Time shows Trump as mastermind

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Donald B. Welch, from comments thread: I have a neighbor who is an electrical engineer for a fortune 500 company. Needless to say he is a very bright fellow, doesn’t miss much and will share his wisdom if asked. He’s less than half my age but never disappoints. I listen because he is usually correct and yes, I chime in but I DO listen.

He’s of the opinion that if we don’t get a firm grip on stolen elections (quickly) America will be overrun by China and her cabal of lapdogs (his words not mine) and then it will be too late to save the union, never mind to include the eradication of our Constitution.

I sincerely hope he’s wrong but I fear he isn’t, since Biden’s puppeteers and their assorted cronies are setting us up and even if we don’t see a nuclear exchange America will be quickly shoveled into the dustbin of history. It may well be too late already with GULP(!) Harris coming totally undone which will even be worse. [end]

Time shows Trump as mastermind even to McCarthy…

Which all leads us back to stolen elections and why big-shot speaker McCarthy still apparently, doesn’t have the jurisdiction over the Jan-6th committee to shut them down and get back to We the (90-million+) Peoples’ business of saving our nation from evildoers? Perhaps yours truly has wrongfully presumed they disbanded while nobody was paying attention. Wouldn’t at all be surprising at the very best of it. Carry on.

Not that yours truly ever gets overly-concerned about happenings of ill-gotten gain, but the first enlightenment of TDS eliminating some 2/3rds of a severe irrational opposition, morphs somewhat gently into the other 1/3 of rational players left who fear Trump because they can’t control him. Even presuming that other “leaders” have no doubt committed some real crime at some time, perhaps even accidentally in this world of red tape. Then there are the Epstein islanders, of whom the deep state controls the list thereof, together with evidence, many islanders of whom were likely not even guilty but tricked into going to the island for a vacation with many photo opps. Mmmmm.

The island could have been a blackmail trap organized by the deep state, most of which would be the perfect way to control powerful men. After witnessing the Twitter and Facebook files this seems highly likely and credible.

Dex Bahr, American Thinker: ‘If Trump is such a terrible candidate, why does everyone fear him?’ ….

For someone whom the establishment says has no chance of winning the 2024 presidential campaign, there seems to be a lot of fear about President Donald Trump winning another term. One thing about Trump, he gets hate from both sides. And that’s why he’s the only choice to get this country going in the right direction again.

But, but, but Trump needs to renounce the vaccines. He keeps saying he’s saved over 100 million lives because of the vaccines, say his detractors. If you parse what Trump has said, he is not saying the vaccines saved all those lives, he has said it’s because of the vaccines that he is believed to have saved so many lives. Let me explain.

Remember the dark days of the COVID lockdowns? Remember how there was talk that it could be years before a vaccine was developed?  The experts were projecting not months but years’ worth of lockdowns with people getting a check from the government for subsistence.  Remember the suicide numbers during COVID?  Remember the looming destruction of the food supplies due to people not eating at restaurants? Remember the reporting of the uptick of domestic abuse?  Remember the learning disabilities and rampant depression suffered by children during the lockdowns? [-]

[+] … Then the mRNA vaccines were developed, and touted as a tool to begin the path back to freedom. No one knew much about them, and I am sure President Trump had to weigh much before approving their use. So, Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed to gin up production, an unprecedented government effort to restart the economy and restore some hope to the American people.

In case you forgot, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pretty much collaborated with Trump’s political enemies to delay approval of the vaccines until after the 2020 election, waiting until Biden was president-elect. [-]

[+] … I’m not going to get into the debate about Trump vs. Ron DeSantis because I believe the establishment wants to cause a divide in the party. Now is the time we unite behind the best candidate, and I don’t believe that is Gov. DeSantis right now. Perhaps he may be after Trump finishes his term. As I said earlier, I will continue my support for Trump because he scares all the right people.

The people who get their noses of joint because of Trump are not America-first individuals. These are the weasels, criminals, backstabbers and turncoats who care only for their own power and enrichment. I hope that when Trump when gets re-elected, he unleashes political hell against the enemies of the American people. It is my prayer that we will finally get the justice we have been demanding, and you know what? I think we will. [end]

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Time shows Trump as mastermind. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy … When in the course of Freedom!!

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when our fearless President Trump was touting hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic against COVID and how the drug was demonized by the media and by Dr. Anthony Fauci? The media at the time tried to gaslight Trump’s efforts to bring some hope to the people as gross incompetence.

Time has shown however, that HCQ does not cause heart injury. It is in fact the mRNA vaccines causing myocarditis, pericarditis and even death among some of those who take it. Trump was right even at the very beginning.

Additionally, people made the choice to take vaccines at the beginning of their own free will. Many people worked with colleagues who couldn’t wait to get the first shot. The mandates coupled with the threats of loss of livelihoods and possible vaccine passports began to cause people to question the vaccines and the draconian push. But again, Trump never called for any of this.

President Trump’s record speaks for itself: rampant prosperity, the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics in history, a proudly strong military, pro-life policies, and being the only president in recent history not to have a war on his watch. One doesn’t recall any Constitutional violations during the Trump administration such as censorship or infringements upon the Second Amendment, all done today with relish. Time shows Trump as mastermind.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!