Tucker Carlson hounded yet again

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Generally speaking on any given issue, 80%+ of any population can agree on 50 to 60% of “things”. Politicians, the Uniparty, Communists and others take a few issues and “divide” us into headings of racism, abortion, war (notice how they flipped sides under Trump), climate, etc., etc. They’re after us to attack each other on isolated sub-topics, according to the premise of a fractured population can forever stand together – where just as tellingly a fractured party can’t stand together.

Look up Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary in any of his interviews and you’ll find knowledge abundantly and very interesting. He stated he wasn’t interested in investing in Tesla, but his son did an internship there and told him: “dad, they’re not a car company, but a data company”. That changed his view on how to evaluate them, realizing the value the data they can gather on their customers can be to future growth and product development. Simple!

Tucker Carlson hounded yet again … when unbelief meets the absurd(!) …

Imagine this shocking concept. What if people across the aisle from us politically expressed concern and interest in one area with us, such as this government spying and interference, for example. And what if they brought the subject up to us on a coffee break. And what if we didn’t jump down their throat and reinforce that we had been right all along, and say I told you so, etc., etc.

Just like Apple in its formative years, perhaps they stopped including the charging power adapter with iPhones because their data shows how many people are actually using the provided charger. They know what percentage of people are using wireless charging devices, they know what percentage of people are using particular software features.

Data is powerful. We need to keep the government out of the data business unless it has to do with direct consumer access, e.g. the IRS knowing what percentage of people eFile and making adjustments to business practices.

Here’s a question everyone should ask; is there ANYONE in the MSM who is saying what Tucker is saying, or doing what Tucker is doing? Could Tucker do more? Sure, he could, but maybe he can’t. Maybe he’s under restraint by his bosses who like the ratings and the revenue, but not so much the content. And my guess is that Tucker is the buoy that is keeping Fox afloat.

Tucker Carlson hounded yet again. Looks to yours truly like Tucker has changed his country-club Republican outlook somewhat!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Tucker Carlson Surveillance, Political Non-Denial should Alarm Everyone’…

Last night Fox news host Tucker Carlson reported on a whistleblower contact from within the intelligence community who informed him the NSA was conducting electronic surveillance of his private communication (email and text messages).

Techno Fog noted something most of us would also note {SEE HERE} the NSA statement is an obtuse non-denial. However, there’s a lot more in that statement that should alarm everyone. I don’t know if I can cover it all here; this is actually serendipitous for a larger framework article I have been working on.  But here’s some top-line initial reactions.

First, notice the time of the tweet message. Exactly 8:00pm to coincide with the beginning of Tucker Carlson’s broadcast. That’s typical political operative snark, which wouldn’t be too surprising if it were not the fact this is from the actual National Security Agency. [-]

[+] … Second, “Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the agency“, is akin to the NSA previously saying none of the 17 Republican candidates in the 2016 presidential race were “officially” targets of metadata surveillance; the surveillance just happened because, well, it was rogue contractors from our partner agency (FBI) using the facilitation of the NSA database for their opposition research. Oh, well, if that’s all it was… and not official NSA conduct… then, well, okay, move along. Or something.

In essence, TechnoFog’s point is well taken: “there’s something else going on here,” indeed there is.

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Tucker Carlson hounded yet again … Adm Mike Rogers to the rescue…

The NSA Director (Admiral Mike Rogers) published a report stating those FBI contractors were running unauthorized queries against the political enemies of the demoMarxocrat party. OBO#44 cabinet members unmasked those mentioned in the transcripts and redacted names as US-Person1, etc. were named.

Fortunately all public knowledge. The NSA has collected data for decades but lacked the computing power to properly analyze it and connect the dots. Big Tech also has a wealth of data and they are better at accessing it and using it. They have been helping the NSA and the NSA likely has access to their data as well. At the same time, big tech has been helping the CCP to do the same on their own citizens. God help us when quantum computing comes of age!

What is obviously missing? “The NSA did not collect Tucker Carlson’s electronic communications.” So, what can we now surmise?

  1. The NSA intercepted Tucker Carlson’s electronic communications.
  2. It wasn’t incidental.
  3. Personnel within the Federal Government knew it was Carlson’s communications.
  4. The NSA is publicly claiming that Carlson has never been a target of the NSA.
  5. That means the collection of his electronic communications, WHICH THE NSA DID NOT DENY, is illegal.
  6. The NSA will lie and obfuscate, not correct the illegal activity.

Tucker Carlson hounded yet again. Amazing what 6 simple sentences in an NSA tweet will reveal.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America safe and in business – MAGA! KAG!