Tucker has it nailed bigly yet again

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Like millions of others, yours truly always figured that intelligence officers and people from our security apparatus, would forever manage to secrete themselves into a lot of high profile organizations, to the extent that it doesn’t surprise that this is going on constantly. The fact that Twitter had, and has, access to people’s Direct Messages – mainly with people sharing private info and images while unencrypted – tells you all you need to know about internal shenanigans.

Without ascribing motives yet to Elon Musk until more evidence emerges, it’s pretty clear that any residual elements of the FBI, CIA and scads of other people left at Twitter headquarters have been working to fine-tune the material coming out of these files. Especially as regards the recently laid-off James(Jim) Baker. Whether there are still individuals stuck around keeping things from the sunlight now, is still up in the air, so on that score we’ll just have to wait and see. But still, it begs a question along the lines of “So why did they permit it to be sold?”

Tucker has it nailed bigly yet again.Tucker Carlson ever up for the truth…

Chances are that they tried to stop it but were caught off guard just like the time when Trump won. They thought they had it all in the bag, but they were wrong. The internal leftist control freaks were so confident in their perceived abilities they refused to accept any possible defeat, with the very same thing having happened with most of the actions against President Trump. They were, in fact, so certain their schemes would work, they could see no other outcomes. The underestimated Trump proved them all incompetently wrong.

So, we can all understand the propaganda aspect of pushing out approved narratives, but if they’re trying to gather intelligence, why would they be permanently banning some of the more aggressive and (well-followed) conservative tweeters? As an example, in banning Trump for instance they lost the interactions of potentially millions of people they would like to have kept tabs on. Did they have to ban him and others to keep up the facade and also maybe to meet the demands of their rather virulent base?

And now we have Elon Musk surrounding the leftists and picking them off one by one as he tightens the circle, giving just a little hope that America and its people will eventually overcome this current societal crisis of depravity, corruption and lawlessness.

Were one to be placing bets for instance, I’d be agreeing with Sundance that DHS is allowing some sunshine on Twitter’s past for a purpose. DHS wants the alternative platforms to fade away due to abandonment as everyone joyfully returns to the New Freedom Loving Twitter. Everyone back on one platform, controlled by DHS.Doubtfully-so however; quit dreaming!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Twitter is actually an intelligence gathering apparatus and propaganda tool’ …

Tucker Carlson hits the bullseye in a late show segment discussing the framework of the Twitter social media company. [somewhat]   Stunningly, Carlson is the first person to ask the question that we have outlined for years, it is the essence of how Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop evolved. {Direct Rumble Link}

“It’s all pretty weird. Could it be that while the rest of us imagined that Twitter was a social media site … could it be that Twitter was actually, maybe primarily, a propaganda tool and intelligence gathering apparatus for a variety of intel agencies?”  ~ Tucker Carlson

Yes. Exactly this. Yes.  It’s not that DHS had a factual portal into Twitter, now confirmed.  It’s the likelihood that DHS took over the operation of Twitter and controlled every element of it.  That would explain why profits and losses were never part of the viability equation.  DHS controlling background Twitter operations is the essential baseline for Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.   Well done Tucker Carlson. WATCH:

Once you change your reference point and review the Twitter File release from a different perspective, things make sense. DHS doesn’t operate on the backbone of Twitter, in this scenario Twitter is operating on the backbone of DHS. The information and content on Twitter exist, or not, by the permission and authority of the national security state, DHS.

Influencing public opinion take on the priority dimension. Created narratives, established by media partners, can be enhanced or throttled (think Russiagate). Public perceptions can be uplifted or deemphasized. Political candidates can be boosted or dismissed.

Control over the public conversation is not simply in the hands of the Twitter ‘safety council’ executives, the platform content is shaped by the guiding hand of the controlling interest – the government. Under this scenario the defining of disinformation, misinformation or malinformation by DHS/CISA takes on a new level of influence.

So why did they permit it to be sold? Again, control.

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Tucker has it nailed bigly yet again. Musk to the rescue for anything.

Musk has a better understanding of physics and engineering than Bill Gates. Gates bought other companies’ innovations. Steve Jobs was a creative master-minder. Musk wouldn’t last in his position were he just a pretend intellect. His engineers wouldn’t respect him, nor would he be able to manage them as effectively if he didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Engineering is always about trade-offs between money, time and effectiveness. He also has a better idea of what motivates engineers than most. His Asperger’s isn’t preventing him from communicating effectively with his staff, the government, the public or the media. First Class if you ask anyone!

Musk’s awareness of what he bought is legendary, since he has been privy to some of the highest government secrets in aerospace for well over a decade. One can be assured and fully expectant that he understands the thread he was chosen to weave between window dressing Twitter and letting the public see the puppet strings. In the humble opinion of yours truly (former engineer myself!) the whole darned thing was planned. While he may not have known the extent of cleanup needed on aisle Twitter, he has always known what role he is to play at Twitter. And in the world at large – truth be known! Tucker has it nailed bigly yet again.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!