Death of outrage lost in the wind

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Back in the balmy days when the mainstreams at least feigned objectivity and pounced on juicy scandals – regardless of which political party’s ox was to be gored – Americans felt confident that political misbehavior in our federal and state governments was being held in check by the Fourth Estate. The one thing Americans are confident of now is that the Fourth Estate as well as our political leaders cannot be trusted.

Questions the likes of “Where’s the outrage” are directed at the public, not the media. Three points: 1) Ninety-four percent of the public gets its news from mainstream media sources, so they aren’t hearing news that the lame-streams ignore or they’re hearing disinformation about it. 2) Even when the public hears about it, they’re too busy, too distracted, or simply don’t care, and 3) A large number of Americans are fine with the dismantling of conservative/Republican/Christian rights. Period!

Death of outrage lost in the wind. When vaccine is a killer, not a saver…

The mainstream / lame-stream media is part and parcel of the security state and mostly unwilling to expose the deep state collusion, while also being unable to do so. Sometimes a story gets published like the recent NBC article that stated the Kremlin gave the White House a choice between releasing Brittney Griner or Paul Whelan in return for Viktor Bout, a story quickly “corrected” to say the offer was for Griner or no one. Individual reporters within the media who sometimes do report the truth are generally censored too, the media being complicit but also controlled if they step out of line.

It has also been pointed out that the Twitter files being revealed have been covered to protect names of those within the intelligence agencies that were a driving force behind social media companies in terms of narrative, where Twitter and company were carefully and deliberately staffed with “Progressives” willing and eager to support security state goals, not the least of which was removing President Trump and silencing conservatives. So take care!

The link to the Conservative Treehouse expose’ is available down below.

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Where’s the Outrage?

Bob Dole ran a pretty poor campaign against Bill Clinton in 1996. It was no surprise, then, that he lost. But let history acknowledge the former U.S. senator from Kansas asked the very best question in the entire election cycle. “Where’s the outrage?” he thundered at a GOP event at the end of October 1996. Back then, the chief issue was the Clinton Administration’s use and abuse of 900 FBI files on their political opponents. Imagine! An American president using the FBI as his secret police! Have you ever heard of anything so outrageous? In America, amidst Our Democracy™?

Then as now, however, the answer to Dole’s question is simple: Nowhere. There was, there is, no outrage. Then, as now, there are little flutters of enthusiast unhappiness among the rest of the faithful who greet news of outrageous behavior with applause and expressions of solidarity. “You go, champ!” they seem to say, before relapsing into a blinking, weakly smiling repose. (This is the cue for people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to adjust their hairdos and stride boldly on stage.)

But the media writ large? Then, as now, it’s crickets as far as the eye can see. [-]

[+] … The biggest story of the day revolves around Elon Musk’s decision to open the window and reveal Twitter’s active role in stage managing the 2020 election on behalf of Joe Biden and very much to the detriment of Donald Trump. Over the past week, extensive Twitter threads posted by Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and others have revealed that the company was essentially part of a coordinated Democratic oppo-research and suppression operation and, moreover, one that was actively collaborating—or, to use the preferred term, “colluding”—with the FBI to destroy Donald Trump and assure Joe Biden’s election.

Bari Weiss’ thread goes into the gory details about how Twitter “shadow-banned,” i.e., suppressed the tweets of various people with whom they, or their masters in Washington, disagreed. Remember Jay Bhattacharya? He is one of the Stanford University dissidents from the official COVID narrative. He, along with John Ioannidis and Scott Atlas, was routinely suppressed on Twitter. As Weiss shows, by quoting company directives, “Twitter secretly placed him on a ‘Trends Blacklist,’ which prevented his tweets from trending.” [-]

[+] … I agree with David Limbaugh: “There needs to be a relentless attack from our side against the legacy media for their ongoing suppression of the truth, especially their refusal to cover these latest Twitter censorship revelations. They must never again be permitted to pretend to occupy the moral high ground.” I agree. But I fear that demand is going to go unheeded.

In any sane world, these revelations would have the public up in arms, literally. They would be marching against the media, the FBI, and the current administration. The anger would be acrid and ubiquitous.

That’s in any sane world. In our world, alas, you can hear the carpet being pulled back so that the whole dirty mess can be swept underneath it. Where’s the outrage? Nowhere to be found. [end]

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Death of outrage lost in the wind

It seems clear to yours truly that orders have gone out to not cover the Twitter story because they’re all guilty and complicit in manipulating the truth, withholding the truth, or outright telling lies, much of it seeded by an intelligence community working hand in glove with the Biden/OBO#44 regime. The wagons have been circled to protect themselves, while expecting the getaway driver to snitch on the bank robber is futile. United they stand, divided they fall, therefore we have to keep talking about it, especially to those who are simply unaware.

When society was locked down and the economy tanked, when millions of people were thrown out of work and small business made to go belly up, when people were threatened or arrested for leaving their homes, when kids were not allowed to go to school, and people were not allowed to visit their family members in the hospital or nursing homes – that was the warning sign. Like many, yours truly felt sure that there would be riots in the streets and that the American people would never take this more than 2 weeks.

Surprise. Many people around here, and over there, and every elsewhere, are still wearing masks, to this very day. Say what? Death of outrage lost in the wind.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!