NeverTrump to EverTrump flip flop

Go ahead, make my…

Just for the record from yours truly, there are three kinds of a ‘nevertrump’ ideologue (a dated meme if ever there was one – we’ve already got Trump’s presidency, so live with it) who on the surface were at least willing to thwart Trump’s ‘comeuppance’ almost from the get-go. The first included such people as Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, and Dennis Prager, who opposed Trump’s audacity, only to then get behind their candidate when the choice was narrowed down to either nevertrump or Screech. As a  general rule, these celebrities are those still standing from the remnants of the pioneering talk radio media shows.

The second iteration of ‘nevertrump’ consisted of people such as Ben Shapiro and his group, who didn’t embrace Trump’s pending presidency, but were not insane enough to vote for Screech. Shapiro is still somewhat skeptical (and often unlistenable) but can be objectively contrite at times.

The third kind of ‘nevertrump’ are the flotsam and jetsam of political failures of years long gone by – the Bushes, William Kristol, some of the NRO staff, and lesser ‘luminaries’ which are nonetheless paraded non-stop as ‘republicans’, as if they represent a ‘side’.

In summary, the first group is with us, the second is salvageable, but the third is marinating in pride, and is probably beyond hope. In a long-ago and far-away interview, Scott G. McNealy, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems said, “the worst CEO is better than the best politician.”

During the “vetting process” of both candidates when they ran (and what a laugh – what vetting process?) someone should have asked this question of both Obama and HillBill: “What are the steps you have to take to start a self-proprietorship business?” Since everyone who has ever actually started a business knows, it became very obvious that neither one, Obama or HillBill, could answer this most basic start-up question.

We finally have a president in office that is a successful Billionaire on a par with scores of others in that elite circle, and he brings all the tools of his success to government. Trump is showing the career politicians how to do their job successfully and not surprisingly, they resent him for it. ‘Nevertrump’ morphing into ‘evertrump’.

Richard Rail in today’s American Thinker and “Understanding the Trump presidency”, short but very much to the point…

284px-American_Thinker_logoThe #NeverTrump crowd are having a time trying to force-fit Donald Trump into the usual categories of president. He’s ideological, or he’s pro-business, or he’s pro-military, or populist, or what-have-you. They completely miss the central point of Donald Trump’s presidency, which is to get rid of all the government blocks, bottlenecks, you-can’ts, oh-buts, restrictions, impediments and, oh yeah, corruption that get in the way of people getting ahead in their lives. He knows all about it because he has had to deal with these roadblocks in his own businesses.

America did not need another politician president bent on attaining ideological ends or pursuing some pie-in-the-sky personal agenda. We needed a president who understood that getting government out of the way was by far the most important thing he could do. Trump has spent his entire adult life meeting the demands of others — of homeowners, of politicians, of bureaucrats, of businesses, of little guys, big guys, rich guys, not-so-rich guys. He understands that he’s not the only mover and shaker out there and that he has to deal with the others. That’s what successful businessmen do. It’s what Trump is doing.

His major goal from the beginning has been to drain the swamp — to get rid of all those artificial constraints that slow down people and progress for poor reasons: corruption, mostly, in all of its multitudinous forms such as unneeded bureaucrats (by the hundreds of thousands), unnecessary regulations (by the hundreds of thousands of pages), by padded costs (in overruns by the tens of millions of dollars). Pay to play. Slush funds. A weaponized IRS. He is spot-on correct that what’s needed is real management, not management by ideology or sinecures for Lois Lerner types on power trips.

That is how to understand Donald Trump.

In closing, ‘nevertrump’ and his election was a conscious and explicit condemnation of ‘politics as usual’, a rejection of the polished political ‘nevertrump’ hacks who only know how to deliver group-tested sound bytes in well-modulated tones. We the People finally caught on to the fact that these hacks were playing their own game for their own benefit, of which our needs and interests hardly mattered.

Consider that barely literate ‘nevertrump’ ordinary middle class citizens after relatively short careers in Congress became millionaires. They allowed the private interests who pumped money into their campaigns to in effect, write the legislation that governed their own industries.

‘Nevertrump’ transnational CEOs enriched themselves on cheap and often illegal imported labor while the wages of American citizens remained stagnant for decades. Only fools could pretend that We the People would allow this to go on indefinitely. The fact that the politicians, pollsters, media and Hollywood lefties (‘nevertrump’ supporters all) were caught off guard and had virtually no idea of what was coming, was proof that they were foolish enough to believe their own lies.

NeverTrump has finally morphed into EverTrump.



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