Froglegs, sex, uranium, and R & R..

Go ahead, make my…

Froglegs, sex, uranium, and rock & roll. (‘Froglegs’ as in Intellectual Froglegs). It isn’t just Hollyweird we all have to watch out for these days, we must always remember to toss in the equally (if not more-so) corrupt outfit that I refer to as the ‘dis-United Nations’, riddled from the inside out with the most despicable characters around. Made up of nations with a command goal of jealousy and hatred of the United States and its leadership from the top down.

The United States of America is a Republic, NOT a ‘democracy’. And therein lies the deception of the DemoMarxist party and the lunacy of the progressive liberal socialists controlling it.

Take heart however, and get yourself primed for more great stuff once again from the heart, mind, soul, spirit, and yes – intellect – of JoeDan Gorman and his entire team over at Intellectual Froglegs. If y’all are of the mind of yours truly, you look forward to each new post, and as for this latest one, never before has there been so much crazy stuff floating around the nation to be made fun of! DemoMarxist Progressive Liberals are imploding from utter desperation, losing so badly to the great Donald the Prez, as he continues to bring pride and winning back to America through MAGA!

Intellectual Froglegs has become so popular, that Google/YouTube have a warning that goes: “BE CAREFUL! This site may be harmful. The site you are trying to visit ( may include malware, phishing attempts, or disturbing content.” Sure enough, the content is pretty disturbing alright, especially if your name is Bill or Hillary Clilnton, or the recently shamed Podesta brothers! You know how the old saying goes “When you’re drawing flak you’re over the target”. Way to to go JoeDan and the team – keep on doing it!

After all, where else can you get great humor and conservative views in one stop. Love me some JoeDan and Trump. MAGA!

From commenters ‘Roadmaster’ and ‘Cleetus’ on one of the threads …”Because of Trump’s victory (ours), the DemoMarxists (“they”) are desperate, big losers on all elected levels, in spite of their patented techniques for rigging elections. So like cornered animals, they’re lashing out in all directions, even accepting casualties of their own from friendly fire”.

“Their new viciousness, utter hypocrisy and total dishonesty works in We the People’s favor because it’s losing them support. Maybe only a trickle in blue areas, but there are serious leaks in the dam and all it will take to rupture it is one incident, one speech, and the ensuing flood will wash them away”.

“America is indeed in a nascent civil war. It was initiated by the Obama administration where the rule of law was supplanted by “I have a pen and I have a phone” government where the liberals/Left created whatever policy or laws they wanted on their whim. Now that Trump won the election and is in complete control of the outcome, the Left (and let’s face it, the Ryan / McConnell / McCain / Lindsey cabal), are all angry that Hillary lost and that Trump is patiently undoing all the temporary mess Obama created, making them even more angry”.[end]

To defeat these internal enemies of the Constitutional Republic should be the personal hope and ultimate goal of every American patriot. Like President Trump, it should be what We the People work towards each and every single day.

Intellectual Froglegs rule – MAGA!


H/T Conservative Tree House/The Last Refuge