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We have all read the history (one hopes) of the founding of our nation, how the hand of Providence shaped, inspired and protected George Washington; advanced Ben Franklin in France; in 1812 destroyed the British in Washington, and inspired Andrew Jackson in New Orleans; then, following the battle to end slavery, gave us Abraham Lincoln for inspiration, and intervened many other times to the benefit of American historical sobriety.

Yours truly is an American citizen today as a result of the inspirational mien witnessed with my own eyes in the revival of patriot-loving hearts through the rise of President Ronald Reagan; to now witnessing the unending stream of victories of good over evil on every side by an imperfect but gifted and courageous President Donald J Trump, truly indicating that God’s Grace is still at work in the United States.

Consider this about the president: During his long and illustrious career in the entrepreneurial business sector, all the leads, negotiations, deals; all the transactions spread across a lifetime in building his businesses (and yes, even his stutter-steps which all entrepreneurs experience); all of that led up to these incredible, historic moments which have basically come out of nowhere since he took his oath of office on January 20, 2017.

All of which has been much, much to the chagrin of the deep-seated swamp-dwellers, the liberal-left elite establishment globalists, who would much rather he pound sand than keep pounding success upon success for the Constitutional Republic.

And all of it while being demeaned, slandered, lied-about, trashed, scorched, burned and toasted by an insolent, unyielding, outrageously corrupt army of Obama-Clinton-sewer dwelling swamp rats full of malfeasance, masquerading as what laughingly stands for the so-called DemoRINOCrat media in 21st-century America.

Pathetic losers that they are.

And that, despite all the 24/7 deep state big fake news media and government bureaucratic interference. President Trump really is the genius genie in the bottle, his entire demeanor developed around winning BIGLY. It wouldn’t surprise many of us one bit, if the president hasn’t been planning out this strategy for years as he thought about a possible Presidential run.

Plainly stated – and in the presence of all those red MAGA hats – The Trump Doctrine ROCKS!

‘Sundance’ and his opener in today’s Conservative Treehouse: ‘Kim travels, Lighthizer growls, Liu flinches, Trump smiles, Media oblivious’ …

We are living in historic times.

It was not coincidental that North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un took the long train out of the DPRK yesterday while U.S.T.R Robert Lighthizer and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He were still engaged in the extended U.S-China trade negotiations. Quite simply Kim’s early exit from Pyongyang meant Chairman Xi’s geopolitical trade leverage was diminished.

If you’ve listened to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo describing Team USA and Team DPRK delegations, both holding discussions in Hanoi all last week, the early exit of Chairman Kim takes on an enlightened context. Meanwhile, the U.S. media is oblivious.

Since mid 2017 the long-game plan of the Trump Doctrine toward China (on trade) and their proxy province of North Korea (nuclear hostilities) has been clear. However, being able to see it unfold means accepting President Trump held a strategy.  Fortunately for us we have a front row seat.

President Trump has been engaged in a two-year long hostage rescue mission. We are now entering the final stages of carefully designed hostage negotiations.

The Chinese trade delegation, led by Vice-Premier Liu He, could not leave Washington DC without some structural progress in U.S-China trade discussions that would avoid the looming March 1st 25 percent tariff on over $200 billion worth of Chinese imported products. With a summit between President Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un on the calendar, Vice-Premier Liu stayed in Washington DC for an extra two days.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and President Trump knew the Chinese delegation needed the tariff delay; for the Chinese the issue was urgent and important. This necessity gave Trump and Lighthizer leverage. When Lighthizer brought Liu to the White House on Friday, POTUS Trump laid down the hammer.

The customary ‘light’ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) would not suffice. Incredibly POTUS Trump made the statement publicly with full media present while he looked directly at both Lighthizer and Liu. It was a stunning moment. The Trumpian demand was an actionable and enforceable principle agreement on the trade framework. A ‘heavy’ and contractual MOU that could easily be transferred to the final trade agreement.

Read to full glorious completion from link down below…

Commenter ‘Newton Love’ expresses it well on the thread: ‘As I watch the evolution of Kim Jong Un (KJU) under the influence of PDJT, I see a new (HYUUUGE) episode of Celebrity Apprentice. PDJT offered to show KJU how to develop his gorgeous beaches with luxury hotels and become very rich. KJU responded by (as Sundance documented) making a response video that had no displays of military force. The choice of attire was a business suit with power tie, in a room that looked like a CEO’ office’.

‘KJU has been shuffling his top staff, firing some Generals, and reorganizing into a more business oriented operation than the previous military one’. [end]

Without actually filming an episode, one has to believe that our fearless president has acquired a celebrity apprentice that is eager for him to teach him how to be a billionaire, or even a trillionaire.

I predict success for The Trump Doctrine!

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Donald J Trump – MAGA – and changing the world one continent at a time!


See ‘sundance’ and: ‘Kim travels, Lighthizer growls, Liu flinches, Trump smiles, Media oblivious ..

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