Tucker with Pres Trump full video

MaineCoon summed it all up very well: As President Trump said, he’s never seen such great passion for our country and great anger at the same time. Everything he’s going through and the further events he will go through, makes him well aware that it will be among his greatest acts to save our country and why he’s so willing to subject himself to the events of the future.

History will record him as the key figure for the events that unfold. Rudy, Professor Eastman, and many others will assist but it is President Trump who will suffer on our behalf until the boiling point is reached. Everything will change. They will have no place to run and hide.

Consider for example, 157M views of the Tucker interview @ 7:00 pm and counting, the RINOs who have fought against our fearless president losing profusely and who will be defeated, ousted and tossed away when that time comes too.

They know it. We know it, and they’ll be kicked to the curb alongside the evil demoMarxocrats led by the Piglosi, Shumer, Zero—Biden regime. All of them will be defeated. May God help our nation and may each Christian turn to the Lord for our strength as we go through what we have to go through to defeat those godless, evil people. THAT!

Consider for instance – “If I were president, there would be no war in Ukraine.” – and then, summarizing at the end… Tucker tee’d off what is in most of our minds: Q: “Are we going towards a Civil War? A: There’s a lever of passion and a level of hatred I’ve never seen.”

Pretty much summarized the whole thing, huh? The Left and the Deep State have made this personal now. They no longer allow to disagree, they demonize us for disagreeing with them. Brown shirts. A dangerous moment really. Everything else. perfect. Trump cutting to the chase.

Oh… Tucker doing very, VERY good. Two awesome “interviews” this week. Long form. Colonel MacGregor and now Trump. Doing the kind of work that he could never do under Fox. Tucker with Pres Trump full video. THAT!

One must appreciate that Tucker is “apparently” turning over a new leaf from his previous bashing of President Trump however, do not ever forget that while President Trump is doing everything because of his love for his country tucker is only a media personality who is in it for the aggrandizement and monies

While President Trump has been steady in his opinions most of his life, tucker has not. View him with a grain of salt and cease idolizing a media personality. We don’t need a media god.

All that said, we can be grateful that he is stepping up to the plate at this time in our history because we desperately need it. And more so, for those on the fence and are confused as to whether to vote for Vivek, Christie, Pence, Haley, etc. – all candidates I personally despise. There are so many even on our side who are so uninformed.

On the other hand of course, one could think Tucker is concerned at what kind of country will be there for his children to inherit, having decided perhaps, to act accordingly, things really seeming to change when activists showed up at his DC home that one time threatening them and he wasn’t able to be there. Scary moment for a Father.

One knows about Vivek’s issues for instance, but there are those who liked him taking out the New Jersey Human Sewage Plant nevertheless. I mean, shoving his own bs back down his throat was gold. That said, yeah, VR’s got way too many sketchy connections to be considered anything but an entertainer for me. People need to wake up and know Vivek is a R-ino with ties to Soros. I’m sure Sundance will dig further into this in due course.

In summary, Vivek is perfect for ousting the frauds, as he did with Christie. Vivek is perfect for that because he’s not an “insider” insider so he can capitalize on the faux MAGA while still being available for those who buy politicians. As long as we know this….Vivek is only a gnat. Tucker with Pres Trump full video. THAT!

This was very smooth and non-confrontational. A conversation with the world’s best President ever, who is a master of many things with his wit and wisdom at 200% there and evident. I wouldn’t say it’s President Trump’s best, because I don’t think Tucker was the best interviewer here, but it was VERY GOOD, even OUTSTANDING – both doing quite well. One could do worse, by the way, to see the last half of last night again, and watch it in full this AM, simply to catch any of the nuances one might have missed.

Instructions were given to someone on how to get to Tucker’s Rumble page to watch this video at the time it was Tucker on Twitter. By the end of the day it was renamed Tucker on X. President Trump’s interview there had some 22.4k viewers, all in all not a bad situation. Tucker with Pres Trump full video. THAT!