Tucker Carlson ever up for the truth

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Going back 40 years or so ago (the heady days of President Ronald Wilson Reagan), “international companies” had already begun to spread their tentacles, to the point where it didn’t take long for them to discover that such entities quickly find ‘nationalism’ and ‘governments’ bothersome. The long-term trend would be for the companies to use their money and influence to buy politicians through “campaign donations” in order to maximize the companies’ profits and power for the long term.

National economies were already becoming irrelevant as the World Economy is what mattered most to those international companies. One sees clearly now that over these past 41 years the Globalists have been incredibly successful in their long-term goals through co-ordination among the “security agencies” and the Globalists – who of course, supply the technology and the money for these agencies.

Tucker Carlson ever up for the truth…

Enter the fray Chinese nationalism and aggression vs. Globalism, which quickly became part of the dynamic of History  – Chinese nationalism becoming something the Globalists began to tolerate in order to use the near-slave labor and the rare earths and other natural resources available there – not to mention the lack of environmental protection. BATS!

The problem emerged that when the actual owners of governments no longer have any nationalist incentive coming from their business models we end up with globalist governments. The Chicoms have proved the great truth of the old Soviet adage about what happens when bought governments don’t act to prevent it, ie: “A capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with.”

Except in this case, it’s: “A capitalist will finance your rope factory, let you steal the relevant IP without consequences, and then BUY the rope you hang him with all in the STUPID hope of accessing your potential 1.4 billion consumer market when, in fact, he will be replaced by native Chinese industry once they have learned all they need to know.” Get it?!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Tucker Carlson and Primary Threat to Nation includes Corrupt FBI’ …

Tucker Carlson did an extensive monologue and interview last night as a review of the January 6th DC protest while contrast against the likelihood of FBI organization and coordination. Many are calling this a brave outline because Carlson will likely face backlash for the overview. As CTH has noted often, the politicization of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is the biggest threat to our constitutional republic. In this segment Carlson arrives at the same conclusion.

Carlson used a Revolver article (SEE HERE) by Darren Beattie as the framework for the discussion. The additional examples Carlson uses are familiar to CTH readers as we have used them before to highlight how politically corrupt the FBI has become. For those who missed the segment it is in the first 15 minutes of the video below (likely will not last long).

Unfortunately, and completely understandably, due to the content being outlined both Carlson and Beattie need to couch their words carefully.  However, CTH does not.

Often when discussion of these types of issues takes place, so much time is exhausted presenting material in order to defend yourself from attacks by those who wish to block the discussion.  CTH has taken a position that our library of evidence is enough to stand alone, as a consequence we have long passed the point of needing to present endless examples to backstop the analysis.  Quite simply it makes the research articles repetitive and too lengthy.

Avoiding the pitfalls of exhaustive repetition for points that are, by now, brutally obvious; and considering the urgency in the matters being discussed, it’s worth just accepting a few baselines as we move forward.

Full and extensive link below, must read…

Tucker Carlson ever up for the truth just like his president…

1960 TV Entertainment put aside for a moment, millions of tuned-in Americans came to the supposition that the FBI was / is an OK organization, their screen-fix protecting that assumption for years. Likely because most of us were raised with that very same ‘nice-guy, good-guy, get-the-criminal-armed-and-locked’ FBI propaganda on TV and elsewhere. The fact that the liberal-Left was forever attacking the FBI made them seem even more conservative. But as shown by the last umpteen years, the FBI has exposed itself as definitely NOT a conservative organization anymore than James Comey is a ‘lifelong republican’.

It wouldn’t surprise any of us if OBO#44 and the Clinton’s etal made it the viewers’ mission to turn the FBI into a hard left organization, and that Bush (both of ’em) – as usual – didn’t care to do anything about it.

On a more broadly intuitive note, it isn’t a case of conservative vs left, it is the FBI and intelligence services being used as political tools by the deep state, which more than likely really ramped up as a counter to the aforementioned Ronald Reagan and his ending the Cold War and ultimately the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Germany.

G.H.W. Bush, Bill / Hill Clinton, G.W. Bush, OBO#44 and all the others, used them to further their agenda. We are witnesses to this in the open now because PDJT threatened their entire – not just homegrown – but full global system.

Which apparently is exactly where we are today!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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