Trumper alliance paying dividends

En Garde in the bunker…

Yours truly has been a ‘Trumper’ since the day the Donald floated down that escalator with Melania in June 2015. Recently however, there have been many ‘Never Trumper’ followers who have begun to realize that most of what you want is better than none of which you get, which is exactly what the nation would have experienced with the HillBills!

The likelihood is that more and more will come out of the shadows as President Trump mounts success upon success; after all, everyone likes to back a winning horse. Not all of us were ‘Trumpists’ at the beginning, however. Take for instance a good many “Cruzbots” who became reluctant Trumpsters when he finally won the nomination which, after his explosive first year, those same Cruzbots have now morphed into pretty much full-blown ‘Trumpistas’.

Below is the true history of the modern-era Democrat Party, the reality of which is not open to interpretation. The policies of the Progressive Left have been an unmitigated disaster that continue to be propped up by pro-globalist/Big Government propaganda via the Establishment Big Fake News Media and the demonic pedarasts in Hollyweird. Donald Trump appears bound and determined to reverse these trends, for which the Globalist powers seem bound and determined in return, to see him stopped.

But first, over to the Ingraham Angle and the excellent Trump Admin News that for one reason or another, the Big Fake News media seem to have buried somewhere very far, far, away.

Take a look and listen…

What the Progressive Left had been planning for decades, was a successful coup d’etat. Had they not thought they could accomplish such, they would never have exited their closets, but with Obama covertly installed in We the People’s Mansion for eight years, and with a planned and well-executed follow-up from the HillBills for the next eight years (through Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, master of obfuscation) they fully expected that they could accomplish the coup – except that the unexpected triumph of President Trump so thoroughly blistered their plans, that he stood (and still does) firmly in the way of their coup.

Should their exalted leaders succeed in establishing their autocratic brave new world, the progressive liberal leftist rank and file will have fulfilled their purpose and outlived their usefulness. They, like the HillBill, Podestas, Frankens, Conyers, and most of Hollywood before them, will be dispensable and will be thrown under the bus with everyone else.

After all, this is hardly brain surgery… It’s almost as if they were trying to destroy America. Save for the Trumper!


H/T DC Whispers 

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