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Within the big fake news media and government bureaucracy camped out on the banks of the Potomac river in Washington DC, and scattered around the leftist denizen states and cities being overtaken by the homeless, druggies, illegals and corrupt politicians, life and ambition for the desperate Dems exists solely for the trashing and hammering of one, president Donald J Trump and his entire administration. The liberal leftist fake news vendors sneak their poison in at every opportunity. On newsbreaks between programs. On top of the hour radio news. At the airport where they have an entrapped and captive audience. In snarky TV programs. In overly-hyperbolic interviews with sports personalities and Hollywood idiots.

Everywhere one turns the poison of the Left seeps in like a leaky faucet.

These alphabet-soup ‘enemedia-ites’ are doing everything they can to sabotage this summit, plus any and all of the other global summits (those past, present, and even future) not for the benefit of We the People of America, but solely to orchestrate a presidential fail to enable their next power grab in Washington.

Summit president posture exiting AF One, Hanoi…

We the People be damned.

With breathless abandon, we learn that the ‘news’ has proclaimed it has gotten off to a rocky start because the area reserved for them has been moved. OH MY! What a disaster! How will the poor mistreated big fake lamestream enemedia survive such an earthshaking event! The traffic, the traffic – look at the traffic!

Talk about Negative Nancies, Shuffling Schumers, Shifty Schiffs, Ditchy Durbins, Cortez Corsets and all – The left always and forever have their knickers in a twist and their panties in a bunch. It is after all, their daily narrative. What a slide into Hades!

On the brightest of bright sides, Thomas Lifson with his opener in American Thinker – ‘Dems decide Hanoi Summit will be a Disaster’…

Stand-by for real accomplishments at the Hanoi Summit, and for the media and Democrats to declare it a failure. In fact, if you believe the many media reports leading up to the meeting in Hanoi between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, the United States already has lost, and will get from the meeting either nothing or worse-than-nothing, offering unreciprocated concessions to the Norks. That’s because Trump is always wrong.

But if one takes a step back from the partisan expectations-setting and looks at the bigger picture, Trump already has reaped a short-term success and is implementing a strategy with a reasonable chance of success.

Let’s unpack this.

First of all, Trump’s critics see Kim gaining merely because he has another meeting with the POTUS, elevating him to equal status. But that is a double-edged sword back home in Pyongyang, where the people who control the actual arms of state power, the military and security forces, are worried about being sold out by the still-young hereditary dictator. Who was educated in the West.  Kim can only hold onto power so long as they are in support of his continued rule. He is especially vulnerable when he is overseas, as he now is.

Trump knows this, and can use it to pressure him, offering the prospect of more goodies for Kim to distribute to loyalists, when North Korea follows the path taken by Communist brother-country Vietnam. At the last summit in Singapore, Trump used a video to show what North Korea could look like after liberalization. In Hanoi, both men can see what liberalization can do for a communist dictatorship. Vietnam’s communist party’s hold on power remains powerful, even as it has warmed up to its former bitter enemy, the United States.

Read to completion through link down at bottom….

Let the legacy media do as they will. More than half of us have known for a couple of decades or more that they are liars. The polling figures before the collapse of the Kavanaugh, Covington, Smollett and other narratives indicated that only six percent of Americans believed anything they say. They have no idea what we think because they never listen to us. They are all in the employ of the globalists so all they hear is their masters’ voices; aka Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros etal.

As Don Surber explains in his closer (full link down below:
‘President Trump is doing what Obama failed to do. A New York Times story on January 2, 2017, said so.
‘North Korea conducted a nuclear test in the first months of the Obama administration, turning many White House officials against the country — and against the concept of negotiating with it. Early in the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump said he was willing to sit down with Mr. Kim and perhaps have a hamburger with him. But negotiating with the North would be anathema to many Republicans, and even Mr. Obama, who was willing to talk with the leaders of Cuba and Myanmar, refused to enter negotiations with the North unless it acknowledged that the endpoint of the talks would be a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula,” the story said.’
‘Even Obama.’
‘Two years later, President Trump is in Hanoi negotiating the end of a war begun in 1950’. [end]
Under the Schwartz-Soros catchall umbrella, what passes for the media and the left have decided never to give President Trump an inch of any type of support on anything. The same Dems who declare everything Trump as disastrous tell us Madeline Albright dancing with Kim Jong-un was a huge success. In your nightmares’ wildest dreams!


Talking about ‘masters’, reminds of time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA – One continent at a time!


Don Surber and Obama wanted to attack North Korea

Thomas Lifson Dems and their media trashing Hanoi as disaster

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