MacCallum riling Koch brothers

It would appear that the Koch Brothers thought they had put their guy “in the right place at the right time” to do their bidding. “The Murderock Cabal” is to media what Bud Light is to beer. These people just won’t learn that deception, treachery and evil are not what the American people want in government. We, the (90 million+) People have had enough of that for the past 35 years and we think it is time for a change, which began with that change 7 years ago and the Swamp Creatures did everything possible to stop OUR PRESIDENT up to and including bogus impeachments and indictments.

They think ALL AMERICANS are stupid, yet true Conservatives are definitely not. Sure there are “sheeple” who will follow anything the DemoMarxocratNazis attempt to pull, which, incidentally is why the DemoNazis love these sheeple. They’re easily manipulated, easily bought off and easily deceived/indoctrinated. MacCallum riling Koch brothers. THAT!

Media is dead as far as disseminating real news, being as it is, but one more example of what CNN, MSNBC and the 3 letter alphabet stations have done for the past years and years and years. Desperation caused them to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at President Trump, their problem being however, that they let OBO#44 and Clyburn slip Kameltoe into the VP slot creating one of the greater dilemmas of all time. Frying pan or fire.

An old man with dementia or an advanced middle aged woman who prostituted herself to get where she is. Neither can even read a prompter. Joe stumbles and bumbles while Kamala cackles more than the prize rooster at a county fair!! THAT!

By now we are all too familiar with the schemes and plots of the corporate media as they participate in the political illusion of choice game.  However, for Rupert Murdoch and Fox News debate moderator Martha MacCallum, this catch shreds the remaining little credibility they carried.

Fox News is hosting the GOP debate in Wisconsin.  During this build up segment, Martha MacCallum introduces the “random Republican voters” in Wisconsin who will watch the debate.  Except, well… there’s a little problem.  MacCallum introduces Chris Lawrence as a “Wisconsin GOP voter” who seemingly supports Ron DeSantis.  However, MacCallum fails to mention that Chris Lawrence actually works for the Koch Network, who have recently pledged to spend $70 million to defeat President Trump.

Not only has Chris Lawrence worked for the Koch Network for the past 9 years, he is also the Senior Field Director for the Koch group Americans for Prosperity.  In essence, Lawrence is a political operative planted in the group by Fox News to support Ron DeSantis and make it appear like he is an innocuous voter.  Fox News and Martha MacCallum should be embarrassed, but they won’t be.

Don’t forget, Ron DeSantis supporters Eric Erickson and Guy Benson sit on the Koch Network AfP Advisory Board (see here).

It’s all one big game of illusion, and Fox News is once again a big part of the Republican fraud.  Proving yet again, that everything in the Ron DeSantis orbit is astroturf, phony, manufactured and made up. THAT!

As “Trump Lady” puts it: What true conservative watches Fox anymore???? Fox has done this many times. As Vice Chair of our REC, I organized the “randoms” at one of Martha’s first ‘Townhalls’ a few years ago in Ponte Vedra Beach…supposed to be true Republican voters, which mine were. But at the last minute, they added two people, one of which was a journalist from Miami and the other a hardcore lib, we later found out. Martha called on these two rats most of the night who basically put down America.

And yes, may “RINOS” like Ron and Paul Ryan have taken over the RECs as well as Dems pretending to be conservatives. It’s unbelievable how quickly this spread across Florida. Now we are trying to take them back.

Just how on earth do these Fox News scam artists look themselves in the mirror each morning? I mean, to do dishonest things, you have to BE dishonest yourself. MacCallum riling Koch brothers.

One used to read Townhall, back when we still tried to believe in journalism. So lately, w’ve been reading them again, just for fun, and every single day is a new Ron DeSanctimonious pep rally. Just like Fox, they have NO shame. Or personal character. People of character don’t pretend to be objective, while really having a contrary agenda. They just don’t. Which is why one hates the left so much, existing as they do without a shred of personal or intellectual character, since EVERYTHING they say or do is a scam. Now of course, Fox News has joined the soulless fake media complex, and may they go down in glorious flames! Their failure is glorious retribution for their selling out their viewers so flagrantly. THAT!