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Wake up students and pay attention. The latest Trump weapon on wall-building is the word of the day, aka ‘justiciability’, a reference to the types of matters that a court can specifically adjudicate. Typically, to be ‘justiciable’, the court must not be offering an advisory opinion, the plaintiff must have standing, and the issues must be ripe but neither moot nor violative of the political doctrine question.

In the first place, President Trump had to resort to declaring a national emergency (which it is, and well within his power as president) because the weasel Paul Ryan and his merry band of RINOs didn’t (wouldn’t is more to the point) fund the wall during the two years that the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.

In the second place, there is zero chance of the current DemoRINOmarxist-controlled House funding the wall. The Dems particularly don’t care about border security to protect Americans, even considering the fact that we’ve had over 4,000 homicides by illegals, plus all the drug-running, gangsta members, and human traffickers riding roughshod over our southern border and infiltrating the nation at will. That 4,000 number by the way is more than were killed on Sept 11.

The wall is finally being built… the Trump weapon!

Additionally we’ve got what you might call 16 rogue states (California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Hawaii / Illinois / Maine / Maryland / Michigan /  Minnesota / Nevada / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / Oregon and Virginia … most of which, by the way, have no standing whatsoever to sue because states have no say in immigration law; besides which they’re all either broke or going broke) that are challenging the emergency declaration. That however, is entirely up to the federal government.

Yet amazingly, that’s still not enough to prevent judges Theodore Chuang, Maryland, Derrick Watson, Hawaii and James Robart of Seattle from issuing restraining orders blocking the emergency declaration! I swear, you can’t make this stuff up!

Let’s go to J. Marsolo and his piece in American Thinker today, ‘President Trump will win emergency lawsuit challenge’…

Speaker Pelosi urged the House Democrats to sign a resolution to challenge President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build the border wall.

This is the proper procedure to test a president’s declaration of national emergency.

If Congress disagrees with the declaration of an emergency, it can pass a joint resolution to oppose it. But the president can veto that resolution, and then Congress would have to override the veto. The law provides the mechanism for Congress to challenge the declaration of an emergency. This means that the plain language of the law leaves it to the president and Congress, the elected political branches of government, to determine a national emergency. It means that it is not an issue for the federal courts, because the statute has a clearly written procedure for the elected branches of government to resolve any dispute about whether the president is properly following the National Emergencies Act.

The Democrats don’t have the votes to override a veto.

California, joined by 15 other states, has filed suit in federal court in the Northern District of California, in the Ninth Circuit.

California contends that President Trump cannot re-allocate funds for the wall and that there is no emergency because illegal entries are at a 45-year low.

The factual basis for the declaration of a national emergency to build the wall is the number of illegals, the cost of illegals in terms of welfare and other governmental payments, the crimes committed by illegals as a percentage of the illegals in our country, the drugs smuggled across the border, and the ease with which terrorists can cross the border. These are some of the factual issues for Congress and the president to resolve, not a judge.

Read to completion in link down below…

Consider of course, that this wall fiasco is all about beating and destroying president Trump. Most of these Dems and RINOs with them voted for the border fence in 2006 but now oppose it vehemently not only because of Trump, but also because of applied pressure from Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the DemoRINOMarxist rapscallions parading around as self-righteous protectors of the deep state big fake news and government bureaucracy sewer swamp. That scurrilous bunch.

Looking at the stats on crimes committed by illegals and the associated human financial costs is more than enough justification for going after, and assuring the completion of, a solid deterrence on the southern border. If this isn’t a national emergency then nothing is.

The SCOTUS finally smacked down the Ninth Circus on President Trump’s ‘Certain Nation Travel Ban’, but it took well over a year to get that erroneous ruling overturned. The wall is finally being built as we speak. You don’t really think the MSM is going to talk about it do you? [sarc]

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See complete J. Marsolo in American Thinker

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