Contentious outlook towards 2024

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It’s extremely interesting to yours truly that Jair Bolsanaro is applying for a 6-month tourist VISA and that he has spent his first days here with President Donald John Trump at Mar-a-Lago – no doubt all connected. Which truly confirms the fact that no-one can fully understand how Trump links strategies the way he does; yet they cannot figure out his next move, even though Karl Rove is forever on Fox News with his chalk-board predicting and explaining PDJT, thereby proving himself as nothing but a pure political BS-hack artist, chalkboard and chalk included. Wacko!

One thing I noticed this past Saturday when President Trump was introducing his campaign leadership committee members in South Carolina, he began with Gov McMasters and then introduced Sen. Graham, stating – and I’m paraphrasing – Lindsey Graham is a friend who I respect, we have our differences and definitely don’t agree on everything, but he is a very good politician.

Contentious outlook towards 2024. President Trump/Devin Nunes qualifiers on hand

Which abruptly sent a message that our fearless president had struck a deal with Lindsey, who in his speech, stated (and I paraphrase) – “to those who believe in Trump policies but not Donald Trump, well, here’s the message: You won’t get Trump policies WITHOUT Trump”.

There is indeed a very strong and rather remarkable bond between Gov McMasters and President Trump, so don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, that he’s not aware of “their intentions” and the game they are playing. Just keep remembering that “they” continue to underestimate our fearless president to the point where they will live to regret it.

Remember this: President Donald J. Trump was and is loved and respected by many, many world leaders and has a longstanding relationship and connections with those leaders still in power and those who are working behind the scenes.

Contrary to all the demoMarxocrat lefties fully working without anchors, President Trump’s support among his Canadian supporters for one has greatly strengthened over the years, since the more the other side (W.E.F. etc) do, the more determined the crowds get. Jordan Peterson for one has an interesting initiative going as a counter to globalists and is well worth the searching for. See The Epoch Times on line for his contributions if one is interested as it is definitely something for folks to look into. Don’t underestimate Donald J. Trump!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Roadmap Modified to Use Republican Governors Association 2024 GOPe’ ….

As I’m watching President Trump doing the familiar targeting of the GOPe roadmap, in this instance hitting the Club for Growth (CfG), my spidey senses are telling me their modified 2024 path will involve increased emphasis on the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

In the 2020 midterms, the RGA headed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was positioning: specifically positioning Ron DeSantis. If the modified establishment roadmap rolls out as it looks right now, I suspect the RGA will play a key role in it.

President Trump hit back against the always insufferable Club for Growth yesterday. The CfG together with the Business Roundtable and U.S.Chamber of Commerce are the political nexus for all things multinational, Wall Street and globalist. Republican candidates endorsed by either of these assembled corporate advocacy groups can always be counted on to sell-out the American worker. This is the insider club activity within the larger Republican network, all aligned with Mitch McConnell and the DeceptiCon crew.

Whenever you see President Trump hit the power dynamic, he generally hits the shadow network, the true motive for the attack, that align with it. In this case CfG has a long history of paid support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. [-]

[+] … President Trump is doing something familiar by hitting DeSantis as the Club for Growth becomes confrontational. It’s one of the key differences between President Trump as a politician and all others. Trump remains focused on the non-pretending true beneficiary of the overall roadmap. Trump did the same thing with Jeb! in 2016.

In addition to Tim Scott and Nikki Haley, it is likely we will see Mike Pompeo, Chris Sununu, Mike Pence and Larry Hogan enter the 2024 contest for the GOP nomination. However, each of them will simply be forming a common line of attack against Godzilla Trump, permitting Ron DeSantis extra time before he needs to stop pretending and actually announce his intent.

If the roadmap holds up, DeSantis will be the last one to enter.

This is where the RGA looks to have been recruited for a larger role in 2024 than was deployed in 2016. Keep an eye on Republican governors and how they position their advocacy and endorsements. [-]

[+] … President Trump is exceptional at using the literal truth as a weapon against all of the shadowy aligned elements. Fox News, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, CfG, the Murdoch clan, as well as the larger multinational billionaires and globalists are following a very transparent program, if you know what to look for.

Enhancing this strategy is where the RGA will come into play. All of them took a strategic loss when Harmeet Dhillon did not win the RNC chair position, which was particularly noteworthy due to the RdS endorsement. Once DeSantis enters the race it will be six or seven against one, with each of the individual partipants aligning to drop out in sequence and endorse the principal.

Keep watching… and keep all of the above in mind as you review this discussion about the GOPe dynamic. [end]

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Contentious outlook towards 2024. Identify the traitors and send them packing

The notion of globalism is more insidious than “America Last.” It is actually “Death to America.” The root parties pushing for this are not looking to expand the Democratic Republic constitutional model onto the rest of the world. On the contrary, they are pushing for an un-elected leadership upon the world. And in order to bring the territorial regions we know as the USA into this control structure, they have to dissolve the USA and its constitution in the process. The states of the union cannot become a member state of a global union without first dissolving the US union. And the US union cannot enroll itself into a global union as there is no such authority to do so.

No worries, our Great American President Donald J Trump has got this. His / our biggest challenge is the cheating? Hopefully he’s getting a better sense of who his enemies are, alluding as I do to some of his picks for his support staff when he was in the WH. Contentious outlook towards 2024. Hopefully, trustfully, he’s picked up a lot of insight since because of it. The geldings are already gathering for the slaughter!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!