Trump scales of justice fine balance

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The Trump scales of justice continue to be front and center, especially at this moment in history. The future of the Constitutional Republic rests on the shoulders of four leaders – President Trump; A.G. William (Bill) Barr; I.G. Michael E. Horowitz; and U.S. Attorney John (Bull) Durham.

Despite the repetitiously-chorused wailings of Hannity night after night on the veracity of the 99.999999999 percent of ‘the greatest law enforcement agency on the planet’, acerbic reality and reasoning would serve the truth a whole lot better. Yours truly is one of millions who no longer think the FBI in its present structure can be saved. The rot is too pervasive.

Personally I’m tired of the talking heads from both sides saying that the rank and file are pure. They’re not.

Having made it onto the Lois Lerner infamous IRS hit list of 2012 during the attacks on TeaParty conservatives, I’m reminded that it was the rank and file who invaded Kathleen Engelbrecht’s personal and business facilities with the heavy thud of jack booted thugs.

It was the rank and file who surrounded Roger Stone with 40 agents by air, land and sea. Covered mysteriously no less, with Clinton Network Nation TV news cameras. The institution cannot stand. Take it down. If not, I fear the blood of patriots will be profusely watering the Thomas Jefferson tree of liberty. Armed and loaded.

Trump scales of Justice fine balance…

Ask yourself the one question that blatantly stands out, were  those who lost their jobs – ie McCabe, Comey, Page, Strzok and the rest – particularly crooked or just part of the system. Same with Lois Lerner?

This is a direct result of OBO #43 efforts to install true left wing bugs into every level of government. Duly-elected president and entourage or not.

What was the primer for instance, when a week into the Trump presidency, ‘Schmuck Tumor’ on the Rachel MadCow fake news gig on MessNBC put forth the threat: ‘Trump is being really dumb .. the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.

Now there’s an attitude for you – ‘we’re the people we’ve been waiting for.’ DANGER – Titanic forces dead-ahead…

Calls for a quick segue` into Roger L. Simon and a wonderful piece in PJMedia: ‘Only with Real Transparency Will the FBI Ever Be Trusted Again’…

When Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos he (Donald) might listen to “oppo” research coming from a foreign source and that he might not tell the FBI about it, the mainstream media, as is so often the case, deliberately missed or misstated what he meant, went into one of their usual hissy fits, and attacked the president, even calling him treasonous.

Besides the obvious hypocrisy, pointed out with characteristic aplomb by Andrew McCarthy, something else, likely more important, was at play.

The media (and the Democrats, of course) deliberately missed the point because you would have to be seriously intellectually challenged not to get why Trump might have been hesitant or ambivalent about going to the FBI. These days only a total dimwit would unquestioningly trust the supposed “world’s greatest law enforcement agency.” The FBI is under a dark cloud.

The litany of personages who have recently left or been expelled from that organization is long and getting longer. As is well known, it’s under investigation for its practices during and before the Mueller probe, via the inspector general and recently-appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is famed for prosecuting FBI agents with ties to the Boston mob. All this is being supervised by AG William Barr…[-]

…[+] Significantly, Durham is also investigating the CIA and, it appears, the State Department. President Trump has given Barr (and therefore presumably Durham) the ability to compel the agencies to reveal their secret documents and to make their personnel cooperate with investigators … Only via a thorough and complete airing will the organization ever get its reputation back (or get a good one in the first place — the recent MLK revelations are not flattering to King or the FBI). Too much water is already under the proverbial bridge. This is, after all, an organization that claims to have “lost” — as in “the dog ate the homework” — Peter Strzok’s notes regarding the Chinese having hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server … [-]

And there’s more in a concise, packed link down below…

Business President Trump always smiling when successful…

The DemoRINOMarxocrat nest of vipers left in place by the OBO #43 regime need to be cleaned out before they run out the clock and shut down this investigation; no one should ever trust or believe them again. The scales of justice will be forever tilting to the left and they will turn all the levers of government on their enemies.

Let’s face reality folks – The Entire US Government is infested with these traitors and has been for the umpteen years during which they’ve been assembled. The only way to actually empty the swamp is to remove these swamp creatures from Washington.

Agencies need to be dispersed to the far reaches within the middle of the nation that isn’t part of the swamp. The Agri-Department for instance, is currently moving some of its agency to Kansas City, which is a great start. The swamp creatures in that agency are going crazy because they don’t want to move away from the swamp; they’re deep into doing Global Warming ‘research’ that will be rightly terminated.

Hoorah for government leaders who haven’t been indoctrinated.

We the People should fear for our country if we don’t rid ourselves of this two-tier system of justice soon. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Thank God for Donald J. Trump and today’s MAGA Pill – Don’t forget tonight’s MAGA Rally from Orlando, FLA. Victory!


Full link Roger L. Simon, PJMedia: FBI transparency needed to be trusted

See also Mark Levin video with Professor John Marini on exposing the swamp

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