Pres Trump ‘Tiananmen tankman’

Streaming future-forward anyone?

Funny how the generation that opposed and ultimately cost us victory in Vietnam are now warmongering tyrants. They are exactly what they said they opposed. The Hippies long, long, ago went “gone Hitler” and if you see one today, put on a suit and run!

“…a wicked and unjust government…” ‘Wicked’ and ‘unjust’ source their meaning only from the the Word of God. So how did American government become wicked and unjust? How does any government become wicked and unjust when the Bible tells us that every government is established by God? Answer: By allowing godless men to define what is “wicked”and “unjust”.

“He that justifies the wicked and he that condemns the just, even they are both an abomination to the Lord.” ~ Proverbs 17:11

Chuck Lowe, American Thinker: President Trump is the new Tiananmen ‘Tank Man’…

Pres Trump ‘Tiananmen tankman’

On June 5th, 1989 an iconic photo was taken by CNN in Tiananmen Square of “Tank Man,” a singular Chinese citizen, facing down the Chinese Communist Party’s ruthless imperium.

Prior, Tiananmen Square had become an impromptu abattoir, a site where pro-democracy sympathizers had been slaughtered by the thousands. It was the embodiment of Mao Zedong’s famous quip, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

What the Chinese regime didn’t know though, was that the image of “Tank Man” would be captured by a tired photographer from a hotel balcony, and become one of the most recognized symbols of brave defiance to tyranny in the history of the 20th century. The refusal of one man to bow before a despotic regime poured steel down the spines of freedom-lovers — and Trump’s mugshot is the new Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” photograph.

Populism is anathema to fascism, and the last time we had a populist president, the government killed him—November 22nd, 1963. The modern era makes for precarious situation for the malevolent, dirigiste DNC, “One Ring To Rule Them All” Deep State party, and forces them to initiate a slow-motion assassination of President Trump by way of the monomaniacal pursuit of a farcical, ironic prosecution of his thought crimes in local star chamber show trials which would border on Monty Python sketches if people were not actually being jailed.

We live in a post-constitutional nation ruled over by the DNC and their Wall Street allies, down through the Acela Corridor into the radix malorum of D.C. where, renegade DOJ/FBI criminals have Mao’s guns in their hands, and are more than willing to mow down those who don’t acquiesce in front of the deep state tank.

America used to single out and prosecute corrupt law enforcement officials on a public stage to insure that Americans knew the justice system was objective. Now, the DOJ/FBI mafia, suborns witnesses, withholds Brady material, lies under oath to Congress, lies under oath to the courts, alters official documents, hides criminal behavior, releases thousands of classified documents to the progressive press pack dogs for distribution in order to affect elections and every day, makes a mockery of our so called “justice” system.

The D.C. establishment is a warmongering machine, and the president of peace is an enemy; manufactured foreign wars must continue to provide Croesus-like riches to the Rich Men North of Richmond.

Like the Tiananmen Tank Man, President Trump’s mugshot captured his steadfast defiance in the face of a wicked and unjust government, and like Tank Man, the image will go down in history as an iconic symbol of what it means to never surrender. [end]

Pres Trump ‘Tiananmen tankman’ in the form of Kevin McCarthy, mmmm….

I like how Mr. Lowe thinks. This article is yours truly’s “ponderable-of-the-day“. Now I REALLY like how you think. (Of course, if I had an editor, all caps for emphasis would be stricken) … THAT!

To reiterate, this is an excellent article from Mr Lowe, while knowing we’re in deep do-do and attempting to figure out what our next move is – perhaps purchasing basics like water filtration, non-perishable food, meds and medical supplies, blankets, rope, generators, clothing, shoes, motorcycles …. you get the idea, plus 2A hardware, enough at least for 20 souls for three years. Mmmm…

Also beg, borrow or purchase a semi-rural cabin, home or retreat at least 200 miles from any large urban metro area. When water, food, energy and hospital beds become scarce, the urban metro areas are gonna get really ugly really fast and this wonderland of choices will not continue indefinitely. Our Marxist-Leninist lizard overlords have other plans for you, your family and for 200 million other Americans, that don’t quite require your continued existence. Pres Trump ‘Tiananmen tankman’. More mmmm…

Start preparing today, tomorrow will likely become a mite too late. THAT!