check. Well, now we know why….

By now we’ve all heard the news that McCarthy has so far suffered a humiliating defeat as House members failed to elect a Speaker. Funny though, that hasn’t stopped McCarthy from setting up shop in the Speaker’s office. McCarthy is officially a squatter, and that says everything about who he is as a man: entitled, self-serving, and completely lacking in integrity.

Matt Gaetz even wrote a scathing letter to the office of the Architect of the Capitol…

But not only that, because McCarthy has also been whining about how he “earned this.” According to Teri Christoph at RedState, McCarthy delivered a “fiery” speech, where he declared, “I earned this job.” News flash: civil service is not about you, it’s supposed to be a role of self-sacrifice. But McCarthy wouldn’t know that now would he?

Christoph noted that “this likely did not go over well” as Rep. Scott Perry responded to McCarthy with this:

We demanded that he cease his efforts to defeat competitive conservative candidates in open Republican primaries. He denied it. Kevin McCarthy had an opportunity to be Speaker of the House. He rejected it.

Republicans would have voted McCarthy in, if he had simply promised to stop sabotaging America first conservatives — but apparently he couldn’t even do that.

So here is my appeal to those making their stand against the Swamp: cut off the head of the snake. Do whatever you have to do to prevent McCarthy or Hakeem Jeffries (the Democrat choice) from taking office as the Speaker. Remember what our Founders pledged? Their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. We hired you to serve our interests, not yours. [end]

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Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

McCarthy is way too SLICK, with no deep moral convictions whatsoever, basically the last of the “Young Guns.” The other two having been voted out a long time ago (Cantor and Ryan). McCarthy therefore, being he’s a poser, conniver and a get-alonger needs to step aside.

Then of course, we have Stacey Abrams, part of a bunch of dreadful people who proclaim “abort a child to kill inflation“, people who freely go forth and abuse one and all – killing citizens with depraved indifference, with their open borders, and wild, wild, west in their ghettos – time they be shown the door since they’ve given up their obligation to govern, choosing instead to sell it to NGO’s to do their dirty work with revolving campaign funds, while death by indifference continues unabated. Ukraine-McCarthy slip-sliding away.

Between the corruption, crime, and abject racism, demoMarxocrats have become killers with a smile, and truly belong in Hades;  the sooner they get there the better. This is war. Remember Afghanistan. Kari Lake. In Libertas

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!