Of mice and men & are they ready?

Go ahead, make my..

Generally speaking it’s a known fact that there are scores of political pundits who continue to pillory the Republican Party as patsy pachyderms paid to lose just as often as, say, the Washington Generals who make their living losing to the Harlem Globetrotters. And just who is the player/coach of that pathetic pack of perennial poltroons, the pickleball-playing picaroons of American politics paid to pack it in promptly by proxy?

You guessed it in one: Ditch-the-Mitch McConnell, lifelong loser from Louisville, soon to be eighty-one years-of-age, creature of the Swamp and way past his sell-by date. But boy can he still get “fooled” by the Meadowlark Lemons of American politics as they ignore the rules, put the ball under their jerseys, walk to the basket, and lay another winning shot off the glass and right through the hoop. Oh, if only!

Of mice and men & are they ready? Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

Enter the fray, one of the “Young Lions,” now not so young but one wise enough in the ways, means, and definitely disasters of Washington, DC, and that would be one, Kevin McCarthy of California, perennially-paid to shout “We’re number two and we’re proud of what we do.”

Both McConnell and McCarthy have waxed fat serving as junior members of the forever-stuttering Uniparty, the group now managing the fundamental transformation of the country. It’s unthinkable that after the American people fired Nancy Pelosi we would end up with yet another perennial paid-loser in the job of Speaker of the House. Or not!

So back to that “hopeful no.” Even as yours truly is going about business as is and about getting ready to post up this content, it’s understandable there will be fireworks as a growing group of Patriots in the U.S. House is no longer satisfied playing patsy while watching the managed decline of America. It’s a hopeful sign to see the “mainstream media,” as always, carrying water for the demoMarxocrat Party while they gleefully describe the “chaos” among the Republicans.

We need chaos, after all. Breaking-up the patsy party is likely about to be a messy affair, but if the Republicans are not to go the way of the Whigs, it needs to be done. “Leaders” McCarthy and McConnell must be placed on the back bench, while Republicans must order new jerseys, ones without Generals on the front and “losers” on the back.

The question raised today after all by America’s finest journalist, Ms. Julie Kelly of American Greatness is: “Are They Ready?” The answer is a hopeful “No.” “For now, Republican voters are rightfully wary that a Republican-led Congress will fail to fulfill campaign pledges and refuse to go to the mattresses on issues that matter most. Let’s hope for a pleasant surprise in 2023.” That should work!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Are They Ready?’ …

At the moment, it remains unclear who will win the speakership of the House of Representatives. Outgoing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has battled a small but fierce group of intraparty dissidents opposed to his taking the speaker’s gavel this week. A polished salesman desperate to become speaker of the House, McCarthy recently held conference calls and private meetings to lobby for the 218 votes needed to vault him into that cherished position.

Regardless of the outcome, the fight was worth having.

Initial reaction to the results of the midterm elections faulted Donald Trump for the unrealized red wave, but congressional Republicans, including McCarthy, were the real culprits. Lackluster messaging coupled with equally lackluster energy failed to motivate the base where needed; half-hearted attempts to fight the Biden regime over the past two years—not to mention a long list of missed opportunities during the Trump Administration—finally caught up with party leaders. Unconvincing promises to “hold accountable” rogue federal agencies using their authority to punish Trump and his supporters fell on deaf ears this time around.

Turns out, writing strongly worded letters left unanswered without consequence isn’t a winning political strategy to appease Republican voters who “want blood.”

McCarthy, to be fair, isn’t solely to blame. Party leaders again learned the hard way that reckless absentee voting isn’t going away; grassroots concern about election fraud in 2020—the overwhelming majority of Republicans still believe Joe Biden did not legitimately win the White House—was ignored. Republican candidates in key races were massively outspent, prompting questions about fundraising and allocation of resources. And who knows what sort of closed-door chicanery between Silicon Valley and the government rigged the scales in favor of Democrats, similar to what happened in 2020.

But no GOP leader continues to do more to sabotage his own party than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), a wildly unpopular figure on both sides of the political aisle who nonetheless wields massive power in Washington and among the donor class. [-]

[+] … Of course, that won’t be a heavy lift for Brock or anyone else. The media already is trying to knock Republicans off their wobbly game by fixating on the largely fabricated background of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who will join many profligate résumé-enhancers in Washington.

House Republicans would do well to rebuff those distractions. Constantly chasing the latest scandal du jour manufactured by the media is the Achilles’ heel of the Republican Party. Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe, guys and gals.

They also need vocal backing from state Republican officeholders, especially popular figures such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and GOP attorneys general who can lend legal support. (The lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt—soon to take his oath of office as U.S. senator—and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is an example to follow.) Crises such as immigration, election fraud, and brazen violations of the Bill of Rights are under the purview of state authority; House Republicans cannot, and should not, act alone.

For now, Republican voters are rightfully wary that a Republican-led Congress will fail to fulfill campaign pledges and refuse to go to the mattresses on issues that matter most. Let’s hope for a pleasant surprise in 2023. [end]

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Of mice and men & are they ready? OBO#44 and FJB withholding in plain sight … they can run but they can’t hide…

On Wednesday (tomorrow) Mitch will host Biden in KY to celebrate their great economic plan. After they screw the American people a party is in order, of course. Mitch got $10.5B for KY from the spending spree, and no doubt there are ways to get a cut of the action.

The Senate “Republicans” on the other hand, will block anything the House tries to do. Most of them want McCarthy as the leader and will get it. We will “get it” too, along with a few amusing “investigations” that will lead to nothing. By mid-year the 2024 “election” circus begins, and we can all pretend that we’ll vote our way out of this Banana Republic. If votes really counted, every incumbent would be sent packing. Of mice and men & are they ready?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!