Tyre Nichols tragedy unwarranted

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Lydia, from the comments thread: If the five black officers on the Scorpion unit had yanked a white man out of his vehicle, the whole episode would never have been reported. The propaganda media reports only on black victims. And they do so because it is another opportunity to promote social unrest.

In addition, the black communities are full of activists who demand accountability. Outside of a few journalists, particularly Julie Kelly, we wouldn’t even be aware of the dead Jan 6 protesters. There have been no riots or demonstrations demanding justice for Ashli Babbitt, Roseanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Phillips.

If nothing else, every city and town in America now jumps into action to show evidence when a black person is killed by a cop, or suffer the violent consequences. In America today, apparently you only get justice when it is demanded. Otherwise, it is swept under the rug. [end]

Tyre Nichols tragedy unwarranted

In the case of Jan 6 on the other hand, one would echo an important point noted somewhat on the same connection below by commenter task – as in why were no bullhorns used by police to warn the crowd to disperse? There seems to have been plenty of bullhorns on hand like the one Ray Epps used. In fact the bullhorns used by the instigators looked like government issue since they were all the same. Whatever!

One other observation about the Nichols case. The reason given for the traffic stop was reckless driving. Yet the 5 Scorpion unit was created in response to the high murder rate, and were supposed to be targeting homicides, assaults, and major felonies. Now they were acting as traffic cops? Maybe they were just renegades, but maybe they had a reason. No one seems to be asking. Also, would Nichols still be alive if had he not resisted arrest? As always, the narrative overrides all the facts.

In America, justice appears to have been replaced by “social justice.” True Justice demands equal treatment under the rule of law, honest and speedy trials, and honest reporting. Social justice is a tool used by the powerful to promote agendas. Today our National Socialists are using social justice to whip-up racial hatred. Tomorrow social justice will be used for another purpose, perhaps to send us off to war against Oceania.

Bottom line, the DOJ and Mayor Bowser are not going to release police body cam footage unless they are forced to do so. Conservative folks apparently aren’t going to demand accountability. The House committee will be more concerned with Capitol security for their own safety rather than the deaths of expendable patriots.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Tyre Nichols Isn’t the Only Victim Entitled to the Truth’ …

Americans deserve to see all of the police body camera footage from January 6, not just cherry-picked excerpts confirming the government narrative.

Imagine if law enforcement officials in Washington, D.C., had acted as swiftly as police in Memphis in releasing body worn camera footage related to the use of lethal force

It took Memphis authorities less than a month to compile security and body camera recordings to show the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols, who died three days after five police officers attacked him on January 7 following a traffic stop for alleged reckless driving. Under pressure from family members and civil rights groups, the city of Memphis made public nearly an hour of footage aggregated from several angles to show what happened to Nichols.

“Throughout the struggle, Mr. Nichols appears to have been kicked violently at least twice in the face, beaten three times with a baton, sprayed in the face twice with a chemical and punched in the head six times,” according to a timeline produced by the New York Times.

In the span of a few weeks, not only did authorities release all relevant videos, the five officers were arrested, investigated by a grand jury, indicted on second degree murder charges, and fired by the Memphis Police Department.

Transparency and justice, to the extent it ever will ease his family’s grief, came quickly for Tyre Nichols.

That is not the situation for four Donald Trump supporters who died on January 6, either wholly or partially due to the actions of Capitol and D.C. Metropolitan police officers on duty that day. More than two years after the fact, body worn camera footage is only slowly being released at the criminal trials of January 6 defendants. (Only D.C. Metro police are required to wear body cameras.) [-]

[+] … But where is Morris’ body cam video or that of other officers near her on January 6? Surely Rosanne Boyland is entitled to the same level of transparency and accountability as Tyre Nichols, since she too was pepper sprayed and beaten—where is #JusticeforRosanne hashtag?

According to testimony by Robert Contee, then-acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, more than 1,000 of his officers were at the Capitol on January 6. Quick clips of a handful of officers, including Daniel Hodges, who repeatedly referred to Trump supporters as “terrorists” during his public testimony to the January 6 select committee in 2021, have been used to garner sympathy and stoke outrage.

If it’s acceptable to make public small segments of body camera footage from selected officers, then the Department of Justice and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser should order the release of all footage on an accessible platform for the American people to see for themselves.

After all, Tyre Nichols isn’t the only victim entitled to the truth. [end]

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Tyre Nichols tragedy unwarranted. Devine Nunes looking straight ahead with President Trump.

Unless we continue to keep paying attention, chaos will eventually result in total control of everyone through a federal police state. Consider they’re already systematically breaking down local police forces so they can be replaced with a “looser, loosely” American Stasi. Chaos after all, is their prime modus operandi and more the merrier for absolute D卐M☭CRAT intervention and control.

Just how long can it be before they learn that black lives don’t really matter and never have, but are the most dependable dupes for agitation and mayhem? Equal justice under the “law” is dead. There isn’t even “equitable” justice, being as it is, social or otherwise, is only for the “protected” groups, rendering those deemed “white extremists” totally defenseless.

It’s simply amazing how many white men in positions of power push Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) regimes without ever taking a principled step. Those officers in the Nichols incident were wearing body cameras and knew their actions were being recorded. The question is why they didn’t care about that fact, the more obvious conclusions being such that they believed the footage wouldn’t ever be released and/or that an investigation would vindicate their actions.

Tyre Nichols tragedy unwarranted. So much for truth and consequences!

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